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"Mom is all I have!"

For almost six years her 78-year-old mother Lena Mumladze has been connected to an oxygen supply unit which cannot be disconnected even for a while.
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Poor Lena Mumladze has gone through three blood strokes right after the death of her son! The mother's heart just broke down! And now she constantly needs to take the vital but expensive medicines. The pension and the social allowance are barely enough to buy only some part of the medicines. 

For the sake of her mother's health, her kind daughter, Manana, has sold everything she had. And today the family is huddling in a one-room basement apartment, in the domain of terrible poverty and dampness! And the daughter Manana is sleeping on the floor so that it was more comfortable for her mom. 

For almost six years her 78-year-old mother Lena Mumladze has been connected to an oxygen supply unit which cannot be disconnected even for a while. Otherwise death will come!

 And that's what Manana has told us.

- When we run out of medication her heart attacks come back; the blood pressure becomes unstable and the breathing gets complicated. On such days the ambulance team tends to visit us several times. But I want to note that the doctors always show understanding and compassion towards my mother.

The Chernovetskyi Fund has taken care of the most part of the problem of Lena Mumladze; health and social workers of the Foundation are constantly working with the beneficiary. Our support has brought hope back to the women. 

- I am immensely grateful to the Fund for the support and assistance.  Mom is in constant need of diapers: it often smells in the house as we always lack diapers. We need a lot of washing powder. Even in these conditions I am doing my best to keep our dwelling clean. We are grateful to the Fund as it regularly gives us diapers and helps with purchase of medication. Its help is invaluable! 

But the sick woman needs much more. 

- Manana, could you tell what you need apart from medication?

- Mom needs a new artificial lung; the old one is constantly getting out of order which causes fits. How many times I woke up from wheezing and dialed the ambulance with my hands shaking, hoping it would arrive in time! I'm so scared for her life! Mom is all I have! In addition to the artificial lung, mom needs a new strong bed. Ideally it would be a medical bed with a bracket. She also needs a wheelchair to move. I dream about taking my mom out for some fresh air!

While Manana was listing all that was so necessary for her mother, Lena Mumladze whispered slightly lifted her head: "Not me, not me! Help my daughter, she also needs a bed: she sleeps on the floor." The entire mother's heart is manifested in such care! 

Manana is very religious; she often visits a Church nearby, faith in God gives her strength to hold on. Local parishioners are helping the Mumladze as much as they can, bringing clothes or food. But this is still not enough.

You can contribute to the rescue of Lena Mumladze! 

May God give you many blessings for your compassion!

Believe us, your smallest assistance and your slightest attention will facilitate Lena's life and will give her a hope for decent old years!

Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Lena Mumladze) or pay directly from the Fund web-site

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Please, feel the entire tragedy of the situation of this merited person and open your heart to God in these wonderful Christmas Eve days, acting as your kind heart tells you!


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