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I dream of eating ice-cream!

“Those, other children said, that their father bought them new shoes and clothes, that they have dolls. Never mind, I will have it too! Yesterday I dreamed of my father buying me ice-cream! A lot of ice-cream! 100 kilos! I did not want to wake up!” - brags us about 3-year-old Marianna. - “It was white and pink, I think, it was strawberry ice-cream...”
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“Those, other children said, that their father bought them new shoes and clothes, that they have dolls. Never mind, I will have it too! Yesterday I dreamed of my father buying me ice-cream! A lot of ice-cream! 100 kilos! I did not want to wake up!” - brags us about 3-year-old Marianna. - “It was white and pink, I think, it was strawberry ice-cream...”

 It is so sad, when a child dreams of things that are available to other children. Because THEY CAN SEE! 

- And I DREAM OF, - the child keeps chattering, - dolls, beautiful “princess” dresses, roast meat, and soup with meatballs. 

Correspondent: - When did you eat meatballs and meat, my little beauty?


- You don’t believe me? “Always”, - is her answer and she pouts her lips flirty as if she got angry with me calling her a little lier. But she does not answer me, when she ate those things. SHE DOES NOT REMEMBER. 

There are 6 children in the family. 3-Year-old Marianna is the chattiest, and she talks about poverty and terrible living conditions, naturally, in a childish way.

 Mother Maya tells us that the children’s bones ache because of the old and sagged metal beds, which are about to collapse, but Marianna says she loves to jump on them with her Teddy bear. 

 Mother Maya worries that it’s the fifth day she has been giving her children just boiled potatoes, and Marianna is happily running around and shouting “Hurray, potatoes! I’ve dreamed of it!”

 Children, we, adults, beg your pardon, that you only dream of a better life... It’s our fault! The fault of the “clever” people, who decided that for one-and-a-half-year-old Andria, 3-year-old Marianna, 7-year-old Lika, 10-year-old Shotiko, 12-year-old Mariam and 15-year-old Nana and their parents 780 GEL per month would be enough! Not only for food, but also for utility payments, and diapers. God forbid if somebody gets ill and will need medications. Well, it’s enough only for good dreams. 

 -Maya, let’s start from the very beginning, how did you find yourself in such situation? 

 Maya: My husband and me are very much alike. “How did you find each other being so similar”, - their neighbors joke sometimes. We don’t have our own home. My mother died when I was 15, and my father married for the second time. When I grew up, I felt I was the odd one out of my own home and left. My husband is “homeless” as well. His parents died when he was a little boy. His elder sister raised him. She disappeared 13 years ago, she just left going to work in the morning and was never back again, we haven’t seen her either alive or dead since then. 

 As we do not have our own home, we have to move from one rented apartment to another. But we live in peace and harmony ... Thanks to the local authorities, they pay our rent, this is a real salvation for our family! Although the house is in a state of disrepair, it is still safer to live here than in the street.

 - What do you have for dinner today? 

 Maya: The same as yesterday, and a day before yesterday, it’s the fifth day we have had potatoes for dinner. Boiled potatoes. I have no oil to fry them. We had them with parsley yesterday, today we will probably have them with onions, I don’t know. 

 Marianna (3-year-old): Hurray, potatoes! I want potatoes! And bread! 

 Maya: She is so positive! Never lets you get bothered! She always says “Hurray!” And “It’s so good!” It was not for such life I gave birth to her. Hopefully we will manage to get on our feet. It can’t always be bad! 

 - What are you dreaming about?

 Maya: Sometimes I sit down and dream what delicious patties I will bake for my kids, what soup I’ll make, or bake a delicious cake. Probably I still remember how to... but it is written: “Man shall not live by bread alone”, and we feel God’s help all the time. Sometimes it happens that I have neither flour, nor cereals nor potatoes for tomorrow, and I keep thinking what to do. And suddenly somebody calls my husband for a side work - to tide up their yard or to mow the grass and give him 10 or 20 laris per day. It’s a fest for us! Children wait for him, guessing what he will bring them. 

 Marianna (3-year-old): 100 kilos of ice-cream! And cookies! But you have been talking to Mom for quite a long time - look how many of us are on the queue!

 - Who should I start with? 

 Marianna (3-year-old): With me, of course! I am the youngest one! Andria does not count, he’s a cry-baby! He has recently got burned and is crying ...

 - Wouldn’t you cry?

 Marianna (3-year-old): I would! But I can, because I am little! A little girl! Dad says I can do anything! I am a princess!

 - Nana and Mariam are princesses too?

 Marianna (3-year-old): No! They are adults already! I am the only princess in this house! Nana can dance nicely, but she is not a princess.

 - If Marianna kindly allows me to talk to “non-princesses”, I will ask them some questions, may I? 

Marianna (3-year-old): If it’s necessary, you can! Do!

 - Nanochka, tell me about yourself? I already know, you are not a princess.

 Nana(15-year-old): As Marianna has already said, I can dance. I do ballroom dancing ... This is the work of my life! I want to become a professional dancer and to take part in a competition and win at least once! I am sure if I go to an international competition, I will show everyone that Georgia is the best at dancing! 

 - I think many boys are in love with such a beauty, have you ever thought about your future family? 

Nana(15-year-old): Oh, no! It’s too early for me to think about that! I want to become famous, and then we will see.

 - And who helps your mom while you are at practice

 Nana(15-year-old): Mariam, our second mom! She does all the housework! Tides up, washes the dishes. She is with Andria and Marianna all the time, she plays with them and teaches them. She is very smart!

 Mariam (12-year-old): Yes, my mother calls me “my helper”! I like to babysit Marianna, to teach her talking. She is so funny! She will be smart like me when she grows up! (laughs)

 - Do you study well at school? 

 Mariam (11-year-old): Well, I’d like to do better, and hopefully I will. 

 - What do you want to be when you grow up?

 Mariam (12-year-old): I haven’t decided yet. I want to earn a lot of money to buy a big house for us! To live all together in it! And to have my own room there. But not like the one I have now, I want a beautiful one! With a bed and a wardrobe. With many-many dresses in it. Beautiful dresses, like those that my friends have.

 Shotiko (10-year-old): I will become a policeman to protect good people from bad ones. I am ready to work for the police right now, but somebody invented a rule, that you have to graduate from school first and then from university. And what if I change my mind after graduating from school? I will buy delicious food when I become a policeman.

 - Shotiko, do you have a dream? 

 Shotiko (10-year-old): I have many dreams! For instance, to have a fridge, where there are always salamis and sausages. But my biggest dream is to have a computer. To attend on-line lesson and to play a little bit afterwards. 

 Lika (7-year-old): I want toys, will you bring me some? At least one! Because we only have an old Teddy bear! And an ice-cream for Marianna. Because she has talked our ears off! Saying you will bring everything, because she has dreamed of that.

 Maya: I saw your Facebook page just by chance. I have read all your publications and saw our family in each of them. The Chernovetskyi Fund and our good compatriots are our last hope. They rely on you; you make them so happy! There are so many good people here, in Georgia! 

 - What does your family need most, how can the Fund and the friends of the Fund help you? 

 Maya: We need food. Our meager income is not enough even for the cheapest food. I would be very grateful if you bring us flour, I would bake bread for my children. 

 The children need beds and a computer, we have no appliances here. It would be great if you help with diapers for Andria. The poor boy uses one diaper for a much longer time than he should. I beg my pardon asking you for help, but I have no other way.

 I know the God sees the goodness of everyone and will bless you! I will pray for all friends of the Fund, I promise you! We all will pray for you, and our guardian angel Nikoloz will protect your children!


 Friends, if you have read this story till the end, it means you do care about the fate of those children, you will recall their story and tell it to your friends, the story that there are children next to us who see good life only in their dreams! That’s what God expects from you! We have introduced this family to you, and the rest is up to you. 

The family urgently needs food, hygienic items, diapers for Andria, beds, home appliances, children also need a computer. Let’s show our mercy and make the children believe that miracles happen! They sincerely believe in our kindness. Do not let our little compatriots down. Show them what generous people live in Georgia

You can visit the Natsvlishvili family at the address: Village Kvareli, 3 Tseretli street.

Or call Maya, support her with kind words, tell her that she is not alone. Maya’s phone: 574 77 33 65

Please repost our publication. Let you friends know about the Natsvlishvili family! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Maya and her wonderful children! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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