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Eight-year old girl is just 9 kg!

The Foundation “Social Partnership” cannot stand aside of huge grievances of the family Tskhadaia and summon all the other to support those poor people!
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Project completed!

Charity Foundation “Social Partnership” for 4 years already has been rendering vitally significant help to 600 bedridden people, among them 12 minor children. The youngest of them – Elene Tskhadaia. That poor little girl being 8 years old is just 9 kg!

Her parents, having known they would have so much wanted baby, were just immensely happy! However, unfortunately, little Elene was born with the whole “bundle” or inborn diseases. The child had severe form of ICP, epilepsy, microcephaly – underdevelopment of encephalon and complete absence of chewing reflex.

Mother Shorena was advised to leave the daughter and to live normal life. She was told that they would have healthy children and that they would have encountered only multiple problems with such a child. Nevertheless, Shorena supported by her husband decided not to abandon her poor child and they started to take care of their little baby!

A year later another child David was born and the parents were worried a lot about his health, but he still turned to be absolutely healthy. Now Dato is first class pupil, helping mom and dad in taking care of Elene. He adores her little sister. After school, once all the homework done, Dato does not hurry to go to play with his mates in the street, he spends hours being with his older sister, reading fairy-tales for her, hugging and kissing her hands… Moreover, Elene smiles him back! She cannot even say she loves him very much too!

The family Tskhadaia lives in the former students’ dormitory in the suburb of Tbilisi. All the four people are in one tiny room without any conveniences. So called “kitchen” consisting of one tabletop and gas balloon is directly in the share bedroom! There are concrete floors and walls in the premises due to which it is almost always damp and cold in their room, even in summer!

Before the father of the family was healthy and worked, he used to maintain the entire family with everything necessary.

However, a year ago, the father had severe condition of thyroid gland and therefore he could not work anymore. He needs expensive treatment for which the family has no means. The entire tiny social allowance is spent on vitally necessary medication and special child food for little Elena. And the father of course sacrifices his life for sake of his daughter!

The Foundation “Social Partnership” cannot stand aside of huge grievances of the poor family Tskhadaia and summon all the other to support those poor people! Your any even insignificant help (food, medicines, hygienic means, and child food for Elena) will help those poor people to alleviate tortures and give hope to them for future!

If you can provide financial help for the poor girl and her family, you can transfer money to the account of the Foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 (Purpose: Elena Tskhadaia) or to pay directly from the site of the Foundation:

Before the International Day of Children, please do not refuse to  that innocent soul and let your kindness return to you and your children!

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