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Honorable constructor lives in terrible misery!

Foundation Social Partnership launches action in order to support Omar and alleviate his miserable life!
₾ 1,340
Project completed!

Among all 600 beneficiaries patronized by our Charity Foundation Social Partnership, there are many outstanding people, who once contributed a lot into development of our country. Unfortunately, now they live in complete poverty, being abandoned and forgotten… Only our Foundation provides assistance to them in such difficult for Georgia times.

One of such people – Omar Kvenitadze. He is honorable constructor! Not long ago Omar participated in many large-scales constructions throughout the whole country, built houses and schools, entire micro districts. He has many thank you letters and diplomas, but most of all he is proud of the certificate received for construction of Tbilisi Concert Hall! Omar keeps that worn sheet of paper and values it highly.

When Omar worked, he and his family used to live well, but one terrible day changed everything – Omar got serious injury and lost sight completely. In order to pay for treatment and operations on eyes they had to sell their property and move to the rented apartment.

Then Omar had vessels disease, and the family spent remaining means in combatting that terrible disease, which literally ate Omar from inside. Nevertheless, the disease did not resist and poor old man was amputated both legs…

The family was left without sources for living. They had nothing to pay for rented apartment. Omar with his wife Marina were left to the mercy of fate!

Now Omar and Zina live in tiny room (8 m2) without any amenities. Entire miserable pension of these poor old is spent on medicines necessary to keep Omar alive. They feed on food brought from the social canteen once in a day.

“This is terrible, what happened to me, I am in pain as my family was left without dwelling because of me… I used to construct houses and schools, huge dwelling massifs and kindergartens… Thousands of people live in apartments built with my own hands, and I have to live my last years in rented room, in complete poverty… It is really frustrating there is no tiny dwelling area for me in that big city!” – says this grey-haired old man with tears in his eyes.

It is terrible to hear those works from the old and weak grandpa, who spent his entire life devoted to his favorite city!

In order to support Omar and alleviate his miserable life, our Foundation Social Partnership launches action to raise funds to buy vitally necessary medicines, food and hygienic means!

Believe us, your event insignificant help, smallest attention will alleviate Omar’s life and give him hope for well-deserved old age!

If you can held Mr. Omar, transfer money to the account of the Foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: Omar Kvenitadze) or pay directly from the site:

Please feel the entire tragedy of the situation of that worthy person, who is in trouble not because of his fault, and act in the manner your kind hear tells you to!

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