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It turned out family when their breadwinner: a loving husband and caring father of the Spartak family, was cursed to death by a damned car
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 It turned out a large Georgian family when their breadwinner: a loving husband and caring father of the Spartak family, was cursed to death by a damned car.

 It was only 6 years ago, but grief never comes alone: ​​a stroke almost killed a good old woman - mother-in-law of the unfortunate-Tsitsino! And the 6-year-old baby Anastasia, whose advent to the light of God, - so the owner of the family was waiting, was born with a terrible disease. Now they are both: the old woman and the child are literally dying from a lack of food and medicine. And a penny in the house ...

 The hungry eyes of the children: Mariam, Lizi, and Anastasia, - this is the first thing that caught our eye when we entered the house of Thea, the inconsolable wife of Spartak!

Friends, we won’t let them die!

This beautiful, Georgian family, mother - Thea, grandmother - Tsitsino and three wonderful girls: Mariam - 12 years old, Lizi - 7 years old, small, sick Anastasia - 6 years old, every day of God risk being buried alive in the ruins of the shabby hut that they filmed on the outskirts of Tbilisi. All kinds of misfortunes fell upon them at once.

“Who will like me like this?” - the marvelous 12-year-old Marie will blossom soon and turn into a real, Georgian beauty, but she is sure that the boys like only well-dressed girls ... and she has no time to think about it. Instead of going to school, a 12-year-old child helps a mother driven to despair and destroyed by the death of her beloved husband at home, tidying up, preparing, caring for a sick grandmother and younger sister, who is in critical condition from birth. “With love and faith in the Lord” - this is how Mari signed the drawing, which she presented to us from the bottom of her heart.

- "What should I do? Often it seems to me that with the death of her husband, the life of our family ended. My life would definitely end if it weren’t for my lovely girls - my guardian angels. “- Mom, Thea crying with her arms wrapped around her head.

“You have wonderful daughters, Thea.” Please tell us about the younger Anastasia, what is she sick with?

Thea: Our little Anastasia, whom we lovingly call Taso, has been sick since birth. Poor thing has been tormented for 6 years. She was born prematurely - seven months old. I was discharged from the hospital, and my baby, Taso, remained in the hospital. Can you imagine what it is like to bear a child, give birth and not be able to hug her ... I was told that she has small problems with digestion. My daughter lay in the hospital for almost a month. Already at home, I found that when Taso was crying, something swelled in her lumbar region, and then a big bump appeared. My daughter was 10 months old. It was a hernia! Sharp movements are forbidden to her, she must not run, cry, cough. We take care of Taso very much, we never take our eyes. We can say that she didn’t cry with us, but what to do with a cough? How to prevent a child from coughing? Explain? Taso we have a martyr, the poor thing is often ill. There are frequent spasmodic coughs, and with a hernia it is strictly forbidden to cough and she constantly needs cough medicine, including Dexamethasone.

 - What is the main problem of your family?

Thea: Is it possible to count the problems? My mother, Tsitsino, had a stroke several years ago and she needs constant care and medicines that we cannot buy, her daughter Anastasia is suffering from a lumbar hernia of the spine and she probably needs surgery ..

 This year the children were not able to go to school and kindergarten ... All the misfortunes that can happen to a person simultaneously fell upon us ...

Sometimes I think that our misfortune, the authorities don’t notice, because my children don’t walk like beggars, ragged, with dirty hands and faces ... I guess they think that since they are washed and their clothes are well darned, they don’t need and they don’t need help. But this is not so! We really need help! Let them come and see at least once, where and in what conditions we live, see how my children live ...

 - Let me ask you how you met your future spouse? How did you start a family?

Thea: I lived with my mother in an Italian courtyard, and my future husband and sister-in-law rented an apartment in this courtyard. Spartacus often came to them. There we met. In the evening we sat together in the yard, sang songs, played badminton. That's how they fell in love, didn’t notice anyone. And they always wanted to be together! And they got married somehow right away. He asked me - "will you be my wife?" and I immediately agreed. I didn’t know better than a man! He was very good, attentive, kind, caring. I can’t talk about him without tears ... when I said this to my mother, she burst into tears of happiness. Received him as a son. My mother loved him so much.

 Can you imagine when my beloved died, my mother immediately had a stroke ...

We were orphaned without Spartacus. I try to give girls love for two - for mom and dad. They also lack papules. That's not fair. Some monsters beat their children and live a hundred years, and such fathers ... (crying) I'm sorry, always so when I speak of my husband.

 - And nobody helps you? Parents or relatives? Who would you like to thank for your help?

 Thea: Mom There is a pension, but for the purchase of medicines for her we borrowed, and her entire pension goes to pay it off. It was this loan that plunged us into such a hopeless situation - my mother went to the bank without me and took my pension for many months to come, but the bank did not explain what and how. It turned out that only interest was deducted from her pension, but not the main amount. And when the loan term expired, we could not take my mother’s pension, because now, the bank deducts the main loan amount from the pension, and we don’t get a penny. When we found out what was happening, my mother almost got a second stroke. She cried like a little girl and apologized to me because of her ignorance put the family in such a position. She apologized for wanting to help us, but this happened ... But now there's nothing to be done, you have to come to terms with fate ...

- How did you imagine your future? Have you ever thought that such a disaster could happen to them?

Thea: Before that, we had a good family. We were not wealthy, but Spartak worked and provided us with everything we needed. We lived in an apartment that we rented on bail. After the death of her husband, we were forced to abandon that apartment and pick up the money invested in it - because we had to live on something. We lived on this money for several years, then gradually began to sell everything valuable ... oh how hard it was for my children ... if it weren’t for them, I would probably have laid hands on myself. How cute they are!

We often talk with each other, and especially now, because we do not have a TV, Internet or computer. After we redo all the things, we sit down with the girls and my mother and talk. Girls are asked to tell them about dad, about our family before his death, and much more. I tell them they are listening. And then they share with me their experiences, their dreams. Sometimes despair will pour over me, my hands will drop, then Marie takes everything into her own hands and become the mistress of the house.

- We greatly sympathize with your grief, but did you turn to someone for help? To local authorities, for example?

Thea: We didn't get any help. And not only help, but even no one responded to our pleas. Look at how many numbers and calls in my phone to different parties, various departments, city hall, administration ... Everywhere I get one answer: leave your contact details. I swear it’s been already a month and a half as I fight through all the doors.

No one, no one except your Foundation has taken our misfortune to heart. They write down our telephone, and that’s all, nobody called us back.

I swear I didn’t get any help from anyone - neither from the administration, nor from the government, nor from the city hall, nor from the Ministry of Health! I have no more money! Not like medicine, even food! I can’t even buy my grandmother’s drugs for pressure. When her pressure rises, I don’t give her anything, I just wait for it to end — can you imagine this?

 - Do you believe in God? What do you see salvation?

Thea: Faith in God gives me the strength to live. I always feel his grace. I myself was born on September 21 - the day of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and I believe that the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ will not leave me and my children! Sometimes it happens that I am on the edge, I think that everything, for me and my family, life has ended ... But I believe that by the will of God there is a way out! His mercy will not leave us!

- Do you believe in the kindness of strangers?

Thea: Yes, I believe. My husband’s employees helped me a lot - employees of the passenger monitoring service of the transport company at the Tbilisi City Hall. Every month they collected a certain amount and passed it to us. Thank you so much ... To each of them ...

And also the neighbor Nana, the kindest soul man! She herself is in great need, but helps us as she can. If she had not lent us her old, very small TV, today, my children would not have had this either. This is the only valuable thing in our house.

- And how did you end up in this apartment?

Thea: We're filming it, but it's hard to call it an apartment. We pay 150 GEL for it - this is a third of our monthly income. We have one room with a tiny kitchen and a collapsed toilet in the courtyard. Maybe the walls of the house are solid, but it’s very damp here, and the place is very dangerous. This is a landslide hazard zone, we are sandwiched between the rocks, on which and under which water trickles. When they collapse and bury us under a collapse it is not known ... Ah, if Spartak had not died, our life would have been completely different ...

- Do your children go to school, kindergarten?

 Thea: My middle daughter Lisa (7 years old) was not able to go to school - in first grade. I was entitled to one-time social assistance and I wrote a statement to the district office. But they refused me ... And I needed this money to send Lizzie to school. They refused for the New Year. In March, I again asked for one-time help - and they refused me again. They said: “now the coronavirus” and sent home empty-handed.

Marie (12 years old) also missed this school year and did not go to school. In this room where we now live, we moved a year ago. And the old school is very far and Marie about a hundred could not walk - no money for travel. And we don’t have money for clothes with books and notebooks ... I wanted to transfer Mari to school closer, but they refused, they said that all the places were already taken, that we were late.

 Marie is my lifesaver. If she sees that I'm tired and exhausted, she takes care of everything, cleans, erases, goes shopping, looks after the girls and grandmother ...

Marie is a very talented girl, she has language skills, a great memory, but because of our difficulties she was left without school. She loves literature, remembers everything very well, grabs it on the fly. Her teacher in the Georgian language did not hide her admiration for the abilities of Marie. She told me that Marie knew the lesson before the teacher finished explaining it. “I see in the eyes of Marie that she already knows by heart new material”

And that was really so. Is it possible that such a child does not go to school and does not study?

Younger, Anastasia does not go to kindergarten for health reasons.

- And now I’ll talk with the children. Girls, talk to you, can I? How are you? How do you study, how do you help mom? What games do you like to play?

Marie (12 years old): I really miss school, for lessons, every time I fall asleep, I dream that I will go to school ... I like to study. But my old school is very far away, and I could not get there, but they did not take me to a new school ....

And the computer! This is my dream ... And also a bicycle.

 “Have you ever held it in your hands?” What did you do on it?

 Marie (12 years old): Of course, I saw a computer at school and my relative has a computer, I wrote a letter from him to your Foundation.

 - What books do you read?

 Marie (12 years old): I like to read, but there is no time, unfortunately. My friend Lisa lent books about Harry Potter. Now I’m reading them. I like science fiction.

 - Who are you friends with? Tell us more about your best friend.

 Marie (12 years old): My best girlfriend is Lizzie. She taught me to read. She's sooo smart. I probably read two hundred books! He knows everything and it's so interesting to talk with her!

 - Have you ever thought about the future family? How many children will you have?

 Marie (12 years old): No, what a time to think about it! Probably three, one child is bored.

 - Are you in love? Do you like boys? What do you want a husband?

 Marie (12 years old): Nobody likes me! Who can like me like that. And I like Harry Potter. I would love to talk with such a guy. I have friends boys, but they are like brothers to me!

 “Why do you think so?” Are you a beautiful girl ?! What is the problem, tell me a secret! They do not offend you?

 Marie (12 years old): No, of course! They are nice. I also really like to draw and I am good at it, everyone likes it.

 - And what can you draw as a gift to our most good friends of the Foundation?

 Marie (12 years old): I’ll be happy to draw if I have paints and colored pencils. I will draw them flowers and a ladybug!

I also sing and dance, but I like to draw more. Yes, I also play football with the neighboring boys Dimitri and George - they are my closest friends. They, unlike girls, know how to be friends and do not gossip. Whose dad is cooler and earns more ... phew!

 You know, when I grow up, I will become a surgeon. I want to treat people. My sister Anastasia needs to undergo surgery and only a surgeon can help her. I also want to save the children.

 - Marie, what would you wish the children of Georgia?

 Marie (12 years old): I would wish them good parents and sisters such as my Lizi and Anastasia. So that everyone has healthy parents. How do I miss dad, you know? (Marie's eyes filled with tears)

 Lizzie (7 years old): And Taso and I want new beautiful dolls, candies, pencils and colorings, but this is our secret, we don’t bother mom, we know that she can’t buy us this.

Mom tells us bedtime stories about good wizards and fairies, and Taso and I dream that a fairy would come to us. But most of all we love when she talks about dad. Dad is the best! Any monster will win!

 - Do you know how to draw? Can you ...?

 Lizzie (7 years old): I'm not so good at drawing. I sometimes redraw from my sister. Look, the sea has redrawn! Like? I don’t really! But I hope that I will learn to draw like her!

 “Have you ever seen the sea?” Do you know that our country, Georgia, is a sea power?

 Lizi (7 years): We also have a sea in Tbilisi. But mom says that it’s not real. And that the real sea is big! That when you look, the edges are not visible! I know that in Georgia there is the Black Sea. It is not black, but so called!

 -How do you imagine the waves?

 Lizzie (7 years old): I don’t know what it is! I really want to see!

 - What is your family’s income? What is he enough for?

 Thea: From month to month, we live on a social allowance of 300 lari and a child allowance of 150 lari from Tbilisi City Hall. Our total income is 450 GEL and a social product card for children is 90 GEL. From 450 GEL, we pay rental apartments, utilities services. And on the children's card we buy products: children love bread and butter, and I buy them butter, various cereals, sometimes it turns out to buy meat and frozen fish, but this once a month. Cookies and fruits are a luxury for us, which we can very rarely afford. But I try to make girls at least sometimes feel like children ...

 - What is your biggest dream? What, in your opinion, do you need in the house first of all?

 Thea: I dream of somehow brightening the lives of my children, at least a hundredth part of what their father wanted to do for them, but I can’t ... Unfortunately, I couldn’t be strong for my children mother ...

And now, at this moment, I dream that my children have a TV so that they can get to know this world at least through the screen.

Yesterday I asked Marie: if they call us from the Chernovetsky Foundation, what would you ask them? She replied: Mom, I don’t want a TV, I want a washing machine so that you don’t wash your hands in cold water and your hands do not hurt.

 We used to rent another apartment, but I couldn’t pay for it, and one day the hostess simply closed the doors in front of us, didn’t let us in, didn’t give us our own things - neither the TV, nor the washing machine, nothing at all. I left everything to myself at the expense of the rent, which I could not pay her. And we were left without everything, we have nothing more. What kind of equipment are we talking about, when we have nothing to sleep on, I can’t afford to buy an old bed to put my girls and a sick mother on it. I sleep on the floor, mom on the couch, which we also lent a neighbor, and the girls on the same bed, which was in this apartment. That's all.

 - Why did you decide to contact us?

 Thea: The reason for everything is our miserable existence. We have nothing to eat ... Waking up, in the morning I ask God for one thing - to give us one more day to survive!

It was not I who found you, but my 12-year-old daughter Marie. I waved my hand for a long time and did not hope that someone could help us ... But Marie still believes in a miracle, and she was looking for wizards who can change our lives ...

 Marie (12 years old): We really need help. Mom worries and cries every day, and I often thought about how I can help her, what I can do. We have an aunt, Nunu Kapanadze - my dad’s sister, whom we rarely go to, and I knew almost nothing about them, but one day Aunt Nunu took me to her. They, too, like us, live very poorly. In a conversation with my cousin Achiko, I found out that the Chernovetsky Foundation helped them and thought maybe they would help us there ... After all, will you help change our lives? I believe in it. I myself found Achiko’s page in the Fund’s computer and wrote to you, my mother didn’t even know about it ... Well then, of course, I told her everything ...

 - Want to meet friends of the Fund? Find new friends?

Thea: For my family, there has not yet been a person who could help us, who would give me a hand that I could grab onto ...

 But now I believe and believe that thanks to you, thanks to the Chernovetsky Foundation, such people will appear. And returning to faith in God, I’ll say - isn’t it a miracle that my daughter Marie found you? You know how Marie believes that the Chernovetsky Foundation will help us!


Friends, we have no moral right to read this story and not help these unfortunate orphans! Let's pray for the soul of their father, ask the Lord all together so that the lives of these babies become a little easier!

 Friends, as you see, the large family of Tabakhmelashvili lives in dire need. They need food, household appliances, beds, clothes!

 Let us support them, show mercy, help children to develop normally and have a happy childhood. You can personally visit this family and provide assistance. Children, believe us, will be happy! Call Thea, find out about the needs of the family, cheer and support, say that she is not alone and that we will not leave them in trouble! It is very important!

 Here is their address: Tbilisi, Nadzaladevi, st. Lomtatidze 1 dead end №19 tel: 557 29 87 90

 Friends, the Chernovetsky Charity Foundation begins an action: to help Tabakhmelashvili. As you know, the Fund does not stop with one-time assistance. Without children, the country and the people have no future. Take care of the younger generation! Help them survive! “Write” them to your relatives. And we are sure that the Lord Himself will bless you.

 And be sure to CEREAL our post. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It is very important!

 God gives us the opportunity to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves. Not all people are the same. And not everyone is kind, as we are with you. Do not pass by someone else's misfortune! Unhappy people are given to us from above, so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!

 Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or acquaintance, do a charitable deed, write to us by e-mail:

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