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What 7 hungry orphans dream about...!

I dream about shoes. Everyone has school, but I don’t ... I am very ashamed to go in bots in front of my friends. And the girls are laughing at me ...!
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Nikoloz (12 years old, the eldest). I dream about new boots. In school, everyone has them, but I haven't... I'm very ashamed to walk in front of my friends in my old boots. And the girls laugh at me...!
Reporter: Come on...! Such a handsome young man is still handsome in old boots! Let them not laugh, and we will give you the most beautiful shoes! You should just learn well...
– What do you want to become?
Nikoloz: I'll be a policeman... with a gun! I won't let anyone offejdmmy mother, brothers and sisters.
Kristina (11 years old): I would like to become a teacher. But I need books and exercisebooks...
 – And what do you dream about?
Ani (9 years old):  I dream of going to school... My mother says that it will be soon... But I have nothing to wear... And I want to go with Nikoloz and Kristina.... Imagine, we will all go to school together. Dad always told us to study well. I promised this to my dad, and I haven't been at school yet. And my mother said that he can see everything from the sky. Dad, I'll be a good pupil! And the child raised his eyes to the ceiling...
Georgiy (8 years old): I dream of delicious cheese and meat... and cookies... and a car. When dad was alive, we had those... I remember how delicious they were. You tried it, – the boy said to the reporter. – It's delicious, isn't it?
Badri (7 years old): Can I dream of a toy car? Can I? My mother says that you fulfill any wishes... Can I...? – And he plaintively looked at his mother again.
Nazi (6 years old): Then Mariam and I need dolls. Oh, we will have such a nice game! And Badri will take our dolls for a ride. – Then she thought for a while and pleadingly said, addressing us: – But then you need to buy him a big car. Please. Because someone may not have enough place...
In December the 27-year-old mother of these beautiful children, Maki, lost her husband. He died in terrible suffering. She was left with seven children and does not know how to live on. Every weekend, a group of children with their mother and their whole family go to the cemetery to talk to their father. But it does not help to cure the deep wound. How to live on, how to feed children, how to become a strong mother?.. Maka asks herself these questions every day, but there is no answer yet.
The social allowance is barely enough for food, in the winter they could not pay for utilities and now they are living without electricity. What else can they do? What conscience could pay the bills when the child needed medicine. These children, weakened with hunger, have barely recovered from viruses.
Maka got married early. Her mother died and she found her parents and all her relatives in her husband's family. They got acquainted through her husband's sister Nazi, who immediately realized that her older brother would immediately fall in love with Maka. That was how it happened! Gia immediately took Maka to his place. Without further words or persuasion. Nikoloz was born first, now he is 12 years old. A year later, Christina was born, then Ani, Georgiy, Badri, Nazi and Mariam... They were born a year apart.
"If it wasn't for my husband's illness, we would have had many more children," Maka says through tears. Death took him from us. The most terrible illness happened to him. Satan's favorite disease: cancer! It was cancer that took the life of Gia, the father of seven children!"
– Maka, tell me, how did you live before this tragedy happened?
Maka: You know, my husband and I are poorly educated people, we have no profession. It still hurts speaking about the past, sorry. He worked as a janitor. He was not ashamed of any work. He could work for days so that the children had food and clothes! He always told them that you need to learn to achieve success in life. But this diabolical disease took him away from us. In a year and a half, he was gone... He had to endure horrible pain...
 – And how do you earn your living now?
 Maka: We receive a social allowance and a multi-child allowance of about 900 lari.  This is our only "income". All the money is spent on food, medicines, diapers and electricity bills... But a month ago the three children had high temperature, so I had to buy medicine and had no money left to pay the bills, so now we have no electricity... But that's just a small part of our woes. Hungry children, this is my principal trouble!
– Do the local authorities or the majority Deputy help you? Did you ask them for help? Mny peoplw do not even know that they have the full right to ask them for help, because every Deputy is obliged to take care of his voters, be interested in their needs and help in improving their social and living conditions.
Maka: They are very helpful. Our representatives of local authorities are Chikhradze David, Tavzarashshvili Kote, Razmadze David, Trakliy Gogaladze. They were the first to help us! They buried my husband, and they always help orphans. There should be more such responsive officials in Georgia!

– Maybe this question will be inappropriate, but still I am going to ask. You don't have to answer. Some people unfairly condemn large families who live in poverty. They wonder why to give birth to children if parents can't support them. How would you react to that?
Maka: Look how many there are families in need. Does it mean that our people should not multiply? I am a Christian and I believe that if God gives a child, I cannot kill the embryo. Another thing is that it is very difficult to feed, dress, educate, when there is no work and normal conditions for life. But I believe that the Lord will not leave us in trouble and in the person of good people will show his help! You found us, didn't you? Isn't that a God's present?
– What are you dreaming about?
Maka: I dream of the happy life for my children, but now it is so difficult for us that I dream how to feed and dress them... I dream of a refrigerator and beds for the kids...  I would like them to have at least one pair of shoes and clothes. We do not have any of this...
 Friends, these little angels, Nikoloz, Kristina, Ani, Georgiy, Badri, Nazi and Mariam need our urgent help! We can't leave them without studies or going to school in ragged clothes. Nikoloz is ashamed of his boots. He's a future policeman! Our protector! We cannot leave these children without compassion and support. They had to take a serious grief! After all, they lost their dearest person, their father! Waiting until the others aid them means ignoring their trouble. Therefore, let us act together, together we will help them and show that a lot of good people worry about their fate!
     Children are angels on earth. And their birth is God's holding! He sends them to the Earth to see who of the people is worthy of his care and help, who has a soul and compassion! (L. Chernovetskyi)
Friends, having read this story we have no moral right not to help these unfortunate people! Let us pray for their father, let us ask the Lord together so that their life is a little easier!
Everything depends on God and our mercy. The family currently lives in Gori. You can personally visit this family and provide assistance. This is their address: Gori, 1 Antsukhelidze street. Tel.: 598 488 762
Dear friends, Chernovetskyi Fund initiates a charitable action: to help the family of orphans. As you know, the Fund does not stop at one-time assistance. Georgians should live as the proudest nation on earth – Georgians!
To survive, the family is in dire need of food, hygiene products, medicines, beds and a refrigerator! Help them to survive, consider them as your own relatives.
And be sure to repost our publication. Let all your friends know about the grief of this family! It is very important.
God gives us the opportunity to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves.
Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend, do a Charitable deed, write to us by e-mail:
Our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003, GE42LB0115113036665000 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Saatashvili family). You can also transfer money from our website.
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 We've already helped many poor people! Let us support this boy too, as nobody is immune to an unhappy destiny! And, who knows, maybe one day we will also need help from strangers!

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