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Bed-ridden 16-year old Ana needs help!

The Foundation “Social Partnership” launches the action to support Ana Tepliakova.
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Project completed!

Our Foundation “Social Partnership” would like to introduce its beneficiary to you – 16-year old Ana Tepliakova.

Her peers go to high school, interact with friends and prepare themselves for independent life … For Ana it is just a dream, as since she was born she is constantly fighting for life and health!

Tepliakov family was waiting for the twins and that was happiness, as two little kids were to come to this world together! Buy unfortunately a girl died while labors and another was born with heavy form of ICP and epilepsy.

That was terrible strike for the whole family! Parents were offered to leave poor child at maternity house. However, the mother, having lost one of her daughters simply could not abandon such desired and helpless.

Once the father knew his child is not be as other children, he left the family. Mother and Grandmother Galina have been taking care of the child. For 16 years already, they have been doing their best in order their child overcome terrible disease and develop just like her peers.

They were teaching her to walk and to speak. All their savings were spent on expensive medicine, rehabilitation procedures and trainings for the girl.

And in the end, all their attempts turned to be fruitful! Ana started to get up from bed  assisted by mum and granny, moving around the room and expressing her emotions. The hope came to them that Ana would get away and recover!

However, unfortunately, the girl suffered from another disease – her joints swell, bringing her intolerable pain and turned her bedridden… Now there is serious risk that the results achieved with hard work and for so many years of rehabilitation will be lost!

“That is terrible – to see how your child suffers, not being able to help her. I would not wish it to anyone on earth... Ana cannot even moan, and we have no idea what to do... We cannot pay for her treatment anymore!” – says Grandmother Galina all in tears.

In order to alleviate Ana’s tortures and to give her a chance to recover, expensive medicines are required, for which she simply has no money.

They live in complete poverty in a tiny flat of one room in the old district of Tbilisi. They are so poor that Grandmother Galina has been sleeping with Ana for 16 years so far on an old broken sofa. They even cannot think about buying a flat, as all the money is spent for medicines of the poor girl.

Our Foundation “Social Partnership” provides assistance to that poor family, providing them with food and medications. Foundation nurses help to bath the girl, massaging her and arranging for rehabilitation procedures.

Nevertheless, the Foundation along cannot solve all the problems of that family, they need support of the society! Your even small and insignificant help may be vitally significant for Ana!

If you can help that poor child, who has suffered a lot during her short life, you can transfer money to the account of the Foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: Ana Tepliakova) or pay directly at the site of the Foundation:

As the Holly Easter is close, please help that poor little angel and let your help return to you and your children!


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