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Help 24 years old Zurab to stand on his feet again!

Our Foundation “Social Partnership” wants to tell You tragic story of a young boy Zurab Gaimarjvashvili.
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Our Foundation “Social Partnership” wants to tell You tragic story of a young boy Zurab Gaimarjvashvili. Two years ago he was cheerful and energetic, and now he is bedridden, completely paralyzed and cannot unbend cramped hands and feet! Without external help he cannot do anything at all!

Zurab started working after his studies, he wanted to spare money and to have a family, but unfortunately his dreams would have had never come true…

On August 28, 2014, at Assumption Day, Zurab along with his friends decided to go for a swim into the river. And that decision turned to be crucial for the poor guy! One improper action, one unfortunate jump into the water and that is…

Zurab was awakened by an emergency doctor. In intensive care ward the young boy fought for life for 12 days! Spinal fracture, serious damage of spinal cord and all internal organs. Doctors did not give any hope…

“If not Assumption Day, if not help of Saint Marry, I could not survive for sure. Though, as God decided to give me one more chance, I cannot give up, I fight and take courage, nevertheless it is hard for a paralyzed. My mom does everything possible to make me walk again. But unfortunately, she cannot handle that alone!” – Zurab said, gritting his teeth of unbearable pain.

In order to keep Zurab alive and to undertake many difficult operations, his mom sold everything that she had: house, furniture, technique and all the valuables! Mom quit working in order to take care of her paralyzed son, and now they live on tiny state allowance, which is often not enough even to buy food.

Once Zurab and his mom were left without shelter, kind people give them home. So they live at other’s apartment without any means for living and opportunity to go on with treatment of Zurab! And that poor boy, who just turned 24 and who has entire life to live, believes that he could walk again! He wants to get cured so much! But for that he immediately needs expensive medications and rehabilitation course!

Dear friends, our Foundation Social Partnership launches charity action in order to raise means to rescue Zurab Gaimarjvashvili. We assisted by you have already supported many people in need, gave them chance for better future! And we believe that we all can help strong and cheerful young boy to win that terrible disease!

We summon all indifferent and kind people to help Zurab! If you can somehow alleviate his destiny, you can transfer money for medicine and rehabilitation to the account of the Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Zurab Gaimarjvashvili) or pay directly at the website of the Foundation

Nobody is secured against accidents and nobody knows what will happen tomorrow! Thus, please give chance to Zurab to walk again! Your future depends on you now!


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