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The dying boy collected 3 million pounds for charity

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year ago

19-year-old Stephen Sutton did what many charity organizations cannot manage. He collected 3 million pounds.

 “There is a proverb if life suggests you a lemon, make a lemonade out of it”, - the young man wrote on his Facebook page whom colorectal cancer was diagnosed four years ago.

People, who read Stephen’s personal blog in the social net, offer financial aid, some – for treatment and some – for travelling in exotic countries.

Once Stephen applied to his users from Facebook page that he doesn’t need help and he asked them to collect 10 000 pounds for the children sick with cancer.

In several days 3 million pounds were collected (approximately 4,9 million USD) instead of 10 000 pounds.

“During a year we hardly collect up to 12 million pounds and Stephen could collect a quarter of this amount in a week” – the head of the fund for assistance of children with cancer said with surprise and satisfaction.

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