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Confined within four walls...!

Two-room apartment has become the whole world for 71-year-old Lena Kochuashvili...!
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Two-room apartment has become the whole world for 71-year-old Lena Kochuashvili...! Oh my God, the seriously ill old woman doesn't even have anyone who could give her a glass of water. For the past 7 years she gets out of bed with a great difficulty. And she even cannot remember when she was outdoors for the last time. Diabetes mellitus and heightened pressure also poison her life. How can a person bear all this?!

It is impossible not to admire this heroic woman! For all her infirmity, she reproaches herself for not being able to take care of the adult disabled son who lives with her. Oh, mother's heart is full of sacrificial love!

And now this good old woman herself more than ever needs our help.

"My fridge is empty, I have been starving for a few days already," said Lena Kochuashvili. Because of the number of diseases, she cannot remember much, including the death of her beloved husband, but the best moments are still remembered…

Lena Kochuashvili was given in marriage so early, it was a marriage of convenience, but her family life was happy. She fondly recalls her husband. They had a boy and a girl. The daughter has to take care of her sick husband. For this reason she cannot visit her mother and brother too often.

They live in Mukhiani in an apartment. The refrigerator and the gas stove had been bought when they were young, when they could afford it. Well, now there is no money even to fill it.

Lena Kochuashvili: We live on bread alone, have long since forgotten the taste of meat, even in a dream we do not see it anymore... we cannot buy it. Last time I ate butter when the social patrol of Chernovetskyi Fund distributed food. How grateful we are for that! Previously, we took potato and pasta from the store in loans, and now it is closed. Who will give us food... we are starving.

– You have a pension, social benefits, son's pension, how do you distribute them?
Lena Kochuashvili: Oh, my dear, is that enough? Everything has risen in price, this money is enough for us only for bread and for payment of utilities. Every time we borrowed food, he paid for it with his pension... In addition to food, we need vital medicines, I cannot even go to the doctor, so he prescribed me a course of treatment... I cannot even buy drugs for pressure, to say nothing about the treatment... I still have diabetes and need good nutrition, but there is no possibility and my health is deteriorating. I wake up, walk a few steps and my feet refuse to walk, I call my boy to help me return to the bed... And these diapers are so embarrassing, but what else shall I do, without them it is very difficult... They are expensive... I don't know how to cope with all this…

– Do any relatives help you?

Lena Kochuashvili: My sister! Sometimes she comes, she has a family too, and she's sick too, but she can't leave me to fend for myself. Sometimes she cleans the house, sometimes she makes soup so that we would not starve... She's my only hope. And my daughter, she is also a poor woman caring for her sick husband and cannot visit us often…

- What would you tell our readers, you've been through so much?
Lena Kochuashvili: Oh, I don't know! I used to live for myself and my family, I never did anything bad, and this old age, what has it done with me?... It  chained me to the bed and now I have to ask kind and generous people for help. May the Lord help all benefactors, because he looks from above, and sees everything, I believe in it!

Yes! Our old and seriously ill beneficiary, who is at the same time plagued by disease and poverty, asks for your help. God forbid that in old age we, too, were in the place of this old woman.

If you cannot financially help her, then make a repost of this story. So maybe it will find its destination and you will be a partner of good deeds!

Our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Lena Kochuashvili). You can also transfer money from our website.

You can as well transfer money from the terminals of Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the additional rights and obligations of the Fund by following the link

Helping the poor and the sick makes us feel better. We will feel it, because the life of each of us is in the hands of the Lord! You have to live it so that, looking back you would be proud of what you did!

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