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I survived because I am loved!

We are launching a fundraising campaign for treatment of Beka and support of the friendly and loving Eloshvili family.
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Project completed!

A young girl Eka Eloshvili applied to our Fund recently and asked us to provide help to her husband Beka.

The story of their young family is so terrible and sad that nobody will remain indifferent.

Beka and Eka got married recently and a wonderful daughter Tamara was born in their family. To earn more money and provide the new-born baby with all necessities, Beka started working as a taxi driver after his main job hours.

Little Tamarochka had just turned one week of age when Beka was in a hurry going home after a heavy working day and a sleepless night to give hug to his beloved girls.

and suddenly there was a strongest lateral collision … Beka's car overturned in the air several times and and hit the ground by the roof. He does not remember how he was removed from the pile of metal, how the roof of the car was cut by autogenous cutting …

20 long days of desperate struggle with the death, 20 endless days of being connected to the artificial life support equipment, 20 sleepless nights spent by Eka in tears and prayers. Beka turned 24 in the intensive care unit.

A young, strong, self-confident guy who had recently been a support of his family was totally paralyzed with multiple fractures and spinal cord injury.

After her husband was placed in the ward, Eka used to bring their little daughter and put her next to her father every day.

When Beka was discharged and taken home, he saw a poster painted for him by his wife. The young man experienced a storm of emotions reading the poster: "I need you!", "You are my life", "Beko, remember, I will always be with you, you will be healthy soon and we will be happy together! The whole life, forever!"

In this most difficult moment for their family Eka did not lose heart, did not break and did not show her disappointment to her husband. She began to take care of him with all her love, doing her best to alleviate his sufferings. Now Beka can already move his hands and roll over but his lower extremities are still unmovable and he even cannot feel them.

Love really does miracles but unfortunately this is not enough for Beka's recovery - he needs a complicated surgery for vertebral recovery.

And this young family just cannot pay the cost of such operation! All of their modest savings were spent on treatment. And now nobody can work in their family. The head of the family and the sole breadwinner is confined to bed and Eka takes care of her husband and the breastfed baby simultaneously … They are in catastrophic need of the most basic products, baby food, medications for Beka's treatment and rehabilitation!

They have no other hope than of kind people sharing the grief of other people in a subtle way! Our help is very important, they just cannot handle it without us!

We are launching a fundraising campaign for treatment of Beka and support of the friendly and loving Eloshvili family. If you have any means to help, or if you can support Beka, Eka and little Tamarochka in any way, don’t stay aside … Help!

Nobody is insured from such misfortune and nobody knows what will happen to us tomorrow! 

You can transfer funds for treatment of Beka into the account of the Fund: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Beka Eloshvili) or directly from the website of the Fund:

Dear Friends,

We have helped many unfortunate people and changed their life for better with your help! We believe that we will also be able to help this young family together!

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