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“You will live!”

The Foundation “Social Partnership” launches the action to support Marina Pirtskhalava.
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Project completed!

For any woman it is the mots important thing in life - to be a mother. Any mother strives to give all the best to her child and is ready to do everything for him/her!

Beneficiary of our Foundation Marina Pirtskhalava, being a single mother, gave birth to her child in her 40. Soon the marriage failed and she was left alone with her daughter. Marina worked as the music teacher at the school of arts, had very small salary, hardly making her living. Often she could not buy even essential products, not to mention fruit and sweets, they even could not dream of them.

On one unfortunate day Marina decided to bring her daughter fresh and ripe cherry. She took courage and climb on the tree standing in the garden. Unfortunately, that turned to be fatal for her: Marina could not restrain and fell down…

Numerous breaks, fragmented pelvis joint, serious spine injuries, several weeks in resuscitation…

There was no hope for her to recover. Only her 10 years old daughter believed that her mum would recover. She held Marina by her hand, kept telling: “Dear mum, I need you, you will live!”

When Marina was released from the hospital, she did not believe she could move any time. But when she saw the words on the wall of her house: “Mum LOVE”, which her daughter wrote the day before her being released, Marina decided that notwithstanding terrible physical pain and spiritual tortures, she would do everything possible in order not to become a burden for her small daughter.

Being paralyzed and bound to the bed, without any means for living, with small child on her hands, she used to refer to strangers for help. Somebody told her the phone number of the Foundation “Social Partnership”. There was no hope they would help, but still she phoned. The workers of the Foundation came on the very day. Marina remembers every visit of rehabilitation specialists and nurses of the Foundation, each pack of products and medications from the Foundation.

Three terrible years passed... Three years of tortures and disappointment. At times because of despair she refused to implement recommendations of our physicians, but then she began from the very beginning. And her determination brought results!

Now Marina can sit and move around the room a bit...

But huge material problems still remained. Due to disease she cannot work, there is no money in her family, and she cannot buy food. She lives in the suburb of Tbilisi in almost destroyed house with terrible cracks on the walls and falling plaster. She needs almost everything: products, medicines, household items, clothes for her child in order her daughter could attend school… They even have one warm blanket for two of them!

Believe us, without our help this poor woman has no chance to get away! Thus, our Foundation launhes charity action in order to support Marina Pirtskhalava!

Let this story enter your heart. Please help! Any assistance to Marina and her daughter will be of utmost importance! You can transfer money for products, medications and warm clothes to the account of the Foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: “Support for Marina Pirtskhalava”) or directly at the website

Marina is sure that thanks for her power of will and assisted by our Foundation, and also with the support of people who care, she by all means will walk; she will take her daughter to the sanctuary and even dance at her wedding party!

Do good and it will return to you!

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