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Unprotected children need your help!

What is the most important in our lives? Definitely – children! There are 6 children in the family of Archil and Maia Batiashvili from Tbilisi.
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What is the most important in our lives? Definitely – children!

There are 6 children in the family of Archil and Maia Batiashvili from Tbilisi. The youngest daughter Leonia is 1 year old, Mariam is 2 years old, Lika – 8, Giorgi – 9, Ekaterine – 10, and the oldest Aleksey – 13. They are decent parents, without any bad habits. They adore their children, But unfortunately, at present they cannot give them even the most necessary things.

Archil used to work at the construction ground, earning enough to rent a house and to support his family. Everything changed at once, when he got sick seriously and could not do physic works. The family started to move from one flat to another. When they had nothing to pay for rent, Batiashvili moved into the half-destroyed building of former polyclinic at Ilori Str.

The building is inappropriate for living, called “dwelling space” only conditionally. There is no water or gas supply system in the premises... The sewerage system was presented few months ago.

Mother and her children bring water from the yard by wooden stairs, which is so old, seeming to collapse. And too much water is necessary for eight... But it is not all to bring water - that is not all! They have no basin to wash in!

All the family lives in one tiny room with two beds and folding sofa, on which all the eight people manage to lie down. Mother Maia does her best to keep the room clean and cozy…

But can you imagine the whole horror, when the family cooks, washes, bathes and uses toilet in one room of 4 sq. m., divided from the dwelling area with the curtain only?!

It is hard to imagine and often the parents usually have to take their children to bed crying and promising they will feed them tomorrow!

Children have no warm cloths, thus they often miss school in winter. Due to hunger, cold and dampness children get sick very often. When we visited them, little Lika had high temperature for three days. She could not even get up. And the parents cannot buy antibiotics. If they buy medicines for one child, they will left the others hungry. Therefore, they had to choose...

Notwithstanding the extreme poverty, they take one more member of the family -  spaniel Jessie. Children found hungry, frozen puppy in the street. And though they have nothing to eat themselves, they took the puppy. Their mother always teach them not leave those in need and to share even the last crust!

Notwithstanding the terrible conditions they live in, when entering the house of Batiashvili, you see joyful mother and children with their genuine smiles covering the terrible poverty and misery surrounding them.

Batiashvili family try to get out of the terrible standing: the father all day long doing various works, helping the church and often working for just food... But that is not enough for such a large family!

And not look at the photos but not only with your eyes but with your heart! No words are needed here... Action is required! And quicker better!

Batiashvili family needs any help you can provide: food, health aids, and medications for children, wood, children cloths and warm items!

We launch action in order to support Batiashvili family. You can transfer money to the account of the Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: Batiashvili family) or pay directly at our website

Do not stay indifferent, be kind to poor little kids and kindness will return to you and your children!

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