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Hungry children can hardly survive the cold winter!

More often many socially unprotected families with many children apply to the Charity Fund Chernovetskyi with a plea for help!
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More often many socially unprotected families with many children apply to the Charity Fund Chernovetskyi with a plea for help! Each family has their grief, their problems: some cannot afford to buy medicines for children, some do not have enough money for heating their homes, and some just dream of a piece of bread!

Large family of Khosiashvili from Tbilisi is on the brink of survival, and the condition of these unfortunate people becomes harder and worse daily!

6 underage children, their parents and two grandmothers live in a burnt down house on a former garbage dump in the district Elia. The house of cards is more stable and reliable than their dilapidated house! It may fail at any time, and 10 people could be under the debris!

Zhana and Gurami bring up 6 wonderful children: Nikoloz, Mary, George, Gela, Barbare and 10-month-old Gabriel. The main thing about what these poor kids dream is meal at home! After all, they know firsthand what a persistent malnutrition is, how it is to go to bed without having meal, without any hope to eat in the morning!

Because of the health problems, the father cannot work physically, that’s why he collects and returns the bottle. But sometimes obtained money and bread do not have enough...

There are no smooth walls in the room where it is even dangerous to be! The water is constantly dripping from the roof, the floor falls under your feet...

There is no furniture in the room, the children have to sleep on the floor, because of which they are constantly ill.

In spite of the difficult financial situation and unbearable living conditions, their mother Zhana manages to give their children care and attention. Children are intelligent, well-brought-up, they study well, they are loved and respected by teachers and classmates.

Family Khosiashvili is in need of food, hygiene products, medicines, clothing, shoes and normal cots.

Our Fund encourages all sensitive people to offer a helping hand to the children of the poor and the unfortunate family! Your even the insignificant support will help them to survive!

Look at the pictures! Extra words are not necessary ... You will see for yourself, in what horrible conditions a large family lives near us in the heart of Tbilisi!

If you have the opportunity to provide financial assistance to these poor people, you can deposit the money onto the account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Khosiashvili family) or pay directly from our site

Please, show kindness and compassion and help these underprivileged children!

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