Chernovetskyi Charity Fund


History of the Fund

12 april 2012
The Charity Fund Social Partnership has been established in Georgia.
September 2012
The program of Home Care has been initiated, in which there are 300 patients.
October 2012
New clothing and technical equipment has been purchased for the orphanage in Norio. Personal computers have been handed over to foster children of the Norio orphanage. Technical equipment, medications, and provisions have been handed over to the Tskhneti family type orphanages. Computers were handed over to the foster children of the Karitas orphanage. Clothes have been purchased for the Karitas orphanages. Clothes have been bought for the foster children of the “Child and Environment” orphanage. Supplying with victuals the orphanage on Eristavi Street. Seasonal clothing has been purchased for foster children of the two family type orphanage houses Karitas.
March 2013
The program of aiding large families, in which there are 7 or more children has been initiated. On a monthly basis we help 10 families in the amount of 100 dollars for each underage child.
21 may 2013
A memorandum has been signed between the Social Agency of the Ministry of Health of Georgia and Social Partnership regarding aid to large families and the home care project.
28 may 2013
A family type orphanage has been opened in the Chugureti region, which adopted and became a home for 10 children.
August 2013
30 day long vacation has been organized for children of family type orphanages and large families.
January 2014
The Fund assigned the special number 0901200270 for donations.
January 2014
The Fund has been allocated at Nova Technologies and TBC pay quick payment machines.
February 2014
The Fund received linen from the hotel Sheraton Metekhi Palace for the homecare patients.
June 2014
Our fund paid 10 million UAH to the families of died at Maidan in Ukraine.
July 2014
The fund arranged stay for the families with many children at Kobuleti hotel.
July 2014
At the fund the natural person Levan Khelashvili since July started to supply buckwheat, sugar, pasta and rice in large amounts to the homecare patients.
September 2014
The Social Partnership arranged for stay at Kobuleti hotel of the families with many children from Ukraine aggrieved during the war/military actions. In total 108 people - children and their parents.
October 2014
In Kobuleti, October 17-19, 2014 the Charity Fund “Social Partnership” held media tour in the town of Kobuleti.
November 2014
November 8 Charitable Fund "Social Partnership" to support wounded in the area of ​​the ATO, held a charity cultural and patriotic action "Help the injured," supported by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine and the Ukrainian public association "George."
November 2014
On November 23 the Charity Fund “Social Partnership” opened the children boarding house aimed for 50 children in Kobuleti.
December 2014
On December 20, the fund arranged for 80 elderly homecare patient the party and the concert at the restaurant Kalakuri, where the elderly coupled registered their marriage.