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Make the kids starve and buy firewood and keep them warm but hungry?

5-year-old Elene - the quickest among children - pulled my hand and said: "Can you keep secrets? I will become a Snow Maiden and give my brothers a lot of sweets and toys, and I will also treat you, and my mom and dad too." When I looked around, I understood everything without words: in this house there have never been either toys, or sweets, not even normal food. The Tamazashvili family is a very poor Georgian family, but it is rich in kids: Daniel (2-year-old), Andria (4-year-old), Elene (5-year-old), Alexi (8-year-old), Giorgi (10-year-old). "Ma’am, do you know why Santa never comes to us? We are good, but still he does not come, " Alexi asks me, almost crying.
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  Mom Teona takes the kids in her arms. “I do not sleep at night, because my five babies, these angels, are starving, and every morning turns into horror because of their question: "Mommy, won’t we eat today either?” - says Teona and begins to cry.

    "I do my homework wearing gloves, and we all sleep in jackets, it's very, very cold here,"says Giorgi. 

    Look into their lovely azure eyes. Do these angels deserve this suffering and hardship?

   - Teona, what misfortune made you address our Fund?

Teona: Just look around: seven of us live in this shack - my spouse and I and our five children. It is damp and cold here, even basic amenities are absent. The children sleep by two in these shuttered beds. We might not have payed attention to this, but we can’t even feed our children normally ... They are constantly undernourished, they ask for toys and sweets, like all other children do ... I no longer have the strength to refuse them everything! (Sobbs).

- How did you find yourself in such situation?

Teona: Life is a difficult thing ... When you are 16, you see everything through rose-colored glasses, you think that you can handle everything. But then, on your way, you can face difficulties that you are unable to cope with. When Petre and me got married, we, of course, made huge plans, thinking of moving to the capital, to work and live like everyone else does. But it didn't work out. First one problem, then another... The kids were born one after another. So we stayed in the village, and here, as you understand, it is very difficult to find a job, especially one that will allow you to keep five babies.

- Let's start from afar. How did you meet your future husband? Did you marry for love?

Teona: Yes, for huge love! Petre and I have known each other since school... I should say that we always liked each other, and our parents were friends too. When I graduated from school, he asked me to become his wife, and with the blessing of our parents we got married. Then, 12 years ago, it was much easier, and our parents were younger, they helped us. We never lived in prosperity, but we did starve either as we do it now. My husband took on any work here, in the village, but because of the damned pandemic, now we are deprived of even this, although meager, but still income ...

- What do you live on?

Teona: Our only income, if it could be called so, is 500 GEL allowance. We pay 100 GEL from here for the rent, trying not to starve to death with the rest of the money.

- What do your children usually eat?

Teona: I try not to make them eat just dry food - I make pasta, potatoes, cook soup or borscht, water-based, of course.

- How did you find yourself in this house?

Teona: We do not have our own housing, so we have to rent. Friends let us live in this house for a relatively low price. There are two small rooms and a kitchen here. But everything is so old here, as if it is falling apart, and we have no money to rent anything more comfortable.

- Does anybody help you?

Teona: We have nobody to ask for help. Both Petre and me are from poor families. Our parents are already old, they are pensioners, socially disadvantaged. Besides that, my sister suffers from a severe form of epilepsy. It’s we who should help them, but what can we do, when we can hardly make ends meet...

- We are so sorry! Did you address anybody for help? The local authorities, for instance?

Teona: The allowance is all we managed to achieve. The state has no money to provide us even with housing.

  - What do you believe in? In what do you see the salvation? 

Teona: Faith supports me. I used to go to church more often. Now it became more difficult with my five children, but we still try to attend the service on weekends ... At home, I often address God with my own words, I ask that everything would be fine with my children... So that they would not have to constantly endure hardships...

- Do you believe in the kindness of strangers?

Teona: If I didn't believe it, I would not have addressed you... Once I came across your Fund’s video on Facebook, so I visited your page. It was hard to believe that you actually helped so many people. It is just wonderful that with your help kind people learn that someone is in trouble, and they get an opportunity to support their neighbor. Our neighbors say that your Fund really helps very many people and they advised us to contact you.

- Its true. Our Fund has many good friends. Would you like to meet them?

Teona: Of course, we would be very happy! We will be grateful for any help. I would never have bothered anyone if it were not for the extreme need ... God knows, I ask only for the sake of my children!

–  Do you children go to school and kindergarten? Tell me about them, please.

Teona: For every mother, her children are special, the best in the world! My children are everything to me! They are my whole life! So wonderful, smart! They study well, or rather, they studied when school was open. And now ... We have no computer, no Internet, not even a normal phone so that the children could attend lessons on-line. It’s terrible! Missing two semesters in elementary school is a disaster! School netbooks turned to be not durable, they go out of order quite quickly. We tried to fix them, but to no avail, and this also costs money, which we do not have ...

Can I talk to your children, please? Elene, you have four brothers. Don't you quarrel? Dont the boys offend you?

Elene (5 years old): Not, of course! We always play together. I'm a girl, they should protect me. And I'm also my mother's helper!

- Really? How do you help her?

Elene: To cook the soup, clean the room, I also look after Daniel when my mom is busy. He's still quite little, he can't even talk.

- Do you go to the kindergarten? Do you like it?

Elene: I used to, but then they closed the kindergarten and the school too. We have to stay at home now. It's boring at home, but not in the kindergarten, where there are so many toys!

- And you, Andria, do you like the kindergarten?

Andria (4-year-old): Yes, I love cars, there are a lot of them there ... I want to have many, many cars too!

Giorgi (10-year-old): We all love cars, but we have just a few of them ... Those that we used to have were broken.

Alexi (8-year-old): And I want one car, but a big one! In which you can sit. A black one, with a remote control! The boy next door has one. Do you know how beautiful it is?

Elene: And I don't want any cars! I want a doll! As tall as me, with golden hair in a red and pink dress, one that can sing! I have no dolls at all - the baby says sadly.

- You will definitely have a doll, Elene! Giorgi, do you study well? What is your favorite subject?

Giorgi: Yes, I study well! I like math and Georgian. My brother Alexi loves math too, I always help him to solve problems.

What will you become when you grow up?

Giorgi: I don't know, probably, a doctor ... I want to help people so that everyone is healthy!

- What would you wish to all children in Georgia? 

Giorgi: Happiness! So that they had a lot of toys and sweets, so that they were always happy and smiling!

- What a wonderful wish, Giorgi!

Teona, what is your biggest dream?

Teona: I dream that someday my children would have their own home, at least a small one, but warm and cozy... That they would have plenty of tasty and healthy food and new clothes... I dream that one day I could go shopping with them and buy them the toys they ask for. And I wouldn’t have to lie to them that I would buy those things later, not knowing when this "later" will come...

What, do you think, you need most in your home right now?

Teona: As I said before, any help for us is manna from heaven ... The children are constantly malnourished. In winter, I always have to choose - food or firewood. The beds are falling apart, the children have nowhere to sleep ... There is not even a normal wardrobe here to put clothes in.

I dream of a washing machine. It’s a nightmare to make washing for seven people in cold water in winter by hand! Hands go numb, they burn when you try to warm them up by the stove.

Children just need a computer to study, and they also dream of a normal TV. This one works very badly. They only can neither play in the yard now, in this cold, nor watch cartoons normally...

We cannot cope with those problems, we cannot provide basic conditions to our children, therefore we had to bother you. You are doing a good deed, the Lord will bless you and all the friends of your Fund!


    The Tamazashvili family is in a difficult situation now and they need our support. Teona and Petre are raising four sons, future defenders of our Motherland! Little princess Elene has no dolls at all! She can only dream about them! The children are deprived of absolutely everything.  They have no childhood and they have no opportunity to develop normally. It’s in our power to give them back joy and smiles, friends!

  The Tamazashvili family urgently needs any kind of help: food, beds, a washing machine. And children just need a computer to keep up with the school curriculum!

  You can visit the Tamazashvili family in person and provide them all possible help. Address: Lagodekhi municipality, village Shroma.

   Or you can call poor Teona and cheer her up with your kind words! Phone: 595 13 31 02.

  Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

  God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

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  We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support the Tamazashvili family too, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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