Message from the Investor - Сhernovetskyi Fund

Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Message from the Investor

Friends, I, Leonid Chernovetskiy, a citizen of Georgia since 2015, assure you that everything that the Foundation of my name does is unselfish, honest and noble! 

It is no coincidence that I came to help Georgians, adopted citizenship, built a house here and settled in your and now my beautiful country. Georgia is now my homeland, and Georgians are my compatriots. 

The information about who I am and why I “came” to Georgia is in numerous information sources - the press. In brief, I am the former twice elected mayor of Kiev and three times Member of Parliament of Ukraine... I am almost 70 years old.

The history of my charitable activity began in Ukraine back in 1998. During the whole time I have spent about 40,000,000 US dollars  and have also defended the rights of tens of thousands of ordinary citizens of the country as a human rights activist.   

In Georgia, I started working as a benefactor since 2012. But from my first days in the country, I visited all orphanages and gave computers to most children from disadvantaged families. 

I base my work in charity on the strictest international standards, which provide for rules of openness and strict financial reporting with the involvement of annual audits by the most reputable Western auditing companies, the so-called Big Four.

Every donated GEL is reflected in our reporting, and I personally control that no, even the slightest, violation can spoil the image of honesty and reliability that I have created for decades. 

I also assure everyone that I believe in God with all my heart and soul! I believe in what He said to me when He saved my children and worked miracles in my own life, making me a rich man: “When giving  to a poor, you are giving to me”. 

My goal is not only to help the materially poor, the disadvantaged people, but most importantly, to create and leave behind a powerful and publicly  controlled system in Georgia, to which the entire population of Georgia would be connected. 

I solemnly declare that my main goal is to help all people in Georgia open their souls and get closer to the Creator by helping their loved ones! To do good deeds, because I sincerely believe that God values virtue the most in the world! I believe with all my heart that this is how I can please the Almighty God! That I must fulfill this noble mission every day.  It is the only way I can serve Him for all that He has given me in life. 

With faith, hope and love, your Leonid Chernovetskiy!