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He needs love so much! He will not survive without your love and care!

Giorgi is 8 years old and he has already experienced clinical death for four times. It’s God’s miracle that he is with us! But the poor child is suffering day after day. They proposed to his mother to abandon the son, but she is adamant: “It’s like crucifying your soul. He will not survive.
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Giorgi is 8 years old and he has already experienced clinical death for four times. It’s God’s miracle that he is with us! But the poor child is suffering day after day. They proposed to his mother to abandon the son, but she is adamant:“Its like crucifying your soul. He will not survive. 

 My father has a brain cancer, my mother has diabetes. And my son, the hope of the family, has been seriously ill since the age of 2 due to complications of the disease he had. I only pray for one thing, Lord, give health to every child! Protect Georgia from diseases and hardships!

I trust you with the most precious thing - my son Giorgi. I have seen so many happy faces, thanks to the kindness of the friends of the Fund, and I know that it is God who makes miracles with your hands! " - Megi Mtivlishvili (42-year-old), a single mother, needs help with her son Giorgi who is seriously ill and needs medical examination to relieve his attacks, and besides that he needs diapers, a comfortable bed and food. 

Its better to die together with him than to live without him!

- With these words Megi Mtivlishvili showed the social workers out. She is ready to do anything for the sake of her son Giorgi. Though she has suffered epilepsy all her life, she keeps fighting for the health of her son with all her might! 

A true martyr! Many trials befell her, but she bears her cross with fortitude! Her beloved boy has a full set of serious diseases: cerebral palsy, epilepsy and severe autism. But 42-year-old Megi is not going to give up. She believes that the Lord is almighty and there is hope in her heart that someday, she will be able to put her son on his feet!

- Can you imagine? Seeing in what plight we are, social workers, did not find anything better than to offer me to leave him in an orphanage! - the poor mother sobs and raises her hands to the heaven. She trembles all over just of thinking about that! - How can I hand my flesh and blood in charge of strangers? He is a part of me and without my love he will not survive!

A true Georgian woman, a selfless mother, struggles all alone for the well-being of her children, 16-year-old Nino and 8-year-old Giorgi. Only trust in God and in the kindness of her compatriots gives her strength. Because our noblest, faithful Georgian people will never stand aside, they always take the pain of their neighbor as their own!

- Megi, whats wrong with your son? 

 Megi: Giorgi was absolutely healthy. When he was 8 months old, he could stand up on his feet and say many words: “mama”, “dadda” and so on. But when he was a year and 8 months, he found himself in an intensive care unit with a false croup. Since then he has experienced clinical death for four times. It’s the Lord’s miracle that doctors managed to save him! But the consequences turned out to be terrible ... They found out that the child's left hemisphere of the brain was damaged, and this caused death of brain cells and prevented his mental development ... Lord, we have tried everything, visited so many doctors and professors. I have been living in this nightmare for 6 years. As it turned out, the treatment was not prescribed correctly, and the situation got worse. At the moment my son has a whole set of diseases: Cerebral palsy, epilepsy, severe autism ... He is completely uncontrollable, it is impossible to leave him alone even for a second. He can do something terrible - get hurt, or just burn down the house. Once, I left him unattended for 2 seconds to stir the soup, and he managed to set fire to the blankets, and when I entered the room, everything was on fire ... He is not able to do anything on his own, besides he is aggressive! Look what a black eye I have! It is the result of his last outburst of aggression resulted.... (crying) He does things like this all the time -he hits me, bites, scratches! I even have to put tights upon the diapers and wrap the adhesive tape upon the tights. Otherwise he takes them off and starts to gut it.

- And what treatment was prescribed to him?

Megi: They cannot help him here in Georgia. Doctors’ forecasts are unpromising. But I was encouraged that in Germany and Israel, such patients are successfully treated, so that they become almost full-fledged members of society! My God, I am dreaming about that! We have no money to conduct a full examination of my boy and get a new medical report. Not long ago we were going to take an electroencephalogram for a new prescription. But it turned out quite impossible! He is absolutely uncontrollable and does not let doctors do anything.

- What is the most difficult thing to raise such a child?

Megi: I have no words to describe my situation... (sobs) Sometimes, it seems to me that I I'm going insane. The most difficult thing is that it is never possible to imagine what he will do the next second ... Constant fear that he may harm himself ... This is terrible.

- Megi, what would you advise mothers who are in a similar situation?

Megi: I would like to appeal to all mothers whose children find themselves in such a situation. Bear your cross with dignity! All is God’s will, and only He knows why we face such ordeals, and we only have to withstand for the sake of our children!

 You know, I am also ill, I was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 6. But this did not prevent me from being active and living a full life. I’ve got education and successfully worked with the help of medications, though. But I always used to be a strong-willed person.

 My son's illness just crushed me ... I find no relief from my grief! So when social workers saw my deplorable situation, they offered me to leave Giorgi in an orphanage! To “have a rest” for a couple of years, to get over it. Do you know what I answered them? I’d better die with him rather than live without him! He is flesh of my flesh, a piece of my soul! This terrible disease is not his fault!

- What is the main problem of your family? How exactly can we help you at the moment? 

Megi: Actually, it’s a very difficult question. We need all kind of help. Giorgi takes four different medications, I also need medication, and none of those is financed by the State. Besides that, it’s vital for him to get good nutrition, but where can I get money for the food? My daughter studies at school, she also needs lots of things. We do not even have good beds at our home.

- I would not like to touch that unpleasant topic, but still, how did you meet your ex-spouse?

Megi: Meet? (she smiled sadly) I did not meet him. He just kidnapped me and hid in a remote village. My parents, according to the country traditions, did not let me come back. That’s the whole story.

I was not planning to get married. When I was a student, I fell in love with a guy, but he died. I promised that I would never marry anybody else. You see, man proposes, but God disposes. Still I am grateful to the Almighty that he gave me children. They give meaning to my life! 

Unfortunately, my husband turned out to be a despot and an alcoholic ... He used to beat me severely... I tolerated it for a long time, because I saw he had mental problems, begged him to see a doctor. But with no results. After all I had to call the police did come, and we finally divorced through the involvement of law enforcement authorities. He was not even interested in our life - disappeared as if he had never existed. 

 - Does anybody help you? Parents or relatives?

Megi: The situation in my family is very difficult: my father has brain cancer, my mother has diabetes. Actually, I have a sister and a brother as well, but my sister is divorced and she raises her son alone, and my brother is busy only with his life, we do not communicate, unfortunately. My parents despite their diseases, try to help us. You cannot even imagine how many things a sick child needs! I cannot leave him and start working. This would mean to kill him.

 - Have you ever thought that such a misfortune could happen to them? How did you imagine your future?

Megi: When I was young, I could not even imagine that somebody could force me to get married. I was an absolutely independent person. I started working at the age of 18, I wanted to become a successful person, to achieve everything by my own efforts and was ready to work hard ... You can see now how it all turned out ...

 After Giorgi’s birth, or rather, since he fell ill, I have had no opportunity to work...

 - We are so sorry! And did you address anybody for help? The local government, for instance?

Megi: If you want to appeal for medical aid, you at least have to collect all the necessary papers, to be tested, and we have no opportunity to do this. I still can't go to the doctor to get a new Form 100 and get my disability allowance back.

Can you imagine that? We are not even entitled for social allowance! They think we are quite wealthy. 

- What do you believe in? What could be the salvation? 

Megi: Only faith! A have always been very religious. Fortunately, church is very close, and we often go there. Once I was told: If the Lord existed, you would not be in this situation. And I answered: If it were not the Lord, there would be neither you, nor me, nor our entire planet! I believe that the Lord would never leave his child and I see the salvation in faith.

- Do you believe in the kindness of strangers?

Megi: Yes, of course! If were not for the help of the congregation of our church, the help of the Patriarchate, we probably would not have survived to this day! I am so grateful to everyone who shares a single piece of bread with us, who helps me with money for Giorgi’s medications... I would not have survived without that...

- Tell me about your elder daughter Nino. 

Megi: I have a wonderful daughter, she is so kind and compassionate. She always tries to help me, and she studies well too. She dreams to get on her feet, make a career. But...her health failed. Until she was 4 years old, she could not stand on her legs, we went to the doctors. She underwent massage sessions, took lots of injections. But she still cannot walk normally. She can be operated only when she gets 21 years old. And you need money for that too. 

- What do your children eat? What is their everyday diet?

Megi: I always try to make soups, it’s better than dry food. Potatoes, pasta. I buy cheap bones and make a broth ... What else can I do? They should get some nutritious food. But even a broth is a luxury for us.

- Can I talk to your daughter, please? Nino, tell me about you, please.

Nino (16-year-old): (she got confused) What can I tell you ... I study well, my mother is worried all the time, how can I upset her? Most of all, I like art history ... I am addicted to everything beautiful.

- What profession are you planning to choose in the future, have you already decided?

Nino (16-year-old): I want to be a manicurist. It seems to be a promising craft. First, I like to create beauty, and second, you will never be left without work. I want to keep my feet on the ground and earn well! Mom says it’s the most important thing in one’s life.

- Do you have best friend?

Nino (16-year-old): I have many friends, I have an even relationship with everyone. My best friend is my mother! She always gives good advice, always supports me and never betrays! We have very close relationship. 

- Do you like to read? What is your favorite book?

Nino (16-year-old): Not really ... Mom says it's bad, but now, all the necessary information can be found and read on the Internet! It’s a pity that reading from the phone is not convenient enough... If only there was a computer! But this is only dream.

- Dreams often come true! What else are you dreaming about? 

Nino (16-year-old): About illnesses leaving our house. It hurts to look at my brother. And my mother? She constantly takes medications ... And I have a problem with my legs, I have been limping all my life. I dream and pray to God that this all would stop!

- Are you a romantic type? Do boys like you? 

Nino (16-year-old): Mom says that you can create a family only when you stand firmly on your feet. That’s why I am not thinking about that.

- What should your future husband be like?

Nino (16-year-old): Loving and caring, of course. And he should never lay hands upon me. It's terrible when a man offends a helpless woman.

- What would you wish to your peers?

Nino (16-year-old): In the first place - health! In the second place, actually, the same. I think it’s the most important thing in life and the rest will come with your will and efforts.

- Wish you success, Nino! You are a wonderful girl and you will succeed! 

- Megi, I have some more questions to you. Does this apartment belong to you?

Megi: Are you joking? I am not even registered here! My parents gave this apartment to me. Despite that our relations are not very warm. Cramped, but it’s ok. At least we have a roof over the head! But when disagreements arise, they always threaten to kick me out of here with the children ... And it hurts.

- What is your family income? Whatis it enough for?

Megi: Income? 200 GEL, Giorgi’s disability pension. That’s all! How do we survive? Better not to ask. Our neighbors feel sorry for us, sometimes they help us. I get a little money from here and a little from there to buy medications. The Patriarchate also helps. Otherwise, I don't know how we would exist at all.

- What is your biggest dream?

Megi: I wish my children were healthy. There are no other thoughts or dreams in my life!

-What do you think, you need most in your home?

Megi: We are in a very hard situation. I do not know how long we should go on begging our neighbors, who themselves can barely make ends meet after this pandemic. We need absolutely everything. We need approximately 400-500 GEL monthly for Giorgi’s medications. He also needs diapers all the time. We urgently have to make a full medical examination, as well, in order to get new prescriptions for treatment and to determine whether it’s possible to help him. 

We critically need food. We sleep on a…- well you see what we sleep on. I brought this couch back from the dump and made a bed of it. 

The washing machine does not work properly, so I have to wash by hands. With Giorgi it’s impossible.

It is so difficult for me to talk about this, God knows, but we really need any help ...

- Why did you decide to address us? 

Megi: You know, many years ago, when I was still working, me and my friends launched a kind of charity foundation, we created a group on FB and helped poor people. I have always tracked the activities of your Fund with interest, even when I did not need help myself. Now it’s my turn.

- Do you want to meet friends of our Fund? Megi: Nothing can be better! My door is always open for all friends of the Fund and for all good people. 


 Friends, as you see, Megi and her two children find themselves in a very difficult situation. Due to the son’s illness the poor woman is tied hand and foot! She cannot cope alone and appeals for help! Now her only hope is Lord and you!

 We have no moral right to leave this family one-to-one with their trouble! Megi Mtivliashvili is ill herself and she alone rises two children, one of them is also seriously ill!

 Poor mother has faced lots of hardships and problems. But she keeps on struggling, and her trust in God helps her in this struggle! God sends those poor people to us so that we could prove our Christian faith not by words, but in deeds! 

 They need medical aid, medications, diapers, food, beds, appliances! They will be grateful for any help!

 You can visit the family of Megi Mtivlishvili in person and provide them help. Their address: Tbilisi, Vazisuabani IV microdistrict, quarter 2, block 10, Apartment 109.

 Or you can call poor mother and cheer her up! Phone: 595676661

 Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! Its extremely important!

 God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by people in trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove that we trust in God not by words, but in deeds!

 Friends, there is one more request - if you know about a misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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 We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Megi Mtivlishvili and her children, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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