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Billionaire living in a rented apartment

Charity in the world
year ago

The society was not informed about his charity during 15 years. The Americans did not know either that such an exceptional billionaire lives in their country.

It would be difficult even for a detective to find Chuck Feeney, 84-year old founder of Duty Free. It is not surprising that the billionaire has no private car, of course – nor a house, sometimes he travels with a taxi, mostly with a subway, he never chooses business class, he avoids elite and expensive restaurants and prefers cozy cafeterias, you can find no clothes of famous designers; his favourite watch costs only 15 USD. If we look through the records Chuck Feeney’s charity is absolutely unique – during the last 32 years the founder of Duty Free donated 6.5 billion USD for charity reasons. He financed science and education; in the field of healthcare he financed nursing homes in the USA as well as in the South Africa, Vietnam, Ireland, Australia and Bermudas. After such success Feeney is not going to stop – he is going to “get rid of” the remaining 1.3 billion USD till 2016. By 2020 when the American becomes 90 years old the Charity Fund The Atlantic Philanthropies that he founded in 1982 will cease to operate officially.

“Chuck Feeney is an exemplary person. He is a remarkable role model and the ultimate example of giving while living. This person does not wait for death to give everything that belongs to him,” – Bill Gates.

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