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What is little Niko most afraid of?

“It hurts when mommy is crying. May I tell you everything myself? My older brother Niko (12 years old), I love him so much, he is kind, he does not see in one eye. But he can stop seeing at all, but this is what scares me most of all!
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“It hurts when mommy is crying. May I tell you everything myself? My older brother Niko (12 years old), I love him so much, he is kind, he does not see in one eye. But he can stop seeing at all, but this is what scares me most of all!

We have no father. We are alone. Would you help my brother Niko?” - 7-year-old Levan glanced directly into my soul

 Oh, God! How many troubles this fragile mother had to overcome. She will do anything for the sake of children. But the kids! These little ones are Georgians! Be left alone? With a hat in a hand? Beggars?! Can there be any excuse to that when one has a living and loving mother?

For 4 years now, Keti and her children have sought shelter with strangers...

Keti Bostoganashvili is a single mother of two sons - Levan (7-year-old) and Nikoloz (12-year-old). They have nothing, they even have no home slippers, as they don’t have a home.  

 “Lord, what a horror, my child can go blind while I thrash about like fish on the ice to escape from poverty and not to end up in the street with two children. You are my hope and salvation - only you, friends of the Fund! Your kindness will save the children and bring them their childhood back”.

Tomorrow...For many, this is the beginning of something new, good and brilliant. But not for Keti Bostoganashvili, a 36-year old single mother of two beautiful sons: Nikoloz (12 years old) and Levan (7 years old) She is afraid that "tomorrow" will come, because tomorrow she and her children might find themselves in the street.

She wished it concerned only her, Keti. She is ready to suffer for her children. But the kids...! These little ones are Georgians! Be left alone? With a hat in their hand? Beggars?! Can there be any excuse to that when one has a living and loving mother?

For 4 years now, Keti and her children have sought shelter with strangers...Oh, Lord! How many problems this fragile woman had to endure! Having escaped from her husband, from his endless, severe beatings, Keti started working hard to provide children with food and a roof over their heads. But you will not earn much working as a dishwasher or cleaner. “It was enough for us”- Keti says hubly.

Enough...To rent a small apartment with sagging beds, to buy meager food, when even an extra piece of bread is an unacceptable luxury! The global pandemic has completely deprived Keti of hope for the future, leaving the woman without her meager earnings. How to keep the children? How to pay the rent and not end up in the street? Where to seek for help?

Powerlessness. That’s what Keti feels. With this feeling she falls asleep, and wakes up. And she asks the Lord to give her strength, faith for tomorrow ... She asks him to send her the support of good people!

Keti, tell me please, what was the problem that made you address our Fund?

Keti: Oh, my God! Oh, I even don't know what to begin with, we have so many problems. But firs of all, we need help to cover rent costs. We are due 1200 GEL for the last three months, and this month will also end soon...I have no way to find these money, there is nobody who I can ask for...That’s why addressed, you hoping for a miracle!

And you know, the miracle happened even earlier than I expected! The landlady understood our situation and forgave our two-month debt. So now we owe her 400 GEL and another 400 GEL we will have to pay off by the end of July. 

I used to earn at least some small money before. I have no education, so I worked as a cleaner or dishwasher. I agreed to any job for the kids. Anyway we could make two ends meet and at least were not starving. And after this coronavirus... I can’t find a job, everything is closed, and if there is something that works, then they have already hired the necessary staff ...

Of course, I keep on searching, but with no result so far. Meanwhile, the rent debt grows and the kids are starving. I am so tired! I can’t watch how the younger sadly looks at sausages, dumplings and sweets when we go shopping to buy pasta. He wants everything, but we can afford nothing.

But the most terrifying thought for now - is to end up in the street.

- How it happened that you and your children found yourself homeless?

Why don’t you live in your husband’s house?

-Husband...We lived with my ex-husband for 10 years, and 7 years out of 10 we were constantly moving from one rented apartment to another.

Four years ago we divorced and I took the children with me .He does not need them. Then my problems began, but I will not go back.

My God, he used to beat me so severely...I still recall it with dread...I tolerated all this for my children, all the beatings and indignity, I thought that the boys should have a father...But finally I’ve realized that this was not last any longer! And I left together with my children...

The three of us started to live first with one relative, then with another. But for how long could I disturb them? We decided to rent an apartment...

- Doesn’t your ex-husband help you in any manner? Doesn’t he pay child support?

- He doesn’t...I did not even apply to the court for the child support.

- What do you live on? Do you receive any aid from the state?

Keti: From the state? Unfortunately, nothing at the moment! Earlier, when I still lived with my husband, we had been qualified for the socially disadvantaged status. But when we left and started changing the addresses, we were disqualified. 

I applied to the social agency asking to restore our status and the allowance, but my request was denied. You see, the agent assessed our “wealth” for more than a hundred thousand points... How? I don’t know! It’s true that in this flat we have a washing machine, a fridge, and TV, but all this is not ours! Nothing belongs to us here, the children do not even have a computer. What are we speaking about...We get no aid from the state. We have no income at all.

Sometimes my sister helps me with the products, but she is also in a difficult situation. If not for my sister, we would have already...(crying). Sorry, I can’t help grying when I imagine...

-Would you like to stop our conversation?

Keti: No, no! I’ll tell you everything! Just help us! Please! I never ask for help, but for my children, I am ready even to fall on my knees.

- Is there anybody else, except your sister, who helps you? Maybe, your parents?

Keti: My aunt, my mother’s sister, really helps me. She is 63. Her daughter lives abroad, and whenever she sends some money to her mom, she never forgets to help me and my boys.

And my parents... My father abandoned us when I was a little girl. He has another family, and I have not contacted him since my childhood...My mother is old, and she cannot help me. Wish it were anybody to help poor her! She lives on the social allowance. It’s me who should help her! It’s a big shame and a pain, that I am not able to...

- Keti, have you ever thought that such misfortune would happen to you?

Keti: Who could ever imagine it? God forbid! I used to dream about a happy family...And you see what happened...But I do not think about that anymore. The most important problem now is not to end up in the street. And the health of my children, of course!

- Do they have any health issues?

Keti: The elder Nikoloz. He has problems with his eyes. It began when he was a little boy and just started to go to school. At that time, we realized that his right eye does not see well at all. You know, when the teacher asked him to read from the blackboard and Nikusha (Nikoloz) was not able to, since he just could not see. The teacher told me about that. At that moment, we had no problems with money, and we took him to the doctor immediately. We found out that his eye was slowly getting blind...Last time when we visited the doctor - it was about four years ago, we learned that the same problem arose on the second eye. Without an operation, he might get totally blind.

- How much does the operation cost?

Keti: The operation costs about two thousand laris. But I have no such money, I even can’t take my child to the doctor, because it’s too expensive for me. We have absolutely no money! Why, my God? My son can get blind, and I can do nothing with that! 

- Calm down, Keti! Everything's going to be all right. Tell me, did you address the state authorities to ask for funding?

Keti: Yes, I did, of course! For many times! And what’s the result? They gave me nothing! They say that they finance critical operations only. And our case “is not fatal” according to them. But my child is getting blind! Do you understand? He’s getting blind!

I do not know how to continue living on...My God! It’s terrible to realize that you could not provide your child with proper medical care. 

 - Keti, how we and the Fund’s friends can help in Nikush’s case?

Keti: I can’t even ask about that! Please, just help me with paying the rent! To get rid of this overwhelming burden! And further, I will do my best to get on my feet, to find the job. I will do anything, I will ring every doorbell to cure Nikusha! 

- Don’t worry! Everything will be all right! May I speak to the boys now? 

- Nikusha, Levan, what do you like, what do you usually do?

Nikoloz (12): Everyday, my brother and I play football or basketball with our friends in the yard. Well, we play all kind of games! There is nothing to do at home, we just watch TV occasionally. The only thing is that we don’t want to leave mommy at home alone. That’s why, a thousand times a day, we pop up at home, and then we go to the yard again.

- What is your favorite food?

Nikoloz (12): As true Georgians we like khachapuri! Mom used to bake it quite often before, she can make delicious food! But we haven't eaten khachapuri for a long time ...

- Nikoloz, you mother says you have no computer? What about online lessons, then? How did you attend them?

Nikoloz (12 ): We have no computer. But we have friends! We used to go to their place to keep up with the schoolwork.

- Do you like school? What is your favorite subject?

Nikoloz (12 ): I do, I like to learn! I am good at math, and I find it interesting. But they give us too much homework, and when I read a lot, my eye starts aching. It’s good that the vacations have begun, and we can have a rest from the homework.

-I Know you have problems with your eyes. Can you tell me what you feel?

Nikoloz (12): When I close my left eye, I see everything very dimly. It feels like I have water in my right eye, and I can’t see clearly. But my eye doesn’t ache, I am just scared.

- What are you scared of?

Nikoloz (12): That I'll stop seeing at all. It’s scary...

- Don’t think about it, OK? Your eye will definitely be cured! And now, let me talk to your brother. Levan, what do you dream about?

Levan (7 ): I want to be a football player! I love football so much! Nika does not like it as much, he prefers learning and reading. And I think I would be a good footballer! I may become as famous as Meskhi or Ronaldo! It’s cool, right? Mama would be watching TV proudly saying to everybody that were her son. I asked mom to take me to the football school, but she said that we have no money, turned away and started crying. I did not ask her anymore...

- Does your mom often cry?

Levan (7 ): Quite often. She thinks that I don’t see her, but I notice everything! Mommy cries all her life long. She loves us, and we love her so much, more than anything in the world! I don't want her to cryi!

You are great boys! Now I will go back to your mother, I have to ask her some more questions...

- Keti, do you believe in God?

Keti: Yes, of course! Whenever I go to sleep at night, thinking of how to keep my children, I always find a solution. Sometimes my sister brings us some food, sometimes my aunt helps me somehow, sometimes the neighbors bring something for us to eat... I know that dear God is always near and protects us.

- Do you believe in humans’ kindness?

Keti: How can you not believe? There are lots of kind people, and your Fund proves that! I addressed your Fund because I know how much you help! I remember, how at the beginning of the school year , I did not let my children go to school because they had no shoes...They did not attend school for about several weeks... But suddenly some people appeared, who took our problem close to heart, they brought shoes for my boys and the boys finally started attending lessons.

- What do you dream about, Keti?


I have everything that I have been dreaming about - my children...I used to picture my life quite differently, I thought everything was going to be like in a fairy tale. But I was wrong...However, I do not fall into despair! Yes, I do often cry. But afterwards I always pull myself together. God gave me my wonderful sons and at this is a sufficient reason to feel oneself happy. They love me so much, they need me... For me they are the only reason for my very existence, and right now they need my help and I need yours!

I have nobody else to address to...I’ve read about you and your Fund. You helped many people and I thought you would not leave us alone... You will save my children from living in the street. The boys and I are putting our future into your hands!


Friends! We can’t leave this woman alone with her trouble! She is so kind despite all the problems, she emanates lots of positive energy. Her family has to cover the rent debt! Keti and her boys urgently need products. The sight of her elder son Nikoloz is in danger. They cannot even afford to visit the doctor. We simply cannot ignore their trouble!

Let's support Keti's family, show mercy, help them. You personally can visit them and provide with some help. Believe me, they will be happy. Call Keti, learn more about the needs of her family, cheer her up, support, and tell her that she is not alone and that we will not leave her in trouble! It’s extremely important!

Here is her address: Tbilisi, Varketili-3, 1st micro district, block 19, apartment 48. Phone: 598 451 367

Frends, Chernovetskyi charity Fund starts fund raising action for Keti Bostoganashvili’s family. As you know, Fund never contents itself with one-time help actions. Without children the country has no future. Take care of the young generation! Let them survive! “Mark” them as your relatives. We are sure God will bless you!

Pease repost our publication. Let your friends know about the misfortunes of this family. It’s extremely important!

God gives us chance to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. People are not the same. Not all of them are as kind as we or you. Don’t ignore others’ trouble. Those poor people are sent to us by heaven, so that we could prove that we trust in God not by words, but in deeds! Friends, there is one more request - if you know about misfortunes of a neighbor or friend of yours do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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