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God is Great and I will be happy anyway!

Her grandmother Lamara (89-year-old) and Mother Emma (58-year-old) take Lana, sick from birth, up to the second floor every day.
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Her grandmother Lamara (89-year-old) and Mother Emma (58-year-old) take Lana, sick from birth, up to the second floor every day.

“When I lift her, we fall down together. There is no more strength left. I believe Georgia will help us ”- these were the words grandmother Lamara (89-year-old) said when she was greeting us.

“ I have only one dream - a wheelchair. Of course, this is not what Georgian girls dream about at 34, but...I know, great is the Lord! - because you came to us, which means that all the friends of the Fund came with you,” says Lana (34-years-old) in tears.

- Why do you need this for, Lana? - we asked when we came to visit her.

- This is what the Lord wants. Because I pray a lot, -said the girl with a charming smile. If I stop fighting it will mean that I failed my exam. I believe with all my heart that one day God will praise me and say: “Well done, my girl! You did it!”

34-year-old Lana is a young woman with a beautiful soul, who emanates the light of love and joy and who is seriously ill.

We met when her 89-year-old grandmother Lamara and her beloved mother Emma were battling with a bulky, heavy, clumsy, creaking with all its cogs wheelchair, which even a strong men would not be able to cope with.

From her very early childhood she used to hear as people were whispering after her “what a poor girl”...Anyone would have gone mad after such words, especially a young girl. They made her suffer and withdraw into herself, making her afraid of going outside.

But ... She believed in Lord! And now she wants to help other people to feel themselves happy. If only she had a good wheelchair, she would be the happiest Georgian woman in the whole world!

-Lana, tell me about your diagnoses and about how they impact your life?

- I was born with a defect of my left leg, it was several centimeters longer than the right one. I will not go into details, but due to a medical error the situation became worse and I became disabled. Over time, because of a defect in the hip joint, I developed kyphoscoliosis, my spine rapidly curved. When I went to the fifth form, I already had to use crutches.

Has it somehow affected your self-esteem? Or you always used to be so life-loving?

- My mother always said to me: “Go ahead, don’t give up, move, develop”. And I am very grateful to her for this. She let me develop as a purposeful personality. Mom always took me to concerts, exhibitions, did everything to make me feel a full-fledged member of society. There were also other people who helped me with this.

Until the third grade, despite all my mother’s efforts, I had little contact with my classmates, I felt myself different from everyone. But once, my classmate came up and said: "Lana, what's going on with you? Why don't you communicate with us? You are just like me, like all of us. I want you to be friends with me and the other children. " And since then - we have been friends!

I have remembered my friend’s words for the rest of my life. At that moment, I felt a great support, I realized, that I was not alone.

My class teacher Mary Tsiskaridze also played a big role in helping me not to break down and not to give up to fate. She and our school director treated me the same way as all the other children, not giving me any favors. I am immensely grateful to them for this.

I associate school with the happiest years of my life. I was an ordinary schoolgirl, studying, sometimes playing hooky, having fun. I still know how to enjoy life, but I really want to help my mother and grandmother, work and earn money, and not be a burden. I have so much energy, but the ability to move independently is not enough.

- What do you need for this?

- For this I need a modern electric wheelchair. There are no such chairs in Georgia, you need to order it from Europe. A used wheelchair costs about 1,200-1,500 GEL. Unfortunately, we do not have that money.

- Would the operation change your condition?

- I’ve read that in Europe people with my diagnosis of muscular atrophy are operated on. This operation allows to get rid of all unnecessary things from the leg, making it lighter. My leg is very heavy now and it hurts every day, sometimes it's unbearable. The operation helps to relieve this suffering. But such operations are not performed in Georgia, and my family cannot afford treatment in Europe.

Here, in Tbilisi, amputation was the only option.

- Lana, tell me what difficulties in everyday life do you have to face now?

- The most difficult thing is that in Georgia, unfortunately, nothing is adapted for disabled people. People in wheelchairs completely depend on others. There are no ramps, handrails, elevators. My mother and grandmother and I live on the second floor. I cannot go up and down on my own, and even doing it with others' help, is a hard job.

There is an elevator in our house, but it does not go up to the second floor - for healthy people it is not a problem, but what about those with health issues? We wrote to the mayor's office, asked to set up the elevator so that it would stop on the second floor, asked to install a ramp. All this would make my life easier, but our requests were rejected all the time.

Of course, someone can solve such issue at their own expense, but not us. Now only my mother works in our family, she cleans the streets, so life is hard for us financially.

I really want to work, to help my mother to support the family, but I cannot move normally without a good wheelchair. The electric wheelchair is a real salvation for people like me. You can even take a bus with this. I'm dreaming about it.

I like to imagine myself getting on a bus on a chair and going to work, like a normal person. You cannot even imagine what a great value it is to be just an ordinary person, a member of society, and not an outcast.

One can say that I am fighting for this. Every day I stand up for my right to be an ordinary, normal person.

- Lana, how often are there situations when you feel yourself "not like everyone else"?

- All the time. When I go to places where nobody knows me, I always hear: "Poor girl", "Why should people like that go out at all?", "How sorry for her", "Damn, what's wrong with her leg?" People say this loudly and look at me with pity. Earlier, I used to suffer a lot, closed upon myself, and avoided going out. But finally I got tired of this attitude and reacted differently.

What do you think I did? I made a joke out of it. When I heared another "Poor girl, what's wrong with her leg?" I said: "Don't worry, I came from Mars, we all like this there." People looked so surprised, they seemed to believe that I was from Mars ...

Fun is fun, but it is so difficult for a disabled person to survive without a sense of humor; without it, you might want to lie down and die of helplessness and self-pity. But this is not about me, I will fight to the end, and death is the only thing that can stop me.

- Lana, you said you would like to work.

What would you like to do?

- I can be a call-center operator; I have had a specialized training, and I have some experience in that. I also know how to to weave from beads and I love it. I make beautiful bracelets, earrings, beads. I used to sell jewelry at exhibitions, but they are not held often, and I do not always manage to find someone to help me get to the right place.

I tried to exhibit my work on the Internet, but my phone has a bad camera and the photos are just horrible, they do not reflect the beauty of the product. 

I also do manicure, but so far I train only on myself, because I do not have special equipment. I would love to learn how to do it professionally, I am diligent and I like to create beauty.

- Yes, I have noticed your gorgeous manicure. You're doing great, even in this I feel your love for life! Lana, tell me more about your dreams.

- As I already said, I have been dreaming of working to help my mother support my grandmother and me. Mom cleans the streets, which is a hard work. When she comes back home, she has to mess around with me a lot, because now I can't even get to the bathroom by myself. Granny is trying to help me, but she is already 89 years old, if she starts lifting me, we will fall together.

Grandma, whose name is Lamara too, laughed when she heard us talking about her and said: “Okay, I'm still pretty good! If we fall, we will crawl together. " 

- I see you are good friends. Is it difficult for you to maintain a warm relationship having permanent distress and difficulties?

-Yes, thank you for noticing our warm attitude towards each other. We are really very friendly and it has always been that way. My mother and grandmother always supported me and tried to make my childhood happy and fulfilling. My father left us when I was 3 months old. Mom raised her disabled daughter without any support, but she never said a bad word about my father. I have never seen my father in my life. I don't blame him, God is his judge. I only know that it was very hard for my mother, but she never showed it, did not complain about fate. My mother and grandmother are very kind people, I am proud of their spiritual beauty, and appreciate that I have them in my life.

- Lana, tell me, does someone of your relatives help your family?

- Yes, relatives, who live in the village, send us cheese, eggs, milk. Generally, people in Georgia are very kind, and they always help as much as they can. Georgians are good people. Georgia is an incredibly beautiful country, but I know it only from photographs, I have never been anywhere. I really want to travel around my country, get to know it better.

My other big dream is to go to the seaside and meet the sunrise there, and then see the sunset with my own eyes. Watching as the sun is going down into the sea is a real miracle. I am dreaming of it. I love life so much!

- I admire you! You remain so life-loving despite all the hardships of your life. Tell me, what else, besides a wheelchair, could make your life easier?

- I think my life would be easier if we had hot water in the house. Now we have only cold water, we have to heat it on the gas or in the sun to wash ourselves. A water heater together with installation costs about 300 GEL and this is also too expensive for us. I've already said about the elevator and the ramp.

I wish to go for a walk and get some air. But so far each such attempt becomes a challenge not only for me but also for those who are trying to help me. 

- Lana, tell me, why did you decide to address our Fund?

- The friend of mine saw my frequent and unsuccessful attempts to get support from the state, and told me about you. When I received the email address of your Fund from her, I hezitated for a long time whether to write to you or not. I know that many people need help even more than I do. After many thoughts, I decided to write, reasoning this way: if it is God's will, the help will come. I believe in God. II know, that my life is a challenge from the Lord: if I l stop fighting it will mean that I’ve failed my exam. I still believe that one day God will say: “Lana, you did it!”

I am so glad now, that I addressed Chernovetskyi Fund. You responded so promptly and treated me so sincerely that I once again felt what good people live in Georgia. That’s why I am happy to live in Georgia. I think that every day in this country is interesting by itself. This is a long-suffering, but God-blessed land, and we are God-loving and God-beloved people.

- And you, Lana, are undoubtedly a person that Georgia can be proud of! Tell me, do you want to meet friends of the Fund?

- Yes, of course. A person is as rich, as many friends he has.


Friends, you and I can give this girl the most valuable thing for her — the ability to move. A modern wheelchair will really help Lana to become an independent person and a full-fledged member of society. This is an incredible case! A case when a person knows how to love life and love people around her, despite the misfortunes that have chased her from her very childhood. Your support will give Lana a motivation to move forward, literally and figuratively.

Let's help this single-minded girl with a pure soul and an open heart to get moving! 

Visit Lana, meet her, or just call her and cheer her up with kind words! Believe me, she will be happy to find true new friends!

Address: Tbilisi, Didi Dighomi, 4A Ioann Petritsi Str, apartement 40. (2nd floor), Phone: 591 154 828.

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the plight, the unwavering will of Lana Maziashvili! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove that we trust in God not by words, but in deeds!

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Lana Maziashvili, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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