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How much is a child's life in Georgia?

Santa has never come to 7-month-old Ernest, 4-year-old Luka and 7-year-old Damian. How to explain to the kids why? And why does Santa come to the children of shameless officials of the Ministry of Health, who “forgot” to allocate money for the treatment of the 4-year-old sister of these angels, and she died in terrible agony in the arms of her poor Georgian mother from another epileptic attack. A terrible grief!
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Friends, do you know, how much is the life of a 4-year-old child in laris? Isn't it priceless?

The family we want to introduce to you today does not differ from other families. Hunger, despair and helplessness are what make all our beneficiaries alike. They have no money for food, children are malnourished, they go to bed hungry. But this is not the worst thing ... one can endure hunger and survive.

- I believe that God will not let my kids starve to death, - says the kind Georgian woman, - I hope my girl is in heaven with the angels now and she prays for us ...

It's scary to see how these children live - in a tiny room where the floor and walls have long been rotten and mice are running around. “Rodents crawl out of the holes in the floor, I find them even in the children’s beds,” complains Nana. "What can we do, we have no other place to go!"

- Nana, what is the main problem of your family?

Nana: I have three kids, we live in terrible conditions, sometimes we just have nothing to eat... You probably cannot imagine how awful it is! Just look around, this house is falling apart, the roof is leaking, the walls are crumbling, and mice are making their way from the basement here! Sometimes I even find them in the children's bed! I can't close my eyes all night, I'm afraid they might bite my children ... And in the summer, there are a lot of scorpions here. All the furniture is broken, my elder sons Damian and Luka sleep in a sagging bed, where they can hardly fit. But what can we do? Anyway, it’s better that sleeping on the floor.

- Does this house belong to you?

Nana: No! This is my mother-in-law's house, she is an elderly woman with a nervous system disorder... Several years ago, she had a nervous breakdown, and she found herself in a psychiatric hospital ... Now she cannot stand any noise at all, and our children, who actually run and play, annoy her ... We need to move from here, my mother-in-law needs peace, but we have nowhere to go! Sometimes we even have nothing to eat, and we will be definitely unable to pay rent!

- And what about your parents? Do your relatives help you?

Nana: We have nobody to ask for help! My mom has a fibroma, she needs to be operated on, my dad used to work as a taxi driver and help us, but he cannot work now. It is we, the young, who must help them, but, unfortunately, we are in such a situation that we ourselves are waiting with horror for tomorrow. Our brothers and sisters themselves can hardly make ends meet. My husband and I are both from poor families, and we never aspired to wealth ... All we wanted was a calm, serene family life. It used to be like that until my husband lost his job three years ago ... A terrible tragedy happened in our family then, I don’t even want to remember it! From that moment everything seemed to go awry! (The woman turns away and wipes away her tears.)

- Nana, tell us what happened, share your pain with us, maybe you will feel better then...

Nana: Three years ago, our only daughter, our angel, little Nicole died ... She was only four years old! She suffered a lot, my poor child ... And the worst thing is that it was possible to help her! Our poverty and the inaction of soulless officials killed her! When Nicole was two months old, she suffered a head injury - it was an accident. A friend's child threw a heavy metal pan, which hit my little girl right in the head. This is how it all began - severe epileptic attacks, encephalitis ... Four years of terrible torment. She needed the doctor’s examinations, urgent medical care, medications that cost so much money that we had never dreamed of! I knocked all the doors, with my children in my arms, being pregnant with Luka, begged for help, but no one responded. They kept redirecting me from one office to another but did not provide us funding. A new attack ended in a tragedy, we lost Nicole forever ... The Lord took His angel to the heaven. It is scary to realize that she died because of the lack of money and people’s indifference ... (sobs).

-We are so sorry... Can you tell us your love story, how did you meet your husband?

Nana: We used to be next door neighbors and knew each other from afar. I liked him and, as it turned out, he liked me too. One day he found me in social networks, texted me and asked me out. We didn’t date for long, we soon realized that we were made for each other and got married. Yuri is a hard worker, he never sits idle - he either works, or seeks for some part-time jobs. He helps me a lot with the children. My husband used to work at a construction site, and as a cook too - for a long time, but it so happened that he was affected by retrenchment and could not find a permanent job anymore... He used to bring at least some money home, but now we exist on social allowance, which is barely enough even for food!

- What do your children usually eat?

Nana: Fried eggs, potatoes, pasta ... But sometimes it happens that the children are hungry all day long. Recently, we had absolutely nothing to eat, and our neighbor brought us some potatoes, I fried them, and they ate at 7 pm for the first time! If not for our good neighbors, we would probably have starved to death long ago ... Sometimes absolute strangers lend us a helping hand at the very moment when it seems that everything is lost and there is no way out ... I see the grace of the Lord in this! I believe that God will not let my little ones starve to death!

- Do you often go to church?

Nana: Almost every Saturday and Sunday! If there is no rain, I go there with my children, we light candles and pray. Thank God, Virgin Mary’s Church is not far from our home, so we can often go there.

- Have you ever worked, Nana?

Nana: Yes, I used to work as a seller in a nearby store, but the children constantly need attention and mother’s care, they are still too young. Moreover, my younger one is breastfed, so I couldn't combine all this with work ... (sighs heavily).

– Do your children go to school and kindergarten? Tell us about them, please.

Nana: Oh, they are my only joy, the meaning of my life! Damian is a very talented boy, he pleases me with his good marks! He is especially good at mathematics, he likes solving problems. A friend of mine even gives him math lessons for free, she says that such a talent must be developed! But this distance learning ... There is no Internet, and the school netbook works poorly, my boy often misses lessons... What will happen if he misses half of the school curriculum at primary school?

– Can I talk to your children, please? Damaian, tell me about yourself. Do you like studying? What is your favorite subject?

Damaian (7-year-old): I like all subjects, all of them are interesting, but math is the most interesting one! Mom says I have a talent!

- What will you become when you grow up? Probably a famous mathematician?

Damaian: No! I want to become a cook! My dad used to work in a restaurant and once he took me with him, and they allowed me to bake khachapuri and pizza myself, can you imagine? It was so cool!

- Well-done, Damian! Did you ask Santa for a present?

Damaian: Yes, a bicycle! This is my biggest dream! But Santa did not come to us ... Mom says that there are many children in the world, and he is alone and cannot reach us ... Do you know when our turn will come?

- It will come soon, I think! Don't worry... And what about you, Luka? What are you dreaming about? (The kid just shook his head, ran away and hid.)

Damaian: He is shy! (laughs) I will answer for him: he likes cars and sweets, he always asks mom to buy them!

- Let’s ask you mommy too. Nana what is your biggest dream?

Nana: I only dream that my children did not starve, that they would have a roof over their heads! If my boys are happy, then I will be happy too!

– What do you think, you need most in your home?

Nana: You can see for yourself, that we live like primitives! The house is deteriorated, all the furniture is broken, there are no conditions ... First of all, I need food, clothes and shoes for my kids, they have absolutely nothing to wear ... We need a water heater, otherwise it’s very difficult to bathe them. We need baby walkers for Ernest, because he is growing up and it becomes very difficult for me to carry him in my arms. The beds are broken, it is impossible to sleep in them ... We will be grateful for any help! God knows, I ask only for the sake of my children! I do not want them to become victims of poverty, like my daughter!

When I learned about Fund, at first I could not believe that there is such an organization that helps people in trouble ... But your posts on Facebook show that, thanks to you, a lot of kind people learn about the troubles of their neighbors and help each other.


  Friends, the Bakhtadze family found themselves in dire strait and they need every kind of help. They really need food, children's clothes and shoes, home appliances, furniture. It is in our power to help this kind Georgian family and give them hope for tomorrow!

  You can visit them and provide all possible help to the Bakhtadze family. Their address is: Batumi, 2/20 Irakli Abashidze Str, apartment 34. 

  Or you can call Nana and cheer her up with your kind words! Phone: 557 18 76 59.

  Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

  God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

  Friends, there is one more request : if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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  We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support the Bakhtadze family too, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need the help of strangers!

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