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On December 17 Hamburger Abendblatt informed us that Pope Francis invited homeless people, cleaners and cooks to festive a breakfast and liturgy on his birthday.

Breakfast was served at the Vatican hotel. According to AgenceFrance-Presse, one of the invited homeless people appeared with a dog.

It is not reported why these exact homeless people were invited, however it’s known that they usually spend nights in front of St.Paul’s Cathedral in Rome.  

According to the Vatican, cleaners and cooks of the Pope’s residence were invited to celebrate the creation of a “family atmosphere”. According to the Associated Press, Francis named all of them in his preach. On his 77th birthday Pope Francis will also meet his favorite Argentinean football team “San-Lorenso”. Footballers have arrived in Rome especially to congratulate the Pope. 

Since his election in March of the year 2013 Pope Francis has attracted attention because of his humble way of living. The Pope called on religious people to help the poor. In his apostolic speech Pope condemned “wild capitalism” and the “cult of money”. He also favors reforming the Catholic Church and its liberalizing it. For his humbleness and participation in the world’s most important discussions, Pope Francis was chosen as the Person of the Year by the American magazine Time.

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