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Talent always wins the heart!

These children, who have learned so much deprivation in life, do not get tired to surprise us with their rich imagination.
Project completed!

What only talents are not found among our students in small family-type homes. These children, who have learned so much deprivation in life, do not get tired to surprise us with their rich imagination and indomitable desire to live and create! Pupils perfectly sing, draw, go to different circles and sports sections, play various musical instruments, but in the Kobuleti house there is one boy whose works delight and amaze quite differently. I want to exclaim, is it really possible to create such a thing!
Zura, or as his affectionately called in the Kobuleti small family-type house Zuriko, seriously became interested in the ancient Japanese art "origami". The first models were, of course, the simplest, but he worked a lot on himself, he found training videos, read articles, and over time, Zura’s skills began to grow.
Today, the boy is already subject to very complex forms in its structure. There are so many different models of animals, plants, various items that do not fit on the bookshelves.
Educators have long dreamed of holding a personal exhibition of Zuriko's works in his native Kobuleti. The boy smiles modestly at this proposal:
“Yes, what am I doing so special? - says Zuriko - I just love working with colored paper, I like how it changes shape in my hands, this process calms me down a lot. If something does not work right away, I am not upset. I leave the case for a while, then come back again, and everything turns out to be as good as possible! ”
Zuriko is a modest, kind and very warm boy. He loves his friends very much, adores tutors. He came to our children's home with his sister Anna, the family of Zura is in great need and his parents are unable to raise children.
From the first day in a small family-type house, Zuriko showed outstanding learning abilities, he is especially good at mathematics, although teachers note the talents of the pupil in all subjects.
March 6, our pupil is 13 years old. Let's congratulate the boy all together! Zura dreams of her personal origami kit. He needs scissors, a lot of colored paper, pencils, felt-tip pens, glue!
In our power to fulfill such a small dream of a young craftsman!
Caring for people in need is a good deed in itself, but caring for children deprived of parental care is the highest good!
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