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The unbearable for mother – to see pains of child!

Mrs Ia – mother of 9 year old Tornike Devlarishvili - addressed us with an entreaty.
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Charity Fund of Chernovetskyi often apply people having lost their hope for the future!

Mrs Ia – mother of 9 year old Tornike Devlarishvili - addressed us with an entreaty.

Poor boy was born with serious form of

The poor boy was born with a serious form of cerebral palsy. His mother was advised to leave her son and to live a normal life. They said that she and her husband were still young, and they would have healthy children, and with such a child they would only have problems. But the parents didn’t even think of leaving their defenseless child, his flesh and blood alone!

It is really very difficult to raise a child with such a terrible diagnosis. Since them Mother Ia feeds him liquid food with a spoon, because the boy has no swallowing reflex, and he often chokes. The strongest muscle cramps do not let Tornike straighten his arms and legs, even in a wheelchair he cannot always sit straight. And for all his life this poor boy did not say a single word! He can only moan and scream when the pain becomes completely unbearable...

Two years later after birth of Tornike in their family was born the second healthy child - Gabriel. Now Gabriel goes to the first class and helps her mother to take care for his older brother. He dotes on Tornike. After school, having done his homework, Gabriel does not hurry to go to play or to watch cartoons, but sits for hours next to brother, and reads him stories. He embraces him, and Tornike smiles back at him! Gabriel dreams of only one thing, his senior brother were able to walk. He even gave him a ball in the hope that once they will be able to play football together!

The family of Devlarishvili lives in extreme poverty in a small village of Kvareli Region. The father earns money by hard physical work. His mother had worked as a teacher before Tornike was born, but now she entirely devoted herself to her son, who cannot be left unattended even for a moment! Meager pension and pennies earned by his father, are not enough even for medications nor diapers for his son.

Fund “Social Partnership” cannot keep out of unbearable misfortunes of this little innocent child!

Therefore, we call on to assist him and his long-suffering family in any way. They really need everything: food products, medicines, hygiene products, infants’ feed for Tornike!

If you have an opportunity to provide financial assistance to these poor people, you can deposit money on the bank account of the Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: Tornike Devlarishvili), or pay directly from the site of the Fund

Please do not refuse to help this boy who hasn’t seen in his whole life but pain and sufferings! Let your kindnessreturn to you and your children a hundredfold!


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