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"Without your help, my children will sleep under the bridge tomorrow!"

Those angels have only one dream - to stay living at home and not to be thrown outside like homeless dogs!!!!"
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Those angels have only one dream - to stay living at home and not to be thrown outside like homeless dogs!!!!

These children, proud of their nationality, do not deserve such a fate. Their father and mother are neither gamblers nor drunkards nor shameless drug addicts who got into debt by mortgaging the house where those beautiful children live. They are nice... But they are poverty-stricken as the majority of their countrymen.

This beautiful Georgian family does not open their doors to anybody, despite all the laws of hospitality in our country. Why? If not today, then tomorrow they’ll be out in the streets with their little children! Tsira (38-year old), her husband Roman and their three beautiful children: Ani (13-year old), Mari (11-year old), and David (9-year old) live on a powder keg. Any day, any time, at any moment, the tragedy may occur, and they will lose their family home, they will find themselves homeless, on bare ground.

The feeling of terror surpassed everything else: hunger, cold, lack of basic conditions, clothes, and shoes. They even forgot about the disease of family man Roman, who had already undergone three operations!

Friends, any time our countrymen can be kicked off like homeless dogs! They appealed to our Fund with a timid hope - the hope that we will not leave them in trouble.

- The Lord is merciful, he directed us to you, - mother Tsira says with tears in her eyes. I hope that kind Georgian people will help us.

- You addressed the Fund requesting only one thing - help in buying back your flat. Why?

Tsira: You wouldn't wish on your worst enemy what happened to our family! Here is my husband Roma - our only breadwinner! But for health reasons, he can no longer work. Look, he can't even sit down. He can only stand or lie. Roman is a hard worker, he used to work at very difficult jobs to support us. Thanks to him, we used to deal with the problem ourselves, but now we have to address you for help.

We, with Roma and kids, used to live in my husband's parents’ house before. There were 15 of us living in three rooms! My husband’s parents and two brothers, one single and one with a family. You can’t imagine what was happening in these three rooms! And the children were growing up.

So, me and Roma decided to live separately. We learned about flats for sale in this building by a private company “Sali Group”. We decided to buy a flat here, because it was cheap. We signed a contract with the company about installment purchase of the apartment and were making $200 bank transfers to the company’s account. If it were not for my husband’s disease, we would have already paid the full amount and would live without fear, in our own apartment.

It’s five years since we have lived here. But three years ago, things went wrong, Roma started having health problems; at the beginning, in spite of severe pains, he continued working and we could pay the mortgage payments. But it's been a year and a half since my husband has been completely disabled, and we are insolvent. As I said before, Roma was the only person in our family, who was gaining money.

And according to the contract we have to pay as much as $ 3,800. The deadline was May 2020, but it seems that taking into account the World pandemic creditors decided to shift the date. We are not sure as they have not contacted us yet...Every night when we go to bed, we think that maybe tomorrow we would end up in the street!

– That’s why it took you so long to open the door? 

- Yes, we thought that it were company representatives, who came either for money or to evict us... This fear makes us unable to think straight. Because if we don’t open the door today, they will come for debt tomorrow...And my three children will probably sleep under the bridge tomorrow.

– If that happens, God forbid, do you have a place to go? 

- Not at all, we have no place to go. We cannot return back to my husband’ family house. There's no room to squeeze in even without us. My elderly parents live far away - in Western Georgia, Samegrelo. Perhaps our relatives might shelter us for some time, but we can’t roam around someone else’s corners forever? We won't even be able to rent an apartment, since we have nothing to pay for rent ...

- And are there any friends or relatives who can help you?

Tsira: Nobody...None of them have extra money, and those who were able to help have already helped us with Roma’s treatment and our day-to-day needs. How long should I beg for alms? Wait until someone helps?

- Tsira, tell me more about your husband’s disease, please. What’s the reason behind his disability?

Tsira: Roma has multiple hernias on his spine. He has already undergone three surgeries, thanks to which, now, he can at least walk. My husband spent six months in bed without moving! I even had to ask a neighbor boy to help me take my husband to the bathroom, sorry.

- Is it possible to help him somehow else?

- Unfortunately, nothing can be done. Doctors did all the possible. The state covered all the costs of the surgeries, that's all that could have been done. But my husband in his 43 will remain like this forever...

- You said that the state paid for surgeries. Do you receive any other state aid?

Tsira: Yes, we have the status of socially disadvantaged, and we receive an allowance of 510 GEL every month. This is our whole income. This money covers the utility costs, and, in some way, the cost of food and clothing...But, children don't even have house slippers, they walk barefoot at home ...

My husband was not assigned a disability allowance. They are saying - “your hands and feet move, so you are not entitled to!” And it’s impossible to explain to them that he can’t sit for more than 10 minutes...Even when we sit down to dine, Roma just quickly picks some snacks and stands up right away. It’s not a joke, he’s seriously sick.

And all the home appliances you can see here were granted to us by state. Fridge, washing machine, gas stove! I applied for help as socially disadvantaged and the state understood our situation and gave us such a present!

- Both Roman and you are from Samegrelo? You met each other there?

Tsira: Yes, I was born there and lived there until I got married. Roma’s family originates from Samegrelo too, but they have been living in Tbilisi for a long time. Once, he came there to visit his relatives. He was 27 and he was so handsome, so tall. Even now he’s OK (she laughs). We liked each other and got married soon, 15 years as we have been together. I am so grateful to him, for everything, I never blame him, never complain. I am so happy that I met him in my life and that we have such beautiful children.

- Have you ever thought that everything could turn out like this? That you find yourselves in such a situation?

Tsira: Is there anybody who can imagine such a thing? When I was getting married, I thought that everything would go well, that we would live a happy life and our children would have carefree and happy childhood. But can you see how it turned out? One must take his health seriously. Your health decides how you will be tomorrow.

- What is the most difficult thing right now?

Tsira: Mu husband’s illness completely changed our life. It is very hard, but we have to live with that, accept that as a fact. So many tears shed...It’s so hard to look at your beloved man who suffers of his severe pain and his own powerlessness. Roma took it all very hard. Imagine, he used to work all life long, backed the family financially and suddenly found himself chained to bed, leaving his family without the only income source.

Do you know what is the most difficult now? Imagine, we go shopping with the younger one, with David. So, what we buy there? Bread, sugar, pasta - nothing else. And I see how he looks at chocolates and juices... And he never says: “Buy it to me!” He always says: “Mommy, will you buy it when you have the money, won’t you?” And my mind starts racing: “When will I be able to give some joy to my son?” I can hardly hold in my tears....

- Have you ever tried to work?

Tsira: I used to work before -as a cleaner or as a saleswoman. With no hesitations I would start working to support my family and not leave my children without a home! But sometimes Roma has very strong attacks, so I cannot leave him alone with the children. At such moments he needs urgent help - special procedures and manipulations... Children won't even be able to lift him. That’s why I can’t leave Roma and kids alone.

-May I speak with children now? Let’s start with David. Tell me, what are your favorite games?

David (9 years): I am used to play with my friends in the yard, sometimes we play football, sometimes we play war. It depends...

- Football? It means you are fond of sports.

David (9 years): Yes-yes! So much! I would like to attend a football or rugby school, but I still can't ... I hope I can do it later...

- Mother says you like chocolate and juice! Is it true?

David (9 years): (Laughs) Who does not like it? Everybody does! Me too! I haven’t eaten anything delicious for a long time. When my mother has the money, she will buy everything to me. She promised me! I promised her that when I grow up and become a great scientist, I will create a super robot! This robot will tidy up, wash the dishes, sweep, so that mom will not get tired. It will be a robot that will let all moms in the world have a rest!

- Cool, David! It’s a great idea! Mari, what about you? What do you like?

Mariam (11 years): I like to learn! Especially, the French language. I wanted to go to a private teacher, but I know we have got no money for it, so I learn by myself. My dream is to go to France to study there. I love France...It’s beautiful...I’ve seen photos.

- Who do you want to be in the future?

Mariam: A famous doctor! I would invent the medication so that my father would get healthy forever! Also, I am thinking about being a journalist like you! Because the work of a journalist benefits people. For example, if you write an article about us, people will help us! And we will be never afraid of being kicked out from our home!

-Smart girl! People will definitely help you! Ani, what about you? What do you like?

Ani (13 years): I like Georgian dances. And I would like to learn dancing in some ensemble. But I cannot yet, it costs a lot, and daddy is unemployed now.

- And what do you do at home? Do you help your mother? Can you cook?

Ani (13 years): Yes. I do. Mostly, I tidy up. And I can cook the products that we usually have - pasta and buckwheat

- What is your dream? Who do you want to be?

Ani (13 years): I like fashion and want to be a designer. I would create very nice and stylish clothing and would present it to girls, who cannot afford buying stylish things. Everyone wants to be beautiful, just not everyone can.

Folks, I am sure that your parents together with their new friends from our Fund, will let all your dreams come true.

- Tsira, how do you see a way out of your difficult situation?

Tsira: I see it in good people’s help. I have no Idea what else can be done ...And where to get money. We addressed your Fund with one single request. Please! Don’t let my children stay in the street. Food, clothes, we’ll arrange it somehow. If only there was a place to live ...

Look, if it were not for a big heart of our house owner, we would have wandered the streets long ago. He is a kindest person...Thank him that he did not let us out, that he gave us a chance to postpone the payment, although he do it! He could point us to the door 19 months ago, when we failed to pay the very first time! He took our situation into account, and we still live in a house and not in the street...

In fact, we realize that one has to pay for things bought, but it is not our fault that we have problems. God is our witness!

Therefore, seeing no more way out, we wrote to you - to the Fund! We know and we see that you really help people! You are our last hope!

I am so tired! I want to stop fearing! God knows how hard it is to live constantly in fear that tomorrow your children may become homeless. You will not wish it even to your enemy! I pray that this misfortune would finally quit our family and never befall others!


Friends let us all show mercy to this unfortunate family together, not leaving them alone in trouble! In spite of lots of problems they face, such as hunger, poverty, illness of the father of family, they ask for only one thing: do not let little children be thrown out into the street. Don’t these children deserve a happy childhood?

Those poor people are completely alone, they have nobody to count on. But it is so important to know that there is somebody who cares, who is ready to help you to overcome the difficulties! Remember, that helping people in trouble we make the world better. It is so important to know, that there are good people! Life turns less scary and the hope for a miracle comes!

Call them, cheer them up and give them a hope for tomorrow. Phone: 593 511 108

You can also visit the family at the address: 

Tbilisi, 136 Grigol Lortkipanidze St., Apartment 24/25.

Pease repost our publication. Let all your friends know about the challenges and dreams of Tsira Todua family! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Those poor people are sent to us by heaven, so that we could prove that we trust in God not by words, but in deeds! 

Friends, there is one more request - if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Tsira, Roman and their children, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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