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Give life to Tornike ...!

We have nothing of our own. We sold everything we could sell to cure Tornike. We have been treating him for sixteen years.
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 Rarely, friends, but the Lord Almighty gives us a chance to do what only He does. And this is just the case. Indeed, every lari donated to this child will give him an extra second, minute, hour, month, or even a year, two or more lives.

Extend the days of the life of this good boy, great God!

The story of mother Tornike - Leila.

Leila: My husband and sick son and I live in a relative's apartment. We have nothing of our own. We sold everything we could sell to cure Tornike. We have been treating him for sixteen years.

Our biggest problem is Tornike's disease. He is literally dying away in our arms! Look at him ... He closed himself and does not talk. He has such pains that he cannot open his teeth!

I am 59 years old, my husband is 62. Tornike is 17. He is our joy! And his disease is muscular dystrophy.

Corr- When did the problems begin? Tornike has been sick since birth?

Leila: No, no. My son was born completely healthy, he even went to school. Until 4th grade, Tornike had no particular problems. It all started suddenly ... It became difficult for the child to move around. Over time, health deteriorated. We were diagnosed with muscle dystrophy, which progresses and affects various organ systems. It was a life sentence for my only son! My husband immediately had an infarction. And in my family now, only I am healthy. But I suffer more than anything in the world. It hurts my heart when my boy screams, when I see her husband’s suffering!

“What did the doctors say?” What did you do to prevent the disease from progressing?

Leila: We needed constant medical and procedural treatment so that the condition did not become complicated, but there were not enough funds ... A complete recovery with this diagnosis is almost impossible. We knew that. They sold everything we had and treated the boy.

- Which Tornike? Tell us about him.

Leila: Tornike is a very cheerful and active boy. Sitting in a wheelchair, he participated in theatrical productions in the theater. Mardzhanishvili, drew and participated in exhibitions. He also sings well. Where he saw the microphone, he picked up and began to sing. Now we sing at home together. We are trying to get out of this situation and live as actively and positively as possible. Hope has great power.

 “Does Tornike believe he will recover?”

Leila: He believes, says that God will not leave him. I often show videos of children who have experienced difficult times, but have recovered, were able to move independently and are now active. I constantly tell him that if you believe, you will definitely get better. The main thing is to try. Recently, he has withdrawn into himself. Rarely in contact with us. I persuade him not to do this. On the contrary, he must actively make contact.

“Does Tornike have friends?”

Leila: Yes, of course. Classmates support him very much. They pay him a lot of attention. They are very fond of Tornike, and Tornike is also crazy about them. I could not imagine how much heat they could express.

 - What pleases him the most?

Leila: I am very glad when someone brings sweets. Looks forward to us if we are not at home. Waiting for us to bring yogurt or other sweets. Yesterday I wanted to buy him yogurt, but I couldn’t. There was no money.

- And why now he does not communicate with people?

Leila: In recent years, he has become very introverted. It has become difficult with communication. But his friends do not forget him, they love him and often repeat to him that he taught them to be kind, sensitive and friendly. You know, I understand him. He spent whole days at home, when he broke his leg and underwent a complicated operation, his character changed. Since then, he cannot go to school. The condition was so grave that he was immediately brought to Turkey for surgery. After that, he is at home and together we strive to do everything for him that we can to get him out of this situation. Rehabilitation is not completed yet.

“How did Tornike break his leg?”

Leila: He was taken to the resort of Bakuriani under the state program for recreation. During the walk, the wheelchair wheel broke and Tornike fell out of it. The leg was broken between the thigh and the knee. To all this was added the deplorable state of his twisted spine. The operation was vital.

- You said that you have the status of a socially vulnerable family. Does the state help you?

Leila: Yes, it has been for many years. In previous years, we had small scores and we received benefits. But now social workers probably thought that we were “rich” and reduced our allowance. We receive scanty social assistance - 180 GEL. The state partially finances expensive medicine and tests, medical procedures. Previously, they also gave 50 lari for food to Tornike, but when he was 16 years old, we were removed this allowance.

- You do not work, your husband, as I understand it, can not always earn a living, how do you deal with financial problems. Who helped you solve such big problems?

Leila: I do not work because of my son. When the diagnosis was confirmed in the son, a heart attack occurred due to a nervous breakdown in her husband. Barely saved him ... Therefore, he can not cope with hard th work. He helps me take care of the baby. I want to note that your Fund has supported us for many years. I can’t even find words of gratitude that really express my feeling for your work. I bow to you!

- Which of the neighbors or acquaintances helps you?

Leila: When the forces are running out and you want to cry from hopelessness, then someone will come to the rescue. Neighbors often help. They know that Tornike loves sweets and if someone bakes something, one piece always goes to Tornike. Sometimes completely strangers come and support ... they are all from God!

- What exactly do you need help at the moment?

Leila: Tornike’s spine is in terrible condition, if you’re not afraid I will show you ... he needs a special bed and we don’t have an orthopedic and decubitus mattress. And look at what it lies on? This old, dilapidated ottoman. We also need a wheelchair to at least get into the yard. There are special wheelchairs that correctly hold the body and head, an ordinary wheelchair can no longer be used, it is dangerous!

 “Are you a believer?”

Leila: Yes, I am a believing Christian. I grew up in a very decent family in love and warmth. I have love for God from my parents. I believe in the Lord. Tornike has more faith in God than mine. Previously, we constantly went to church for communion, but now we can’t afford it for 2 years, because we can’t physically get to the church after it has broken a leg. It would be nice if the priest came to us and communed with my unfortunate son!

- Do you believe that the Fund will help you?

Leila: Of course. One hundred percent sure. We remember when we first asked you how you helped us and we feel that you are always there. Thanks so much for everything. I am sure that together with you others will help us with what they can. Your word is worth a lot!

- What do you dream about, what is needed for your family to feel happy?

Leila: I was the happiest woman when God gave me a son. It was an incredible feeling when he first said mom. I want him to not lose his strength to fight!

- How can you help you at this stage, what do you need most?

Leila: Tornike and I have a joint dream so that we can walk in the streets, but for this we need a specific wheelchair. Still, we need a bed where my son and I will fit together, because he can not sleep without holding my hand and not feel my mother next to him. We need a special mattress against bedsores and medicines. We need a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals ... he has become very weak. I’m very uncomfortable asking, but without your help we can’t cope with the problems.


Friends, as you see, the Kikabidze family lives in dire need. They need food, medicine, household appliances, beds and a wheelchair.

 Let's support them, show mercy, give a chance to a seriously ill teenager who do not suffer from pain and have at least elementary joys. Comfortable bed, delicious food and the opportunity to go for a walk in the yard! You can personally visit this family and provide assistance. They will be happy! Call Leila, learn about the needs of the family, cheer and support, say that she is not alone and that we will not leave them in trouble! It is very important!

Here is their address: Tbilisi, st. Kavtiskhevi number 13. Tel: 555 22 37 46

Friends, the Chernovetsky Charity Foundation begins an action: to help Tornika Kikabidze. As you know, the Fund does not stop with one-time assistance. Without children, the country and the people have no future. Take care of the younger generation! Help them survive! “Write” them to your relatives. And we are sure that the Lord Himself will bless you.

And be sure to CEREAL our post. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It is very important!

God gives us the opportunity to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves. Not all people are the same. And not everyone is kind, as we are with you. Do not pass by someone else's misfortune! Unhappy people are given to us from above, so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!

Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or acquaintance, do a charitable deed, write to us by e-mail:

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