Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Our Beneficiaries

“I am Sister Eliso Onikashvili, I want to bow my head in front of you as a sign of gratitude for your warmth and care! My sister had Parkinson, her thigh was broken, and for the last year she could not walk. Foundation staff doctors, nurses, social workers surrounded us with attention, and helped in the care and housework! Doctors monitored the condition of the sister every day, helped us with medicines, food! Thanks to the Foundation for the noble service to the people!
Natela Onikashvili, 74
“I want to thank from the bottom of my heart the Chernovetsky Fund for the mercy shown to me. The attention, care, support that Foundation employees show towards people in a hopeless situation is a salvation for each of them! With what compassion the medical staff looked after me after the operation! Separately, I want to thank the workers of the canteen for the patience and goodwill they serve the beneficiaries. ”
Eteri Pulariani 62
My mother and I are alive only thanks to the Chernovetsky fund. we have not spent money on drugs for several years.
Mariam Zgaparadze
My children are full and warm thanks to the fund Chernovetsky
Giuli Samadashvili
The doctors and nurse of the Chernovetsky Foundation decorated my life and gave meaning to my existence.
Mariam Marzashvili
If the Chernovetsky Foundation did not appear in my life, I must have died of loneliness, hunger and cold.
Leila Sixarulidze
Fund Chernovetsky for me is the only chance to survive ...
Maria Lazareva