Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

L. Chernovetskyi Charity Fund, Tbilisi, is looking for a multimedia journalist to produce videos about the life of our beneficiaries, and the journalists capable to create a full-fledged show from scratch.

We offer:

• pay rate is 200 GEL or 65 $ per video

Our requirements are:

Social journalist skills:

- the ability to use a video camera;

- basic skills in video editing;

- social media journalist skills - reporting;

- fluency in Georgian and Russian;

Creative skills:

- documentary cover the life of the Fund’s beneficiaries;

- to convey to the viewer the general condition, pain and suffering of each particular family;

- describe and reveal the needs of the beneficiaries, get them engaged in a frank dialogue;

- to get all family members involved in the conversation, to show not only their financial situation but also the state of mind of each of them;

- prepare an 8-10-minute competitive reportage to attract the attention of YouTube channel users for helping our suffering compatriots;

- have a creative approach and be eager to develop his handwriting in reporting.
A journalist (director) should provide materials proving that he can create a full-fledged media product - show!

Please send your CV in Russian to