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help Rima Kazarian!

Our fund calls all the empathic people who can share the problems of others to help this family to buy building materials.
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Project completed!

No one secured from decease and casualty. But when the physical torment is added by the unbearable living problems the life becomes very tough to stand. 

Charity fund “Social Partnership” is one of the large organizations in Georgia which helps the most poor people. One of the directions of the fund is “care at home”. In the frame of this program high qualified doctors, nurses and social workers of our fund serve to the patients.

Every day we provide them with necessary food, products and medications. During 3,5 year the number of patients reached 500 people and we are not going to stop on this. Unfortunately in our country many human lives under the level of poorness and needs help of others.

Mrs. Rima Kazarian is one of them. Her life has no luck. She has amputated lower limb, because of diabetes mellitus she lost her vision, she is depended on insulin and is in bed permanently.

She lives together with her daughter and three young grand children in little bunkhouse that is half destroyed. The house has no heating, the walls are cracked, from the ceiling there is coming rain water, the floor is from ground.  The window that should be source of the light is without glass and is covered with board. In two rooms with 16m2 space live 5 humans. Because of the lack of the space in the rooms there is no furniture. There are only 2 beds. On one of them is lies Mrs. Rima, on another sleeps other 4 humans alternately. Children sometimes sleep on the floor that’s why they are often ill. They live on the pension and social aid. Daughter of Mrs. Rima can’t work because she takes care of her ill, blind mother and children.  She tries to have in order the house and to keep it clean. Every day she washes things in cold water. Tap is in the yard, she can’t warm the water. They don’t have gas and electricity because of the debts.

The family of Mrs. Rima urgently needs building materials (cement, sand, boards) as winter come. They have to plaster walls and repair the ceiling before winter cold days come.

Our fund calls all the empathic people who can share the problems of others to help this family to buy building materials. One can transfer money on this account GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: for Kazarian family to buy building materials). Detailed information about bought building materials and performed works we will publish on our internet web page.  

Whatever happens in this life the main thing is to believe in kind people who will not leave you in the tough minutes of your life and will help you.


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