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I have no friends. And I ask God to become someone else’s girlfriend!

“After all, I have no friends, and I really want to be someone else’s girlfriend!”
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That was the answer of little Princess Nino when we literally begged her to ask Grandfather Frost for something for ourselves on New Year's Eve. At the same time, she did not let a shabby doll out of her white, gentle hands! And firmly, firmly, but very gently pressed her to her gentle children's heart! Hugged as a beloved girlfriend. A very shy and beautiful girl suffering from epilepsy is a girl!
And when, after much persuasion, the girl raised her big black eyes to us, she cried and admitted that she really wanted another doll: “After all, I have no friends, and I really want to be someone else’s girlfriend!” So you want to play with someone ... ”And bitterly, bitterly cried ...!
And the caring mother Lela took her from us and said that the girl from birth suffers, in addition to epilepsy, and urinary incontinence, and ankle bending. And her only dream in this World is to run, run and run and play with her girlfriends. But which of the children in the district will understand the suffering of the child. She herself cannot walk. And none of the children in the area do not see her. Oh, these children ... Bolshnstov do not know and cannot understand the pain of others!
Dad and Mom Nino: Lela and Mindia are good Christians. And they pray a lot ... They believe that the Lord will not leave their little angel in trouble. After all, it was not in vain that God gave her to their parents precisely them: such loving and caring!
-Lela, tell us about Nino.
Lela: Nino is a very talented, smart and cheerful girl. She really loves us and her Maya doll (laughs), but to be honest we have a very difficult life. From birth, she began to have problems. After emergency surgery on her ankles, Ninuta had another problem, urinary incontinence. And in a year and a half, she began epilepsy. Today she needs an operation on the tonsils, but because of her seizures, the doctors refuse us and say that in order not to endanger her life, we need a good specialist, and we do not have funds for a good doctor. Recently, she is very often ill, then the temperature, then from coughing suffocates ...
Suddenly, Lela, switched to a whisper ...
-What’s the matter, we worried!
- Uncle Nino also lives in our house. Also mentally very ill. God forbid he hears that I am crying ... Oh ... What will happen ... His tantrum will begin! - And fell silent.
We moved to another corner of the room ...
“Lela, what do you exist for?”
Lela: The state gives us some money as socially unsecured and a pension from Nino ... But if Aunt Nino - Leah had not helped, - they probably would not have lived. Good soul man! God grant to all such a relative! May God grant her health!
My husband is a laborer ... Trying his best. But there is no permanent job in our district. Sometimes it works for days for a penny! He wants to go abroad all the time. Bring money! But no! I will never let him go. The family should not collapse. My children, first of all, need a healthy and caring father! And not once a year for a week, but always! Forever ... You never know what they do abroad with him! We are there slaves ...! I heard a lot about this from my neighbors ...
“Lela, what do you need and what would you like to tell our readers?”
Lela: First of all, I am glad to wish them all a Happy New Year! And let their children never get sick!
It’s very difficult for me to ask for anything! But not for herself, - for Nino I invited you to visit ..! You yourself see everything ... Due to its ailment, we get 4 packs of diapers per month, which are very expensive. We don’t have a washing machine, and in the cold weather in the courtyard I wash our clothes and laundry, which gets dirty very often ... but I don’t have any laundry either ... Our biggest problem is food. My husband and aunt Leah work day and night so that the baby has at least food ... Only thanks to their inhuman work can we somehow feed our bloodlet. Mindy (call who she is), it’s very difficult to look at our little princess who, with her own eyes, asks in the yard to run around and laugh, and this is the most difficult thing for the parent to see and not be able to help! In addition to everything, it’s very difficult for us with my uncle ... Communication with which does not always lead to a good end.
“Lela, tell us, how could we please a child on New Year's holidays?”
Lela: She really likes to draw green grass and the sun! I would be very happy with colored leaves, scissors, pencils ... Do you want it to draw for you and your readers? She imagines that on the grass under the sun, her friends are running with her, and she holds in her hands and does not release Maya's doll so that, God forbid, she falls ill and does not fit. After all, she still does not have diapers for Maya.
Friends, the Chernovetsky Charity Foundation begins an action: to help the little Princess Nino! As you know, the Fund does not stop with one-time assistance. We really want the happiest children to live in Georgia! We also need money for an operation to remove Nino glands. And, of course, real girlfriends.
Ask your children to call Nino, show them her photo and photo of any Nino's daughter, Maya. Let them make friends! After allthe ox always comes to sick children with terrible loneliness. Nino must have a phone and a computer!
The girl’s family is in dire need of food, hygiene products, medicines, and household appliances. Mom Nino is embarrassed to call everything. But we ourselves saw everything. And beyond words, what a horror !!! Help this family survive, friends! This is important not only to them, but more to ourselves! And do not forget about Nino’s new children: dolls. And then after all, her Maya can also get sick from old age.
 And you can get acquainted with Ninuta, personally provide her with all possible help! See her with your children, and God bless and will definitely reward you! Here is their contact phone: 599 05 22 21 Address: Lanchkhutsky district, Aketi village.
And be sure to CEREAL our post. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It is very important!
God gives us the opportunity to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves. Do not pass by someone else's misfortune! Unhappy people are given to us from above so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!
Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or acquaintance, do a charitable deed, write to us by e-mail:
Our fund account is GE15TB7194336080100003, GE42LB0115113036665000, GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Nino Glonti). You can also transfer money from our site.
You can transfer money from the terminals Nova Technology, TBCpay, ExpressPay. Find our foundation in the charity section. (Additional rights and obligations of the Fund can be found at
And also, friends, be sure to find the opportunity to congratulate the destitute Georgians with New Years and then Merry Christmas with kind words or postcards. And for children - present toys or sweets, and we will send you their smiles. We are all one family. We're few. But we are Georgians!


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