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A world without sweets and dolls!

“I have neither dolls nor sweets”, - with these words 4-year-old serious young lady Salome greets us. She sits down on her bed and looks at us with her sad eyes, where you can see the whole pain of the world, sadness and desperation of an adult person.
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“I have neither dolls nor sweets”, - with these words 4-year-old serious young lady Salome greets us. She sits down on her bed and looks at us with her sad eyes, where you can see the whole pain of the world, sadness and desperation of an adult person. 

“Do you believe that someone will bring one to you today? - I asked her smiling. - Maybe they will bring you a doll?”

“Who?” - she did not get my joke and just spread her hands and looked around. Then she widely opened her eyes full of surprise so that she looked like a big sad doll in a toy store. In addition, she started batting her lashes...

Zhuzhuna, the girl’s mother, also turned to be very serious. Our conversation made me understand why.

“A doll? We’d better buy two day’s bread instead. Don’t listen to her. Not Snickers, but bread!”

There are five of them in the family, five kids including mother! Although she is a mother, a carrying mother, she is mentally retarded and is reasoning like a big child. 

Sofia, the youngest, is one year and a half. Salome, who dreams about a doll, is 4. Ani, her elder 7-year-old sister, cannot talk. “Sometimes she can, sometimes she cannot,” - Salome corrects her mom. Datuna, the eldest, can hardly talk either.

It is extremely hard to live in this cruel world, when nobody can understand you, when you don’t know how to express your pain. 

- Zhuzhuna, you have wonderful children. Do they have any health issues other than development retardation?

Zhuzhuna: What can I say? They are physically healthy, but all of them except Salome have development issues. Ani does not talk, Datuna can hardly talk. Salome is the most chattering here. I have problems too. When I was a child I was diagnosed as mentally retarded and I guess nothing has changed since then. Maybe that was the reason why my husband left me. I don’t know.

- Zhuzhzuna, how do you manage to cope, what do you live on, what do you eat? 

Zhuzhuna: I get an allowance of 380 GEL per month and 200 GEL for the children, I think it’s a large family allowance. And my disability pension is 120 GEL. How much is it total? 

- It’s 700 GEL. 

Zhuzhuna: Oh, so much! But it is not enough for us! Oh, it’s minus 250, we have to pay for the rent. It is not our apartment. Now, how much is left? 

- Not too much - only 450 GEL. And there are five of you. It means that each of you has only 3 GEL per day! It’s very little! 

Zhuzhuna: That’s why it’s never enough. Bread, buckwheat, onions, potatoes. I also have to buy diapers every day. You know how expensive they are? When the allowance pay day is far and we have nothing to eat the neighbors give us some food. I don’t communicate with them, I feel awkward. The kids know them better, they play with the children, while I stay at home. I don’t like being outside my home. I take Sofa in my arms, we stand by the window looking how the children play. 

- Do you parents help you? Or your relatives? 

Zhuzhuna: My mother is old now, she lives with my sister. They themselves need help, so I cannot ask them. The father of the children, sometimes, once a week, gives them 5 or 10 laris. It’s okay. I can buy 12 breads enough for 2-3 days.

- What do you have for dinner today?

Zhuzhuna: An oat soup with onions. 

 - As far as Datuna and Ani cannot talk to us, tell me about them, please. 

Zhuzhuna: They go to school, but they cannot read. And they can hardly talk. But they are very good. The God doesn’t make everybody talented. I know, my kids are not clever, but their hearts are kind! I know they will never pass by anyone in need. The God gives some people a sharp mind, others a good voice or beauty, and He gave kind hearts to my children. That’s it!

Salome (4-year- old): I can talk! And I am beautiful! I go to the kindergarten. 

Do you like going to the kindergarten? 

Salome (4-year old): Yes! There are so many toys there and the food there is delicious! And there are many children there, I love them! They are like princesses! Their hair always smells good and they have beautiful dresses! I have not got any princess dress, but I am pretty, aren’t I? 

- You are the most princesslike princess! I am sure, when our friends know about you, they will come to you to tell you how beautiful you are! They are very kind and they will bring you beautiful dresses and shoes. Do you believe in miracles?

Salome: I don’t. Santa never comes to us, and when I want a bun, he never comes.

- Zhuzhuna, what do you need most of all? 

Zhuzhuna: Beds, a wardrobe and bedding. It’s a shame to sleep where we do. I think that in some families dogs have better beddings. We need food as well. The children are dreaming of a TV. I want my children to see a beautiful life at least on TV. And I dream about a gas stove.


Friends, if your heart aches because children have no toys, because there is someone who dreams about a simple bun, there is one true way to make their life easier. Help them! Not for their sake, not for God’s sake, but for your sake! For your conscience.

The Shakarashvili family urgently needs food, hygienic items, a gas stove, a TV, beds and a wardrobe.

God directed them to us.The kids have simple desires and innocent dreams. They don’t wish many things, just to have toys and good food! 

Call Zhuzhuna and support her with kind words. He phone is: 558 54 32 27.

You can learn more about the terrible conditions in which the Shakarashvili family lives, if you visit them at:  Tbilisi, Ponichala station, pass #6

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about those wonderful children! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Zhuzhuna and her family. And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

One call saves life - 0901 200 270.

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