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A fairy tale is a riddle for adults in the New Year ... God forbid - do not tell it to your children at night! Shhh ...

What do you think, friends, where better is the beautiful angel-child of this Georgian beauty - Vera: in her tummy or when will she be born?
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What do you think, friends, where better is the beautiful angel-child of this Georgian beauty - Vera: in her tummy or when will she be born?
Vera believes in the tummy. And how do we solve this “horror riddle”?
An old leaky mattress in a damp and cold garage replaces this beautiful family with a bed, chairs, a table, a sofa, and other furniture in the apartment. Imagine, six fit on it: Vera and her child in the tummy, and even four of her beautiful children! All that is missing is her husband ... But he fled abroad at night and, probably, is already basking in bed with another beauty there. And Faith with children threw to starvation. With one mattress ... Well, at least I have not stolen the icons, you scoundrel !. Here is a bastard! Oh, and the Earth bears such! Forgive me, Lord, Vera adds after the curses and the address of this unchristian ex-husband!
It is because of him that children are constantly sick and cannot go to school and kindergarten. They don’t have not only toys, but even normal shoes and clothes ...
“Help, help! - A deeply unhappy mother calls to us. And raises his hands to the sky. If not a miracle and help, they can take them from me to some boarding school. And there - torture! And I want to give my treasures to Georgia. Not a husband - a monster. You, you people! They are so good, my children, the most beautiful and smartest in the whole world. I didn’t kill anyone with an abortion! So the fifth one will be born now. In the tummy, he is warm - small. And mom hugs his body from all sides. But to be honest, even though I want to see his eyes most of the world and press him to my chest, sometimes I think he’s better in my stomach: it’s warm and satisfying. And there is no this terrible mattress, -. Mother Vera is crying bitterly!
An old abandoned garage became an apartment for four Georgian angels and their pregnant mom! Kids are constantly hungry! The biggest treat is food from the social dining room. If it can be called food ...
(Poor things, hugging cans of food from the social dining room. None of you, friends, have ever tried such muck ... They would have sweets ...!)
- Vera, tell me how you ended up in this garage, who does it belong to?
Vera: We lived normally in a rented apartment. The husband promised to buy everything. But promises became more and more, and life - worse. The husband was a loafer. And I, fool, all believed him. "Here, here you are lucky!" And he himself - went to other women. Little to him of my grief! And then everything went awry at all ... there was nothing to pay for the apartment ... we were kicked out, I and the children remained on the street. The neighbors felt sorry for us - God bless them with health - and they settled us in this garage. There are no windows, damp, but I can safely say that I have a roof over my head. If this is funny to you - you do not understand anything in life - she turned to our operator.
“No, no, Vera,” we are not funny. On the contrary, we are terrified! - We reassured a crying woman. What a laugh here - just tears! Vera continued: The truth is better here than on the street! At first they slept on the floor, then they found this mattress, apparently someone threw it away ... now we sleep on the mattress.
- Vera, now I will ask one very uncomfortable question, you can not answer. Why don't relatives and close ones help you?
Vera: I have a mother, Iza, if she had not been alive for a long time with my children. She lives with us. She does not have one arm, she is an invalid of the first group, and instead of taking care of my mother, she still manages to take care of my children with one arm. Not mom - my angel! I have another brother, but he is in prison ... I am ashamed to say this, but he is sitting because of my children (crying) when they cried because of hunger, his heart could not stand it, and he brought the children food ...
- Probably only faith in God keeps you on earth?
Faith: Faith in God, faith in good people! The fact that my children are still alive, and that in the most difficult moments in life completely strangers come to our aid - is it not from God? All you see here is good people!
 -Can I ask some questions to the children? Feel free to tell us what you dream about?
Tamara (13 years old): I love mathematics and chess, I dream of becoming a great chess player like Nonna Gaprindashvili and glorify the country and my mother!
Tiko (11 years old): And you know, I know that for the New Year everyone has fun and I want my mom to have fun too! So she doesn’t cry ... I want my brother or sister to be born healthy and to bring happiness and joy to our lives.
- Yes, you're just smart. What are you dreaming of?
Nino (4 years): I want notebooks and pencils, and something tasty, like sweets or cookies, well, or bread and butter ...
- Vera, you know that almost all of Georgia reads articles from our Foundation. Read officials from government agencies. What do you expect, do you think there will be a resonance?
Vera: The only thing I’m afraid is that social workers don’t take my children away from me ... If anything, they immediately threaten to take the children away! I’m also afraid for an unborn child, I have nothing to pay for childbirth ... but I don’t know how and what to do ... maybe someone will help with this issue.
Corr. No oxscream, Vera. The fund will pay for doctors. And we will give little things to the child and the stroller (Eugene, do not forget to later meet her in the hospital with the stroller) The main thing is that the child is healthy. I wish you happiness, dear, in the New Year and your children.
- Contact our readers!
Vera: I know that you will help me! Kind people! I know more than one happy family to whom you have opened up new opportunities. Which you saved from death, which you pulled out of hopeless darkness! Merry Christmas for you, may God lead you on the right track!
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Friends, the Chernovetsky Charitable Foundation begins an action: to help the Shashiashvili family. As you know, the Fund does not stop with one-time assistance. Georgians must live as it should be the most proud nation on earth - Georgians!
To survive, the family is in dire need of food, hygiene products, medicines, furniture and clothes! Children must go to school and kindergarten! Help them survive! “Write” them to your relatives. And we are sure that the Lord Himself will bless you.
And also - call Vera, congratulate on the holidays, find out about their needs, cheer and support, tell Vera that she is not alone and that we will not leave them alone in trouble in these New Year holidays! It is very important!
You can also personally meet them, provide them with all possible assistance, and God bless you! And will reward you! Here is their contact phone: 598 27 25 21 Address: Tbilisi, Guramishvili Avenue No. 176a. Garages.
And be sure to CEREAL our post. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It is very important!
God gives us the opportunity to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves. Not all people are the same. And not everyone is kind, as we are with you. Do not pass by someone else's misfortune! Unhappy people are given to us from above so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!
Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or acquaintance, do a charitable deed, write to us by e-mail:
Our fund account is GE15TB7194336080100003, GE42LB0115113036665000, GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Shashiashvili family). You can also transfer money from our site.
You can transfer money from the terminals Nova Technology, TBCpay, ExpressPay. Find our foundation in the charity section. (Additional rights and obligations of the Fund can be found at
And also, friends, be sure to find the opportunity to say goodbye or postcards to wish the disadvantaged Georgians a Happy New Year and then Merry Christmas. And for children - present toys or sweets, and we will send you their smiles. We all are one family. These people must know that we are together and always there!

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