Chernovetskyi Charity Fund


2 months ago

Chernovetskyi Charity Fund is looking for a Videographer located in Tbilisi

We offer:

·  125 GEL per video. Payments are made within 2 working days from the day of reception of the completed video. There might be bonus pays for the most exceptional videos!

·  Trips outside Tbilisi will be payed separately, all transportation costs will be covered.

We are looking for people with excellent communication skills; experience in journalism will be a plus. Your main working goal is to open the hearts of our benefactors by showing them the story of our beneficiaries.

Our requirements are:

·  Fluency in Russian and Georgian, perfect diction

·  Decent video producing skills, experience with camera and video editing software packages

·  Skills in making people open up in a conversation for further video shooting according to the shooting script

Any creative person is free to film a video on an equal footing with a professional.