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When my son falls like dead, I want to die together with him!

“When my son falls like dead, I want to die together with him!” says Nunu (28-year-old), poor mother of 4-year-old Luka. "Each of his attacks is a test for me, and every time my heart stops ... When he falls to the ground, and his skin turns blue and cold, I just lose the ground under my feet."
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Little Luka's diagnosis is chronic epilepsy. For three years, the severe attacks happened to him three times a day! The child used to pass out, getting blue and cold, and the poor mother had no other thing to do but to clasp his lifeless little body to her heart and desperately call for help ...

  Yep! This baby went through hell. Meningitis, two hernia surgeries, severe epilepsy attacks...resulted in developmental delay and a mental disorder. Since his birth Luka (4-year-old) has known only hospitals, people in white coats, pain, fear...

  Luka's family - his mother Nunu (28-year-old), father Gia (45-year-old), grandmother Maya (49-year-old) and even little Nika (6-year-old) and Isolda (18-month-old) - have long been accustomed to living by Luca's rules. All funds are spent on his treatment, and even little Nikusha knows: Luka is sick, so he must give in.

  This kind Georgian family has been left without a livelihood.In the depth of despair, Nunu, the boy’s mother, addressed our Fund for help hoping that her kind compatriots - all of us, friends, - would not remain indifferent to her misfortune.

- Nunu, what is your son sick with?

Nunu: My poor boy has been suffering almost from the moment he was born ... His was diagnosed epilepsy. No, this is not a congenital pathology. I had some problems during my pregnancy, there was delayed fetal development, but this did not cause the disease. He was just two weeks old, when he found himself in an intensive care unit with meningitis ...

  We didn't immediately understand what had happened. When we came home from maternity hospital, I noticed that my baby was trembling, it was difficult for him to eat, swallow ... The doctors' explanation was simple: "He is still very little and weak." But I remembered what my eldest son was like when he was born. Two weeks later we ended up in Telavi hospital with a terrible attack. He was under IV for three days, and then he was taken to Tbilisi by ambulance. He spent 40 days there in an intensive care unit! His diagnosis was meningitis. It’s scary to remember that I had no place to stay in the city and had to make round trips from the village. The road alone takes more than two hours!

Soon after discharging from the hospital we found out that Luka had two hernias of the anterior abdominal wall. They bothered him greatly. Soon one of his hernia protruded, and we again found ourselves in Telavi hospital. He was urgently operated on, but they operated him only on one hernia. The second one was operated on when he was one year old ... Lord, my boy knows only hospitals and doctors! - sobs Nunu.

- You said that Luka was diagnosed with chronic epilepsy. When and how did this happen?

Nunu: When we were discharged from hospital after the second hernia surgery, we thought that everything was over. But it was then that the first attack occurred. I cannot describe in words how scary it was. I thought I was losing my son forever. He lost consciousness and turned blue and cold. The doctors said it was just weakness, the consequences of the surgery. But the attacks repeated. Every time my son fell like dead, I wanted to die with him. We were sent to Tbilisi again, to the epilepsy center, and there we learned his terrible diagnosis ... He was treated unsuccessfully for three years, they prescribed him various medications, but with no results. A month and a half ago, we started giving him "Depakin", and after that there were no more attacks yet. Thank God! I have had no rest since the moment he was born! He is a very difficult child ...

- What exactly do you mean?

Nunu: Due to his illness, he is very nervous, emotional, and often aggressive. He cannot be left unattended even for a second. My mother and I are constantly on duty - he loves to climb to heights, jump from there, so that he can harm himself. Or he can suddenly rush out of the gate directly onto the roadway. God forbid! He still needs diapers. It’s impossible to potty train him, he is afraid! Food is also a problem. He chooses one thing and keeps eating it for a long time. He does not want to eat anything else. Now, for example, he has been eating only oat porridge for about a year! Before that he ate yogurt, and it was impossible to make him even try something else! He gets especially angry when something bothers him, and he cannot explain it.He knows only few words: "Mom", "dad", "babo" ... And he also sleeps very restlessly, constantly jerking his legs. Everything would be fine, but the thought that he will have to take medications for the rest of his life is killing me!

- What would you advise mothers in the same dire situation as yours?

Nunu: To love their kids selflessly! To love them every second - healthy, sick, affectionate and in anger. Even when Luca hits me in a fit of aggression, I give him a big hug and kiss him...

– How exactly can we help you at the moment?

Nunu: Since my husband was hit by a car, our life has been very difficult. My children are deprived of absolutely everything. All funds are spent on Luka's treatment. We take him to the doctor in Tbilisi, and the road alone costs about GEL 400. I also buy medications at my own expense. Children need clothes, food ... We have nothing at all. You see for yourself: the house is crumbling, the beds are falling apart, I'm not talking about some elementary amenities ...

- Is it your house?

Nunu: This is my parents' house. I grew up here. But since there is no money for repairs, it has been falling to pieces. The roof is leaking, the floor is rotten and has collapsed in places, there is cement in the kitchen ... If only the walls would not collapse, at least there is a roof over our heads...

- What happened to your husband?

Nunu: He was hit by a car. Right on the road. An expensive foreign car, as eyewitnesses say. The driver didn't even stop, he left my husband to die on the side of the road. Gia himself stopped a passing car when he recovered consciousness and asked to call the ambulance. They told me at the hospital that it was just a miracle that he had survived! Any physical work is contraindicated for him now. It happened two years ago, but his right arm and right leg still hurt...

– Nunu, where did you meet your husband?

Nunu: We knew each other for many years - he lived in the next street. We used to just say “hello” to each other. Once it happened so that we were invited to a party, and we found ourselves at the same table. Since then we started having a relationship. It turned out that he had liked me for a long time, but he did not dare to confess because of the age difference - 17 years. What a mistake! We are happy together! Gia is a very sensitive and attentive person. He is a Jack of all trades! Before that unfortunate incident, he used to work hard, and we had never been in need. We were not rich, but at least we could always please the children with yummies. They used to have normal clothes, food, and toys. And now there is no money even for Luka's treatment ... (Sobbing.) Because of this virus, there is no work, and actually Gia cannot take on every job.

- What means do you live on?

Nunu: At the moment, our only income is a social allowance of 600 GEL. This money is absolutely not enough for anything. Well, at least the grocery store lends us food, knowing about my situation.

– Does anybody help you? Parents or relatives?

Nunu: There is absolutely no one to help us. My mother and I can barely cope with Luca. I don't even know what would have happened to me without her support ... My father left us 15 years ago, and my brother has been trying for three years to find a job and settle in the capital. He lives in a rented apartment. My mother-in-law died last spring, she had a sick heart ... And my father-in-law has been operated on two times, with two anesthesias, and that affected his mental health... We can only rely on ourselves and on Lord.

–  Nunu did you address anybody for help? The local government, for instance?

Nunu: I keep haunting the doors of the various authorities. But with no result. They don’t even give the disability pension to Luka. They say that they need to wait for the conclusion of a psychologist. But you still need to visit a psychologist and pay for the classes ... The financing of the rehabilitation program will take a long time to come.

– What do you believe in? In what do you see the salvation?

Nunu: I used to go to church quite often, but now I can’t because of Luka, and the baby-girl in my arms.  But every time we go to Tbilisi, we stop at the Alaverdi Cathedral on our way.And in Tbilisi we have been to the Holy Trinity Cathedral (Tsminda Sameba). I try, whenever I can, to introduce children to church traditions.

– Do you believe in the kindness of strangers?

Nunu: Yes, I do! People in our village do not live well. But, knowing about my plight, they always try to help me somehow. Some of them bring us food, others bring clothes for children.

– What do your children eat? What is their everyday diet?

Nunu: Water-based soups, pasta and potatoes. Meat and dairy products are out of the question. Nika, for instance, needs a special diet. But how can we afford such a luxury?

- Why?

Nunu: He, the poor one, has been through enough problems too: he knows what a hospital is, so he really feels sorry for his little brother. When he was 3 years old, he developed a stomach ulcer. Lord, what did we have to go through! At midnight he jumped up with a sharp pain and began to scream ... And then blood began to flow from his mouth ... It was unbearable! (Cries) Thank God, we managed to get to the hospital on time, where he had an urgent surgery. A little delay - and I would have lost my son...

- We are so sorry, Nunu... Tell me, please, about your children.

Nunu: Nika is a very smart and understanding boy. He is only six, but he fully understands his brother's situation. He accepts the fact that Luka can unexpectedly hit him, scratch him, that they should only play according to his rules, that he should yield to him in everything ... But most of all he is afraid of his attacks... They terrify him. Sometimes, for no reason at all, he rushes into the house and calls us for help, when it suddenly seems to him that Luka might have an attack. Nika just started school this year. And he really likes it! Grabs everything on the fly. He learns to read and write. He really wanted to go to a rugby school, but he cannot because of his health condition - he is too weak, unfortunately ...

Well, Isolda is still little ... It's too early for her even to go to the kindergarten. She doesn't understand at all what happens when Luka is having an attack and we all start to thrash about...

Can I talk to your elder son, please? Hi, Nika!Would you tell me something? Do you like school? What is your favorite subject?

Nika (6-year-old): I love it very much! Most of all I love math, I like to count and want to learn to solve problems!

– What will you become when you grow up?

Nika: A famous football player! Mom will feel proud of me watching me on TV

- Do you play football with Luka?

Nika:No, he is still little. And besides, he is sick, I need to be careful with him, otherwise he falls to the ground like dead and turns blue! It’s so scary!

- What else do you like besides football?  

Nika: I really want to go to a rugby school. But they won't take me. I was sick too... They cut my stomach, look!

- Nika, what do you love the most?

Nika: Cakes! I haven't eaten them for so long, and my mother can't buy any. She says that she will buy one when there is money... But there is no money yet. And I also dream of a bicycle. All the neighbor guys have bicycles, but I don't. I dream that someday I will have my own bike and I will be able to race with them!

– Nunu, what is your biggest dream?

Nunu: All my thoughts are only about the well-being of my children. I don't dream of anything else. If only they were healthy and happy. I pray God asking him to give me strength and the ability to put them on their feet...

– What do you think, you need most in your home?

Nunu: The main problem is Luka's treatment and our constant trips to Tbilisi. There are no such specialists in our municipality. Also, diapers, food... As for the rest, you can see for yourself how we live. I would really like to have a washing machine - doing washing by hand in winter in the yard in cold water is just terrible. Children are small, they get dirty all the time, so there is no end to washing.

And also, a fridge ... I can't even cook the soup for a few days - it gets sour! We look forward to any support ...

I learned about your Fund from social networks, I did not dare to write to you for a long time, but now the situation has become completely unbearable ...

You are my last hope, a straw for a drowning man ... I have no one else to ask for help. When you called me, a hope flickered in my heart: the Lord has heard my prayers and my misfortune would find a response in the hearts of your good friends.


  Friends, the Kbiltsetskhlashvili family found themselves in a terrible situation. The head of the family has almost lost the opportunity to earn money, and the family has to live on social allowance. But they have two sick children and one 18-month-old baby!

  Little Luka (4-year-old) suffers chronic epilepsy, he constantly needs examinations by specialized physicians, in addition to medications, examinations. This requires a lot of funds, which the family simply does not have.

  The family is in dire straits, their house is crumbling, they have no home appliances, no normal furniture, no decent living conditions. They urgently need food, diapers and clothing for the children.

It is in our power to make the life of the Kbiltsetskhlashvili family easier, they have suffered so much.

  You can visit the Kbiltsekhlashvili family in person and provide them help. Their address is: Akhmeta Municipality, village Zemo Alvani.

  Or you can call Nunu and cheer her up with kind words!

Phone: 579 225 557.

  Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

  God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

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  We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Kbiltsetskhlashvili family too, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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