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I do not want any toys or gifts, just save my mom

Marina, - the mother of this wonderful baby, - a very shy woman - seriously ill for leukemia
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Santa Claus!

 I wrote this, Georgy Kochlamazashvili. I just turned 8 years old. Mom says I'm small. But this is not so! You must know, grandfather, that my mother is dying and she is in great pain ... It seems to me that she does not believe in you, but I believe! After all, you always made gifts for me on New Year! Thank you ... and waiting for your reply! I already know how to write and I write myself ... don’t think ..! Happy New Year!

Thank you very much, for all that you have always done for me ...

 Marina, - the mother of this wonderful baby, - a very shy woman - seriously ill for leukemia - for a long time did not dare to send us a letter from the child. But he believes so, so awaits an answer from the fabulous Frost and does not give her peace ...

Having received this letter in the Fund, we re-read it every day! Until you learned by heart ...

And now we finally collected all the certificates and came to visit the Kochlamazashvili family ... We were met by little George.

“Dad and grandmother are working in the field now,” the boy said and led us into the room where his mother was lying. While we were talking with my mother, Sofia, the boy did not leave her. He held her hand, kissed her hair. How a little kitten swirled around her! We realized that we must do everything possible and impossible so that this idyll never ends!

 - Sofia, tell us about your family. About husband, parents.

Sofia: my husband’s family is my whole family! My father died when I was 8 years old, my mother died 8 years ago. I have no one of mine. My husband’s parents became both mom and dad for me. I just adore them. If it weren’t for my mother-in-law, my beloved Marina, I probably would no longer be alive. Probably her own mother could not care for me like this wonderful woman.

- Sofia, for the first time we hear that the daughter-in-law spoke so much about her mother-in-law.

Sofia: I’m saying that she’s like a mom to me. I thank God that my husband has such a beautiful mother! You really can’t imagine what happiness it is. Now she, a sick woman herself, with chronic asthma, and my husband work from morning to night with workers in the field, just so that I have food (crying.) They brought food to us on New Year's Day, there was minced meat. So she made cabbage rolls, froze them, and every other day I cook one little thing. So that I take meat, and they drink tea without sugar ... (Sofia burst into tears again)

 - Sofia, but you do not receive social benefits? How do you even live? After all, the treatment is very expensive?

Sophia: we don’t get anything, they said we shouldn’t! Probably meant - "Die a slow death."

The state of health in Sofia is now extremely difficult and every day everything is getting worse. She does not sleep at night, one leg is almost paralyzed, she walks with difficulty and practically does not get out of bed. Sofia suffers a lot, especially when painkillers stop running. After all, there is often no money to buy new ones! From the village in Tbilisi, she comes with her son for a visit to the doctor. Husband and mother-in-law cannot but go to work! One day without hellish labor and beloved daughter-in-law, and the wife will be left without medicine, without food! And that means putting a cross on her! This means that all efforts were meaningless.

 - Sofia, tell us about yourself when you discovered your illness?

Sofia: Before my illness, I lived a full life. Caring for my family ... oh, how good it was. I was so happy that sometimes I was even afraid of my happiness ...

“What are you dreaming of?” Do you have any cherished dream?

Sofia: I dream that the pain will subside, so that I can raise my son and stop crying before his eyes. After all, he is so ...! (She cried) I love him so much!

We waited for Sofia to calm down and played a little with George in another room ...

“Do you yourself believe that you will recover?”

Sofia: Of course! Every second! Especially when I see how my husband and mother-in-law are trying, how they blow dust off me, when my son holds my hand and kisses me all the time, I know for sure that I must live!

 And when pain and bad thoughts prevail, and the devil whispers in his ear: “Leukemia is not being treated,” I wash the Lord and take a letter from my son from under the pillow, which he wrote to Santa Claus, and my husband sent him to the Foundation in secret and I say myself that I have no right to die!

 - Do you have a lot of friends?

Sofia: You know, my closest friends are my family! They are my everything!

- What do you value most in a person, what should a real person be like?

Sophia: a man who can sacrifice his life for the sake of a stranger - this is a man from God. And such a person I have at home. Even two people: George and my beloved and loving husband Tengiz

- Would you like to make new friends?

Sophia: to be honest, I would not want to depress anyone with my stories. All of their problems are enough. That's when I overcome my illness, I will be ready to communicate with everyone!

Corr. It’s good that they said, because after the post, many will want to console you, pray with you!

Sofia: I have a husband and mother-in-law ... I'm tired of crying. And how to recover: - I will thank everyone!

- Sofia, how was the treatment going and how much money at each stage was worth what the doctors promised and why oh did not happen;

Sophia: when they discovered leukemia, doctors told us that it’s not being treated, take her to die home! Yes, they just said so. But you see, I'm alive and talking to you! So not everything is so bad. Treatment will give results. I believe.

- What will happen if we collect this amount?

Sofia: it will give me life and dreams of recovery! I can see how my son is growing, I will have time to tell all my people how I love them and how infinitely grateful to them!

- George, when you wrote a letter to Santa Claus, did you believe that he would fulfill your dream?

George (8 years) - I believed, and since you are here, then Santa Claus read my letter! I really love my mother, I know everything about this disease ... and I know that it can be cured. I’m with my mother all the time and I ask God to give part of my health to my mother. Thank you for coming. Thanks.


Friends, before publishing the post, we turned to one of the best doctors professors in Georgia. He always nobly helps us. And here is what he answered:

“The disease that Sofia suffers so much is chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML), the Ph chromosome is positive, the open clinical group of stage II is very, very serious. And is accompanied by inhuman pain. But (Hurray!) - he is treated with an expensive medicine Glivec!

 People who have taken Glivec since 2001 are still alive. Most of these people have "disappeared" signs of leukemia. Most patients with the chronic phase currently have a normal life expectancy. ”

 We can save mom ... But the main thing now is to buy expensive medicines to reduce her pain and give her the opportunity to kiss her son more ...!

Leaving this woman unattended is a crime, first of all, before a conscience!

Friends, helping a person who is in trouble, we make this world a kinder and better place. How important it is to know that there are good people. Life does not become so scary, and there is hope for a miracle!

Constant laboratory tests and consultations with doctors, about 4,000 GEL per year and enhanced nutrition. And for more, Sofia does not want to talk yet. But we know that this is a very, very dangerous disease. God forbid anyone ... In fact, - blood cancer. And expensive treatment! It is good that in Georgia the State helps such patients. But is it enough? And who knows, you may have to call doctors from abroad. But we should not allow mother of George to die!

Help the cancer patient Sophia, give her a chance to survive and enjoy life. She needs medical attention, medicine, and food.

And also - call or visit Sofia, and you will personally see all the horror and hopelessness of the situation. Tel: 598 34 55 38 Address: Signagi District, Anaga Village

And be sure to CEREAL our post. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It is very important!

Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or acquaintance, do a charitable deed, write to us by e-mail:

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We have already helped many disadvantaged! Let us support this poor woman, because no one is safe from unhappy fate! And, who knows, maybe sometime the help of strangers will be needed by ourselves!

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