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Heartbroken mother is afraid to lose her second son!

Heartbroken woman - Lela Samakashvili from Chiatura applied Chernovetskyi Charity Fund.
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Heartbroken woman - Lela Samakashvili from Chiatura applied Chernovetskyi Charity Fund.

It is hard to put in words the tragedy of her family!

Leila and Teimuraz worked together at a factory, they fell in love with each other and decided to make a family. After a year they had their first child – Lasha. But during childbirth the boy got serious lesion of central nervous system.

Soon the family of Samakashvili was born the second long-awaited child – Giorgi. The parents were full of happiness, but the diagnosis was terrible – congenital cerebral palsy, epilepsy, microcephaly of the brain…

It was very hard for both parents to take care of both sick children. Mother had to quit and to dedicate herself to taking care of her boys. They did their best to help their children get well. But destiny had other plans for them: in 2010 their oldest son Lasha died of pulmonary apoplexy… This was a huge shock for the family! Leila and Teimuraz hardly managed to overwhelm their grief and since then they still cannot recover from it!

The only that makes them strong and bear sufferings, is their second son! There is nobody else to take care of helpless Giorgi…

Giorgi is now 27 years old. He is completely not adapted to life. Hecannotwalk, cannotwalk. Heisevenunabletoeathimself. But the greatest problem for the parents is that Giorgi cannot sit quietly on one place, he climbs down the bed and creeps around the room, leaning on one hand. And when he intends to get up, he falls down. And in order not to fall and get hurt someone should be always near him.

It is especially difficult for the parents to get him into the wheelchair; his mother and father have to carry their adult and heavy son… For old people it is very difficult! Due to constant stress his father has problems with his stomach, and his mother – with the spine. And they think with horror of the day when they will not be able to move in order to take care of their sick son!

Unhappy Leila cries every day, she doesn’t know what to do, who she can ask for support, who she can apply for assistance… The doctors say that special medical equipment can help to take care of Giorgi – a lift for disabled people. But the poor family cannot afford it.

Leila and Teimuraz do not work all this time, because they cannot leave their only son alone even for a minute. The only source for existence is Giorgi’s tiny pension, which is not enough for medicines and even for food. In order to save money they do not switch on the heating, that is why it is as cold and wet in the rooms as outside.

In order to help these poor people we start an action to raise funds for acquisition of special lift for people with cerebral palsy.

Imagine how hard it is for the poor young man and his selfless parents and act as your kind heart tells you to act! If you have read this article to the end, it means, you are not an indifferent person and endowed with special gift to feel the pain of others as if it were yours!

If you have an opportunity to provide financial assistance to these poor people, you can deposit money on the bank account of the Fund  GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Giorgi Samakashvili), or pay directly from the site of the Fund

Please, help these disadvantaged people to alleviate their sufferings!


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