Chernovetskyi Charity Fund


9 months ago

Our offer

• Work remotely!

• Each post is 100 GEL. Payment is due on the day the work is completed. Bonuses from especially gifted articles are possible!

• If you need to travel around the city of Tbilisi - this is paid separately. And the cost of the post is negotiated separately, taking into account the time spent on the journey and back home.

• The journalist will be required to interview and write a post that can cause compassion of compatriots to the problem of the beneficiary.

We are looking for very talented people - not necessarily professional journalists - who are able to clearly and briefly describe the problems of the beneficiary people.

If you have a divine “gift of speech” - to penetrate the heart, awaken the conscience and sympathy of people and are ready to work for the good of your neighbor - we invite you to join the Foundation team.

Our requirements:

• Ability to write extremely emotional texts about someone else's misfortune;

• Excellent knowledge of Russian and Georgian language (written and spoken, perfect grammar)

Any creative person has the right to try to write an article on an equal footing with a professional. The presence of journalistic experience and professional education is not necessary!