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Children, who wish to have enough food for dinner!

When a young woman, Darejan Iordanidze, applied Charity Fund of Chernovetskyi with a plea, taking care of six little children...
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When a young woman, Darejan Iordanidze, applied Charity Fund of Chernovetskyi with a plea, taking care of six little children, we couldn’t even imagine the whole horror of their life!

How to feed her children, in what to dress them and take them to school or kindergarten, how to lay them to bed hungry, how to treat them when they are ill - poor Darejan asks herself every day, who has no means to subsistence!

All her life fate treated this poor woman awfully. She hoped that she would find her happiness in marriage, but it failed. And she was left alone with 6 underage children.

Now they live in a hired tiny room on the suburbs of Tbilisi, in District Gldani. The room is absolutely not fit for living: it is cold and damp. They have no bathroom to bathe the children, mother warms water on a wood furnace in buckets and bathes her children direct in the room in a footbath. But she is even unable to pay the rent for this humble habitation. That is why Darejan is afraid that she will be evicted, and she will be left with children on the street!

They bring a dinner from social canteen once a day. The children say that vegetable soup is the most delicious food they ever tasted… Unfortunately, they have nothing to compare it with!

Inspite of the problems, the children are very kind and polite.

The oldest daughter is only 10 years old, but she discusses things like an adult. She knows that the only way to make life easier for the family is to study well, in order to earn money for food for the whole family.

9 year old Nia and 7 year old Nika try to help their mother.

5 year old Nuka and 4 year old Ilia dream of a beautiful and warm house, where they will have toys and sweets!

The smallest daughter Anano has not turned one yet. And imagine with what horror mother Darejan awaits her birthday – the state assists deprived families with food for babies for only one year! “As if after a year the babies stop eating,” – says Darejan bitterly smiling, and she has a lump in her throat, and can barely keep herself together, not to burst into tears in presence of her children.

“They’ve seen many tears, they have been watching their crying mother for a long time, that is why I try to be strong. But with each passing day it becomes more and more difficult ... In fact I have serious problems with my thyroid gland. But I don’t even have 60 GEL to visit the doctor. More often I lose consciousness. The eldest daughter already knows what to do before the ambulance comes”.

Only through joint efforts we can alleviate the inhuman sufferings of this unhappy family and save them in such a difficult period of life.

In order to survive the lonely mother and her 6 children need food prodycts, means of hygiene and medicines. But the main thing for Darejan is that she know she’s not alone and there are kind people, who will not pass by and will support the mother with many children.

If you have an opportunity to provide financial assistance to these poor people, you can deposit money on the bank account of the Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Darejan Iordanidze), or pay directly from the site of the Fund

If you cannot donate, please share this story with others, so that it finds its destination!

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