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Holiday will never come to this scary house!

Even at Christmas they will be hungry and cold. When delicious smell of roasted piglet and fresh pastries comes from their neighbors, they will just take some bread, close their eyes and imagine how delicious it is ... They are used to it, they always do like that. One can endure hunger and cold... But what then? Who will these children be when they grow up? What will they become if they don’t have any childhood?
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Four-year-old Salome and 6-year-old Mari still believe in fairy tales, and the elders - 11-year-old Mancho and a precocious child 9-year-old Tariel - are sure that there is no happiness.

  “I pray and ask Lord for only one thing, to help me raise my children! My heart breaks when I watch them suffering! - their mother Nona (32 years old) cries bitterly. "We have absolutely nowhere to wait for help!"

  You cannot look without tears at the way this kind Georgian family lives ... Children are their only wealth! Poor Nona addressed our Fund, believing that her kind compatriots would not leave her kids in trouble. We are their last hope!

- Nona, what misfortune made you address our Fund?

Nona: We live in terrible poverty ... My children are half-starved all the time, they wear rags ... They don't even ask for anything! They know that there is no money. The house is collapsing ... My husband and I can’t provide any more or less normal conditions for them. It breaks my heart looking at my kids! (Cries)

- Nona, how did you find yourself in such a dire situation?

Nona: I got married for great love ... My husband and I met while visiting our mutual friends. We liked each other immediately. We dated for a very short time - for three months. We realized that we couldn't live without each other, and got married. We made big plans, we wanted to leave for Tbilisi, find a normal job and live like everyone else. I never dreamed of great wealth. But somehow it didn't work out ...My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, I was very worried, I dreamed of only one thing - to become a mother! Soon I became pregnant again, first our Mancho was born, then Tariel ... Our happiness knew no bounds! Children are a gift from God, the meaning of life! It so happened that I could no longer work, I had to take care of the children, so we stayed in the village. Fortunately, there is a roof over our head.

- Does this house belong to you?

Nona: This is my mother-in-law's house ... She herself lives in Tbilisi, working as a nurse. She earns pennies, but she loves her job and does not want to quit it. As you can see, the house is in a deplorable state. There are two rooms here, I made a kind of kitchen in one of them. The floor is concrete, the walls are crumbling, the roof is leaking and it’s blowing from all cracks ... The wood stove does not help, and we have no firewood either. We light it with whatever we manage to collect in the forest nearby. Many times I have addressed the local authorities for help, asking to help us to repair the roof at least, but no one pays attention to me, and there is nowhere to get money for the repairs. My husband takes any part-time job, he works in agriculture and at construction sites - wherever they call him. You know, it is very difficult to find a job in the countryside, especially now. Everything is closed because of this damn virus. A social allowance is our only income.

- What is this money enough for?

Nona: We get 440 GEL and the food coupons... Tell me, what can this be enough for? There are four little children whom we have to feed and dress.  We only buy the most basic food. Studying on-line has become an additional problem for us. Children have one school laptop for the three of them, the rest went out of order and can’t be repaired.

– Does anybody help you? Parents or relatives?

Nona: My father died 10 years ago ... And my mother is a pensioner, she looks after my sister, who is mentally retarded and epileptic. My father-in-law also died long ago, even before David and I were married, and my mother-in-law barely makes ends meet. It is we, the young, who must help her, but alas ... The neighbors sometimes give us clothes from which their children grow up ... We have absolutely no one else to help.

- Could you imagine that you would find yourself in such a dire situation?

Nona: Not of course! When we were young, my husband and I dreamed that we would both work, that everything would work out and we would live a quiet and peaceful life. Everything seems easier when you are young. David is a hard worker, he takes any job, to bring home some money.

– What do you believe in, Nona? In what do you see the salvation?

Nona: My faith does not let me lose my heart. We are Orthodox Christians, we go to church almost every Sunday. I pray in front of the icons, I ask God to help me to raise my children and put them on their feet. And I also teach them to pray and believe that the Lord will surely hear and help us.

– Do you believe in the kindness of strangers?

Nona: Yes, I do! You know, I have absolutely no one to ask for help ... Your Fund is my last hope! I closely follow your Facebook page and see how many kind and helpful people live in our country ... People who do not remain indifferent to the grief of others and are ready to come for help. I believe that having learned about the poverty in which my children have to live, they will respond and will not pass by our misfortunes...

– What do your children eat? What is their everyday diet?

Nona: I try not to let them eat dry food. I make them soups, water-based, of course ... Maybe they are not very tasty, but it’s better than just pasta. Bread, tea, sometimes even without sugar. But what can I do? It is very difficult to stretch the allowance for a month.

– Nona, do your children go to school and kindergarten?

Nona: Mancho, Tariel and Mari study well, they make me very happy! They are not lazy and always get good marks. At least, it was like that before the school was closed. And now I don’t know what will happen ... Well, there is simply no kindergarten in our village. Little Salome was eager to attend Georgian dance classes, but I have no money to pay for that, so she just stays at home.

– Can I talk to your children, please? Mancho, you are the oldest, let’s start with you. What is your favorite school subject?

Mancho (11-year-old): I love math and the Georgian language most, but I have good marks in all subjects. Mom is so happy when the teacher praises Tariel and Mari and me, her eyes start shining!

- You are very smart, guys! What will you become when you grow up, Mancho?

Mancho: I want to become a doctor to cure and save people!

Mari (6-year-old): I want to become a doctor too! Mancho and me will be the best doctors in the world!

- For sure, Mari! What is your favorite fairy tale?

Mari: “Frozen” about sisters Elsa and Anna! They both are very beautiful! But I prefer Anna! I want to have a doll - princess Anna. I asked mommy and she says that she will buy me a doll when there is money... (The baby sighs sadly)

- What about you, Tariel? What are you dreaming about?

Tariel (9-year-old): I want to have a bicycle! Neighbor boys ride bicycles, and I just stand aside and look ... But I won't ask my mother, because when I asked her once, she turned away and started crying for some reason ...  I do not want anything, if only my mother did not cry!

– What will you become when you grow up?

Tariel: I'll be a policeman! I will have a gun and I will catch criminals!

- Good boy! And you, Salome, what are you dreaming about?

Salome (4-year old): I want dolls and sweets!

- Is this monkey your favorite toy? What’s its name?

Salome: Yes, it’s my favorite. Her name is Anna!

- Guys, you are wonderful! I think if you make a New Year wish to Santa, your dreams will definitely come true!

Mari: We always make wishes... But he never comes. Mom says he has no time. But he comes to our neighbors! And I believe that someday he will definitely come to us!

– Nona, what do you think, you need most in your home?

Nona: Lord, I feel very awkward to ask ... I ask only for the sake of my children ... They are constantly malnourished, they are locked at home, they can't even watch cartoons. I would very much like to have a TV, and a gas stove too - this one is good for nothing. We haven’t got normal beds ... We will be grateful for any help.

The only thing I dream about and ask Lord is the welfare of my children! So that they were dressed and had enough food, so that they would not freeze, and had the opportunity to study ... ... So that they found their way in life and were happy!


  The Meskhi family needs our support very much, friends! Four wonderful children - 4-year-old Salome, 6-year-old Marie, 9-year-old Tariel and 11-year-old Mancho - live in dire poverty, in cold and hunger, but they never stop believing in miracles! They believe that Santa will come to them someday! And it is in our power to make their childish dreams come true! They need very little to be happy: delicious food, sweets and toys!

  The Meskhi family will be grateful for any help. They are in dire need of food, clothes for children, home appliances, beds! And the children have one school netbook for the three of them! You and I can bring them back their childhood, make their dreams come true and give them the opportunity to study in these difficult conditions of the pandemic. Because the children are our country’s future!

  You can visit them in person and provide them with all possible help.Their address is: Kaspi municipality, village Kvemo Khandaki.

  Or you can call Nona and cheer her up with your kind words! Phone: 598 19 24 90.

  Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

  God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by people in trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

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  We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support the Meskhi family too, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need the help of strangers!

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