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Pope Francis Celebrated His Birthday in the Company of Three Homeless People and a Dog

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year ago

Pope Francis invited homeless people to celebrate his 77th birthday. He treated them with breakfast, La Republica informs on Tuesday.

As reported, three homeless people, living in the district of the St. Peter’s Cathedral were introduced to Pope Francis by the Head of the Pope’s allowances Conrad Kraevski. Homeless people attended celebrations of the Pope’s birthday, which began with a prayer and breakfast together with employees of Santa-Martha residence, where Pope Francis presently resides.

Among unusual guest was a dog of one of the homeless people.

As a tradition, the Pope’s birthday is not celebrated at the Vatican. It was decided not to celebrate this year’s birthday and announce it a working day. Pope Francis received congratulations from all corners of the world. One of the unusual presents devoted to the Pope was from Vatican’s television, which was a 45 second video with the most memorable moments of The Pontiff. 

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