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Woman whose life is constant mourning!

Our Foundation launch charity action to raise funds to support Efrosinia Kobiashvili!
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Project completed!

Friends, we would like to introduce to you the beneficiary of our foundation Efrosinia Kobiashvili – the woman who suffered from many hardships in her life and whom the life treated so unfairly.

She was born in Kazbegi in a family with many children. Since she was 12, she started working in collective farm: working in the field, shaving sheep, spinning and knitting for village children.

After school, she moved to Tbilisi, where she met her future husband. They had wonderful Georgian family with two sons.

However, unfortunately, their happiness did not last long: her husband died soon from terrible disease, and she were left with two little kids. I was terrible strike for young woman! She loved a lot her husband, and did not even think about the second marriage.

Efrosinia did not manage to recover from that, as in several months her parents and parents of her husband died.

Having survived death of five closest people, Efrosinia never takes off mourning band…

However then she still did not know what was waiting for her in future! Her youngster, not living up to 25 died terribly suffering on her hands. In addition, the elder son as the result of terrible car accident became completely disabled.

Infinite stress and tortures completely deteriorated her health, she grew grey, lost sight, suffering from heart disease, her legs failed, and that is why now she can hardly move around her room.

Her damp, cold and very narrow room is heated with firewood, as she cannot pay the household running fees. Entire pension of Efrosinia is spent on drugs for her son, keeping him alive.

Being 83, notwithstanding weak sight, she is made to sew cloths from old stitching and threads for the dolls in order to buy products and necessary medicines on gained little money.

Our Foundation cannot stay aside of the fate of that poor old woman, who suffered so much in her life! Therefore, we launch charity action to raise funds to support her!

Let us help poor Efrosinia Kobiashvili altogether and make her life a bit easier!

We summon not to stay indifferent to misfortunes of other! You can transfer money for that deeply miserable woman to the account of the Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: Efrosinia Kobiashvil) or pay directly at the website:

Any help of yours, even the most insignificant will be of great held to alleviate her tortures!


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