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Exemplary charity of the new King of Saudi Arabia

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year ago

On the occasion of accession to the throne King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdul Asis gave state employees, pensioners, students and other persons two months’ salary. On the whole, the King gave away 30 billion USD on the population.

The King of Saudi Arabia granted all registered literary clubs, all teams of National Football Championship League with 10-10 million SR (approx. 2,65 million USD), the teams of the first League – 5-5 million SR (approx. 1,325 Million USD). The King made presents for socially unprotected people and persons with restricted abilities.

Besides, the charity funds received 2 billion SR and each trade union – 10 million SR from the King.

The King gave away 30 billion USD to the population. The King made a comment on his Twitter page. According to him he will never be able to pay to his people upon their merit. More than 170 thousand people read this twit in two hours.

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