Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Six children need your help!

Charity Fund of Chernovetskyi is often applied by people who have lost their hope and who expect no help!
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Charity Fund of Chernovetskyi is often applied by people who have lost their hope and who expect no help!

Today we would like to introduce a wonderful large family of Elga and Gela Agulovi with many children, who live in an indescribable poverty in a village not far from Tbilisi.

6 little children are devoid of childhood! They have no toys, no sweets, and they haven’t seen anything in their life except constant hunger, cold and hopeless poverty.

10 year old Lolita and 8 year old Bachuki study well. They wish to participate in different Olympiads, but their parents have no money even to take the children to the city.

6 year old Anastasia and 4 year old Tekla dream of beautiful dolls, which the girls have never had. 3 year old Mariam adores sweets, but her parents are not able to pamper her daughter with them, sometimes they have no bread at home! It’s needless to talk of sweets…

Recently, the sixth child was born to the family. Little Alexander is 3 months old, and he is the only one in the family, who is still not aware, in what horror will have to grow up!

Father Gela always had some job and supported his family, but due to his injury he cannot work anymore.

In order you could better understand, how this poor family lives, just imagine that they have no basic amenities, without which we simply cannot imagine our life! They have no bathroom, no toilet, no heating, no sewerage and even no water supply in the house! Every day they have to fetch much water for dinner, for bathing and for tea from afar in any weather: snow or frost!

In spite of the difficult financial situation and unbearable living conditions, the parents brought up their children very good and obedient.

Dear friends, we understand that there are a lot of people in need in our country, and neither we nor an individual can help them all! But if each of you stretches out the hand of help to the best of your ability, then the disadvantaged and needy people in Georgia will live a bit better!

Please, look at the photos and you will be convinced in which awful conditions our co-citizens have to survive in the 21st century!

The family of Agulovi need food products, means of hygiene, medicines, clothes, shoes, linens and dishes.

If you have an opportunity to provide financial assistance to these poor people, you can deposit money on the bank account of the Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Family of Agulovi), or pay directly from the site of the Fund

There is a proverb that beauty will save the world. And we are sure that only kindness and caring people, who take other people's sorrows as their own, can save the world!

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