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Darjania Family needs your help badly!

Our Foundation cannot stand aside of the problems of those poor people, who had to suffer so many grievances!
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Project completed!

Foundation “Social Partnership” goes on with introduction to you sad stories of people who occurred in terrible situations without their fault.

There are three people in the Family Darjania, and all they are the beneficiaries of our Foundation. Husband Tengiz and wife Manana are wheelchair-bound, both of them lacking a leg. Mother of Manana lives with them – Tamara is 91. She is completely blind and almost always bedridden.

Once Darjania had happy family, they lived in Sukhumi in their own house with their big family.

However, the war started and those people were forced to leave their property and to move to Tbilisi. After having wandered a lot from a flat to another, they settled in a hostel for refugees.  

They did not know then, the bitterest grief was awaiting for them ahead! Son of Tengiz and Manana – their only support and hope for the future died in terrible car accident in his 21.

That completely destroyed their health! Because of permanent stress and excitement, Tengiz and manana had acute form of diabetes mellitus, both having gangrene as the result of which their legs were amputated. In addition, Grandma Tamara went blind …

It is hard to imagine torture of that family, two of which hardly move around in their wheelchairs, trying to take care of each other and of bedridden blind old woman! Their life is complete nightmare: they cannot dress up, wash and cook dinner – that is daily terrible challenge! The entire life of these three people goes on surrounded by four walls of miserable hostel.

All the family savings have been already spent, they live and to be exact try to survive on tiny benefits, which is not enough even for the most vitally necessary medicines, not to say about food and household running fees!

Our Foundation cannot stand aside of the problems of those poor people, who had to suffer so many grievances!

Thus, we launch the charity action for support of that miserable Darjania Family, calling for all the kind people not to stand aside and feel this story with all their hearts! Please help those who cannot get away without your support!

Any of your help, even the most insignificant can alleviate their life!

You can transfer money for products and medicines to the accounts of the Foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Darjania Family) or pay directly at our webpage:

We are sure thanks to your support – those who care about others, these poor old people will live a bit better life!

Do good and it will return to you and your children by all means!


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