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A large family is poor and calls for help!

Deep despair and terrible despair swept these children, because there is no place to wait for support for them!
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 Deep despair and terrible despair swept these children, because there is no place to wait for support for them! Five young children: Anna-Marie, 12 years old; Roma - 10 years; Luka - 9 years old; Lasha - 4 years; Elena is only 2 years old. They know firsthand what it is to go to bed hungry, walk barefoot due to the lack of shoes and live in a damp, windy room!

The family lives in Kutaisi in an apartment with huge slots. Some walls are “warmed” with cardboard and old battered blankets. In this decrepit apartment there are absolutely no amenities. The roof leaks, the walls are stripped, the floor is concrete, it is damp all around, there are no windows in the windows, and instead of them we use cellophane. 30 years this apartment has not been repaired. We are very poor people and there are no funds even for cosmetic repairs.

Vsemer, they sleep on three broken beds, picked up at a dump, dine on a crumbling table with peeling paint! There are only three chairs in the family that were once thrown away long ago!

 Older children often have to miss school because of the elementary lack of shoes during rains and bad weather.

Look at the photos! Here, unnecessary words are not needed ... You yourself will see how monstrous conditions in modern Georgia live with a large family next to us!

The Gevorkian family is very pious, the parents believe that if the Lord has given them children, then He will help them to get on their feet, to raise them to worthy citizens of their country, and good and compassionate people will surely come to the rescue!

Ripsik Gevorkian, a mother of five children, told us about the hard life:

 "Rapsik, what do you live for?"

 Ripsik Gevorkyan: social benefit is our everything! It goes to basic products: soup from packages, bread, cheap pasta, potatoes ... And also pay for the light. Very rarely can I afford to buy candy for children ...

Husband handyman, but can not find a job. When some hard work at a construction site or at a private person turns up, then we have a real holiday. Here is a tagda for us and the new year and all the holidays. We can even afford one chicken ...

 - How do children endure such dampness?

 Ripsik Gevorkyan: they often get sick in winter, because we have no money to buy a heater. 6 years ago, a 4-month-old child died from pneumonia. This was the biggest tragedy in my life, and I told myself that I definitely have a face, because children are angels on earth and without them our existence does not make sense.

 - Do the authorities help you?

 Ripsik Gevorkyan: The City Hall lists 150 GEL monthly for medicines. But when I made a statement regarding the repair of the roof and the installation of new windows, they refused and stated that this service was not scheduled in the budget. As for the deputy, she did not ask for help.

 - What are you dreaming about?

 Ripsik Gevorkyan: My most cherished dream was to have many children, I am grateful to the Lord for this and always thankfully pray for His glory! Now I dream that they do not go hungry, have clothes, normal living conditions and the opportunity to learn!

 -Children, what are you dreaming and who do you want to become?

 Anna-Maria (12 years old): I want to become a doctor, and a pediatrician. Well, if we talk about a dream, then I dream of a laptop ...

 Roma (10 years old): I really need clothes! And shoes. Let it be big, I can wear it for several years! And when I become a policeman, my family will have everything!

 Luka (9 years old): I also want to become a policeman ... or a soldier ... I dream to have new sneakers.

 Lasha (4 years old): I want a toy and a police car, also a toy ...

 At the moment, the situation of the Gevorkian family is catastrophic: there is not enough tiny benefit for the socially unprotected! They are in dire need of any help: food, hygiene products, medicines for children, firewood, children's clothing, shoes, bed linen!

Hope they have only good people! Hope only for you, thinly feeling someone else's pain and suffering!

 "There are people who commit a terrible sin, speaking on our page with the words:" why did you give birth if there was no money? " We answer this way - in such a way that the Lord God so desired! So that His angels on earth become more, and we ourselves could display our Christian qualities: love and compassion! ”(Leonid Chernovetsky).

 You can personally visit this family and assist. Children, believe us, will be happy! Here is their address: Kutaisi, st. Tabukashvili 205, apt. 63, tel .: 568831140.

 If you are too busy and cannot visit them, but are eager to help, then you can transfer money to the account of our Foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Gevorkian family). You can also transfer money from our site. For each tetri you spent, friends, we will report in detail in the next post about this family!

Help those in need, warm their hearts, give them hope and ... thereby prolong life!