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no one is immune from disaster!

Even simple actions currently unfeasible for the 19-year-old Becky
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What is for a young person to walk around the room, get up out of bed or a drink of water ?! But these simple actions currently unfeasible for the 19-year-old Becky Chapidze!

In Chernovetsky Foundation "Social Partnership" asked Miranda, a young girl with a plea for help to her husband Beke!

Their tragic story could not leave us indifferent!

A year ago, a strong and energetic Beck has been the support and support of his family. Despite his young age, he worked as a builder and provide his wife and little daughter with everything you need. But a year ago, while working on a construction site, he jumped from the 5th floor!

Multiple fractures, fractured vertebrae, serious damage to the spinal cord - no one believed that Beck would survive. A month later he was in a coma, connected to a respirator!

When Beck was transferred to the ward, Miranda each day brings him one year old daughter and put her next to his father. This helped Beck to return the memory and give strength to fight to survive!

In this difficult year for their family is not fragile Miranda dropped her hands, has become even stronger and showed her husband, that together they will succeed, that together they will cope! My wife takes care of him, doing everything possible to alleviate their suffering.

After transferring complex operations on the spine Beck can already move my hands, but the lower half of his body was still motionless, and with every movement of his body pierced hellish pain. But despite the suffering, Beck tries not to show others their suffering, she plays with her daughter and reading her a fairy tale!

This poor family spent all their savings on a modest operation. A further treatment and rehabilitation they did not have any money left. If you do not follow a policy of rehabilitation procedures in the near future, then it may be too late! This is the only chance for Becky to get back on his feet!

Family Chapidze not hope in anyone, except on good and indifferent to the misfortunes of others people!

Therefore, we begin a charity event to raise funds for the treatment of Becky! If you have the opportunity to help, if you somehow can support Beck, Miranda and their little daughter, do not stay away! Help!

After all, no one is immune from such troubles, and very scary to realize that this can happen to anyone!

Money for treatment Beki You can enroll at the expense GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 Fund (Purpose: Beck Chapidze) or directly from the site of the Fund

Friends, with your support, we have helped many poor people have changed their lives for the better! And we believe that this young family, we all together can help too! 


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