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How generous are people in Georgia? – Results of international research

Charity in the world
year ago

British International Charity Organization - The Charities Aid Foundation- presented an annual rating – in which country are the most generous people.

The representatives of the organizations conducted research in 135 countries, almost 94% (almost 4,9 billion people) of the world population participated in the questioning.
The organizers of the project assigned index to each participant. The index consists of the following types of questions: how often do people donate money, how often do people help strangers, if people work as a volunteer at any organization.

In 2013 the most generous people live in the USA; the Americans contribute money for charity more than others. According to the research, the number of philanthropists and volunteers working at different organizations increased worldwide for 200 million people in 2012 in comparison with the previous years. In addition, according to the official statistics, the women are more active in donating than the men, though the number of volunteers in percentage is equal with both genders.

The world index of Georgia is 116 points – 20 %, in rating of helping other people it is on the position 101 with 38 %, in the list of donating – on the position135 with 3 % and in the rating of volunteers Georgia is on the position 68 with 18%.

The top 10 list is: the United States of America, Canada, Myanmar, New Zealand, Ireland, Great Britain, Australia, Netherlands, Qatar, and Sri-Lanka.

Prepared according to The Charities Aid Foundation.

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