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Five children in a homeless shelter

Five children - no future! Sadly, but true! Their early childhood is spent in a homeless shelter, in a half-starved condition, without childish joys...
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Five children - no future! Sadly, but true! Their early childhood is spent in a homeless shelter, in a half-starved condition, without childish joys and in complete poverty.
Peikrishvili's large family is deprived of everything that is already considered the norm in the 21st century. However, nobody cares about them - neither the authorities nor the public at large. Human heartlessness and callousness literally finishes this family and throws it into the pool of uncertainty.
We talked to their mother, Lali Peikrishvili, and asked to talk about our experiences, problems and hopes:
- Your family has been living here for 9 years. How did you find yourself in this shelter?
Lali: This is a shelter for the Patriarchate. Thank God that even the roof is above your head. My husband and I started a family in the village of Vaziani, Gardaban district, but soon the mother-in-law was forced to sell the house and everyone remained on the street. We moved to Tbilisi, first rented a room, and then the Patriarchate sheltered us, for which we are sincerely grateful.
- You needed it all the time?
Lali: you know, it was difficult to name our life, but when my husband and I had a job, in any case, we did not starve. For several years we worked in a shelter for dogs, I - a cleaner, and my husband - a worker. But then the financial crisis began there and they cut us off.
-Where is your husband now?
Lali: George is my husband, he is experiencing unemployment very much. Now he went to the other outskirts of the city. They said that there is a one-time job - some wall needs to be broken. God forbid that they take him, because every penny is important for us. Especially for the younger girl who is sick.
-What's with her?
Lali: She has anemia. It takes three months to drive for examination. The Ministry of Health allocates 50 GEL for this, and we have to pay the rest.
-What do you live for?
Lali: a meager social benefit that we spend on the purchase of simple food. Children do not eat meat, chicken, are constantly undernourished, and the dining hall is very far from here. To get there, we need extra money. And where to get them?
“It's not a secret that some people treat families with many children with caution, accuse them of“ multiplying poverty ”, how do you look at it?
Lali: offensively, of course. Children are the happiness of any adult, they bring joy and teach us. In my opinion, there should be many children in the family. I think children are the most important thing in a person’s life, they are more precious than all gold.
- Did you ask for help from the local authorities or the deputy?
Lali: I personally, did not appeal, but we, the tenants of the orphanage, repeatedly appealed to the mayor’s office to fix the roof and hold the gas, but to no avail. They say that "once you live in the shelter of the Patriarchate, then let them deal with these issues." And the shelter administration has no such opportunity.
-Why don't you contact a deputy of your constituency? That's just in his power to intercede with the mayor's office to settle your problems. This factor cannot be ignored, for helping voters is the direct responsibility of every deputy. But if they do not help, then we will write about it on our Facebook page, which has more than half a million readers, and let him be ashamed of his inaction.
Lali: Thank you so much for your foundation! I am very grateful that you came to our rescue!
What do you need most?
Lali: we need to fix the roof, which constantly leaks and this is damp in the room and cold in the winter. Food, clothes for children, medicines are vital for us.
-Do you have household appliances?
Lali: the furniture in the shelter is more or less normal, but there is no refrigerator, heater, washing machine, you have to wash it by hand in cold water.
-Lali, what are you dreaming about?
Lali: I dream of the happiness of my family, the happiness of my children, I am very worried about their future, I pray to the Lord and ask for mercy, human compassion and good luck!
-And now I will talk with the children. Children, tell us in which class you are studying, who you want to become, what are you dreaming about?
Nonna (12 years old): I study in the seventh grade, I love Georgian literature, but there are no circles at school, and there are practically no books at home. I dream of becoming a theater actress. I also dream of a beautiful dress ...
Luka (10 years old): I study in the fifth grade, I really love math, and now I dream of a bicycle.
Dzhambulat (9 years old): I love English very much, I study in the third grade and I want to become a politician!
-What do you want to have now, what are you dreaming about?
Dzhambulat: I dream not to walk in holey shoes ...
Shalva (7 years old): I go to the first class, I want to become an ice cream seller, I really love it, but mom and dad don't have the money to buy us ice cream. I dream to have a toy dump truck and a new portfolio ...
Let's support this large family, show mercy, give children a chance to develop normally and have a happy childhood. You can personally visit this family and assist. Children, believe us, will be happy! Here is their address: Tbilisi, st. Politkovskaya 32, Shelter of the Patriarchate, tel .: 591948894.
They need food, hygiene items, children's clothing, a refrigerator,

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