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If God "opens my eyes" again, the first thing I want to do is...

To see those kind people who helped me get rid of my blindness and, of course, the person I love most on Earth – my wife Anna.
₾ 1,692.77
  Only one ridiculous mistake ruined the life of a wonderful person, Valery Romoev, an orphan, educated by a caring Yazidi from Tbilisi… 
He is an electrician. Just for a second, working hard at the machine, he forgot to put on his glasses… The result is almost complete blindness… And now he is a blind and unemployed citizen of Georgia. 
– Mr. Valery, tell our readers what kind of trouble made you apply to the Fund? 
– My trouble is the fear of being left in the dark for the rest of my life! I'm going blind… And this is such a horror! I can't see the light of day, the sun, the flowers, or even the face of my beloved wife, Anna… 
Now, having become almost blind, I know for sure that when you do not see all the beauty of the World that the Lord has given to people (crossing himself) – it is not just a horror! This is a great misfortune. It is a life without the colors of sunrise and sunset, twilight and the face of the beloved. It's not a life. 
Damned cataract is blurring my eyes…
My love Anna and I are orphans, adopted from childhood by very kind Georgians. I, for example, was born in Murmansk, but I don't know my roots, and Anna is an orphan, her mother died when Anna was just a year old… That's why it's so important for me to see Anna again! 
We have no children… That's probably what GOD ordered. We really wanted to become parents, but each time we failed… If I may, I don't want to talk about it… I don't want to reopen my wife's wounds, and my wounds… Everything is as it is, and it is the will of the Lord…
And now, this illness has deprived me of the happiness of seeing my wife…  It takes away everything: the ability to work, bring money to the house, faith in the future, self-confidence... I feel inadequate... 
And there is danger everywhere! Recently I wanted to cross the road. It is inconvenient to ask a passerby to help me with crossing the road… And suddenly a thrushes by me! It went right through my legs twice! I was glad that didn't kill me..!
– Valery, how did it all start?  How did you get problems with your eyes?
– By profession, I am an electrician; I have always worked on large construction sites, then in various organizations. I also worked part-time going on private commissions. 
Once, about two/two and a half years ago, I had to fulfill a large order for construction and cut out the necessary metal parts on the machine for many hours; we call them "templates". 
After hours of work, my special safety glasses were constantly fogging up, so I took them off, wiped them, and put them on again. And once I forgot to put them on, and all the metal shavings and dust flew into my eyes. 
Of course, I immediately went to the doctor, my eyes were washed, but after this incident, my vision began to deteriorate sharply. 
I could not afford not to work, because I had to live and feed myself and my wife... and I worked, but despite the fact that I protected my eyes as best I could, still my vision completely "sank". 
In the end, I was completely blind in my left eye and only saw 5% with the other eye. 
In the first medical report, it was written: "Left – blind, right – 5% vision. An urgent operation is required." 
– To my knowledge, you had surgery. Only your left eye was operated. Why not both?
– It was all about finances… I didn't have the money for my first operation either… And I don't know how to ask or to borrow… If it wasn't for my wife, I'd be blind forever… 
It was Anna who addressed the Chernovetskyi Fund, accidentally seeing your publications on the Internet. She also found the money for the first operation. Anna is my guardian angel! 
So, my good friend Oleg Ogonyan lent me money for the first operation. He is already a retired person: he is 71 years old, does not work, and one pension is all his income. But he had some savings and lent them to me. Although, as I said, he didn't work and was taking care of his old mother.  She passed away in March of this year, poor thing…  She was 94 years old… 
I didn't want to take money from him, I said: I'd manage it somehow, and you are a pensioner, you have an old mother. But he insisted. That's what a true Friend means!...
We still owe Oleg… We haven't been able to return the whole amount yet… I will make the second operation. I will see again and start working, and I will return everything to him!
By the way, my wife Anna helped Oleg take care of his mother until her death. Anna said that for the good that my friend Oleg did for us, she also wants to repay him with kindness and until the last day helped him take care of his mother… 
Friend Oleg Ogonyan, who helped Valery pay 
for the first operation and Valery's wife, Anna.
– How was the first operation? Has your vision improved?
– The operation went well. The completely blind eye began to see a little. However, I could only read quite a bit, I could not use my eye to the utmost.
But how could I stay at home? Not to work and not to earn... You know, "Nothing seek, nothing find"... And I had to work anyway. I didn't get an official job because of my eyes, but I had part-time jobs.
However, very soon, due to the fact that the right eye saw only 5% and all the stress was borne by the operated left eye, the vision in it began to deteriorate catastrophically. I'm almost blind again… 
Therefore, a second operation was necessary as soon as possible. 
Valery after the first operation
– You asked our Fund to help you with the operation. Have you contacted the authorities? 
– The authorities allocated only 100 lari for the first operation. Both my wife and I applied to the appropriate structures, but all we were given was 100 lari. I don't know if it was insurance or social assistance from the Ministry of Health. I am still surprised by this amount… 
But, you know, I didn't try to find out the reason. Don't think - not because I was lazy, but because I physically could not do that. I can't see, and it's hard to go to different authorities with such vision, to wait for an appointment with various officials. And there is no sense to go there for my wife either: the sick and suffering should be at the reception in person.
And I need to operate on my right eye immediately. I feel that I am at the limit, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow my eyes will close, I will not see at all. I'll go blind forever...
– What does the doctor say? Will the second operation help you avoid blindness?
– The doctor says that the prognosis is good and that I will almost completely restore my vision. And I believe it will happen! 
I will only have to wait one month for my focus to be restored, for my right and left eyes to coordinate. And then I can go back to work. I will be able to return to normal life.
God will not forsake his son, because He said: See! Your faith has saved you! And I believe...
– I see you are in love with Anna. Tell us a bit about her.
– She is my treasure, my mainstay in everything. She's so hard-working. Our house is shining clean; Anna does not let me on the doorstep in shoes, she says: No-no-no, take off your shoes! (laughs). 
I can't live without her! When I was blind and couldn't find any job in Tbilisi, she took a risk and went to Turkey, together with me – the blind, to Hopa to work on a tea plantation. I worked with her, too. We cleared the plantation of weeds, working from 5 AM to 6 PM… Full of venomous snakes and mosquitoes… It was scary…
I was a very bad assistant for my wife at this job – what can you see with one blind eye and the other barely seeing? But I couldn't let her go alone! I'm the one who put her in this position…  My darling, my girl! 
Anna, Valery's wife while working at the tea 
plantations in Turkey
  – Mr. Valery, you said that you are an orphan and that you were adopted in Tbilisi. Could you please tell us a couple of words about that…
– Yeah, me and my sister Karina were adopted right after birth by a very kind woman, Rosa Dmitrievna Romoev, God rest her soul! She took the secret of our birth to the grave and told us nothing… We found out that she is not our native mother by chance: somehow we found a birth certificate! It said that we were born in Murmansk.
Karina, may she rest in peace, died of cancer in 2006.  Before dying she suffered so much...! It is clear that our biological parents have sinned a lot! And so I would have been all alone in the world if it hadn't been for my love, my Anna! And she would have been alone. An orphan. God brought us together. And otherwise life would not be life! 
Rose Romoev with Valery and Karina 
Valery and Karina Remoev in Tbilisi –
after adoption
Birth certificate issued
in Tbilisi for the name of Valery Romoev
– Yes, a really sad story and a difficult fate… 
But, let's go back to present time again. Because of your cataract and near-blindness, you can't work. Maybe in addition to the operation, you need some more help, in what conditions does your little family live?
 – If you can help me do the operation and get my sight back, I don't need anything else!" I want to, and believe me, I can get back on my feet, do it on my own. 
I need to see to work and pass this bridge over the gap between, I don't want to say this word, but still – poverty and the ability to earn a living and provide for our family of two! 
– And yet do you have your own house, your own roof over your head?
– No, unfortunately, my wife and I rent two rooms in a private house. I had a house left by my mother Rosa. A few years ago, I wanted to make repairs in it, took a Bank loan for this. But, for a number of reasons, I couldn't pay the interest and lost my house. 
We are currently in a rented apartment. Let's not talk about it anymore. I'll handle this myself, and I don't want to bother anyone with more information.
The facade of the apartment rented by the Remoev family
– Good. Then, tell us about your family, your beloved Anna. 
– The usual story: my future wife and I met in Tbilisi, fell in love, created a family and have been living soul to soul for 8 years. Over the years, we've been through everything: good and bad.  She's a very nice person, I don't call her by her first name, I call her My Darling! 
She does everything for me and for our family. She is my friend, my sister, and my wife. 
– God grant you happiness and many years, Valery and Anna! You deserve it! 
Please tell me, if the operation goes well and you get your vision back, would you like to see, at least in a photo or alive, those who will help you?
– Would I? Yes, if it is possible, I will beg you to do it! For me, there will be no one more precious than those who helped me return to normal life! I would like to see your readers with a shudder in my heart, who will probably give their last lari for me so that I could see the light!
If the opportunity really comes, I will hug them all, thank them, and tell them: Thank you! You saved me! You returned me to my life path and gave me the opportunity to regain my feet! To feel like a Human again! 
When we met Valery, we immediately took him to the hospital. The doctor said he could see again! There is a God on Earth and in heaven!
We decided that there is no way to leave this decent man in total darkness and we really want Georgia to show him how generous the soul of those who once sheltered him and Anna in our sunny country is! It is extremely important to know that there are good people. It becomes less scary to live and a hope for a miracle! 
Let us, friends, invite you to participate in the miracle! Imagine that Valery Romoev will see again, have a chance to be happy, to come back to life. To work. To make the love of his life happy! He needs an operation with a subsequent rehabilitation course. 
And also, call Valery, cheer him up and ease his suffering. Tel: 593 74 94 97 or visit him: Valery will be very happy to make new friends. Here is his address: Tbilisi, Beri Gabriel Salosis St., second lane, building No.17.
And be sure to repost our publication. Let all your friends know about the grief of Valery Romoev! It is very important.
God gives us the opportunity to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves. Unhappy people are given to us from above so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!
Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend, do a Charitable deed, write to us by e-mail: 
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Together we have helped many miserable people! Let us support Valery Romoev too, as nobody is immune to an unhappy destiny! 
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